Bitcoin – A Celebration of the Commons

why bitcoin will fail

Bitcoin: A Tragedy of the Commons? Mining Risks to The Bitcoin Block Chain How does Bitcoin thrive without an owner? What happens if a 51% mining group takes control of the Bitcoin Blockchain? A Lack of a Controlling Entity or Owner Sustains the Bitcoin System The Tragedy of the Commons The tragedy of the commons Read More →

Recovery! Recovery! Recovery!

The Media’s Economic Recovery The economic recovery has been a six year media event with no real economic gains. Podcast Summary 0:00-5:14 Introduction GDP 2nd Quarter = +4.0% 5:15-11:00 The job recovery, the housing recovery and the economic recovery have been a six year media event. The Fed prints dollars 24/7 for six years, keeps Read More →

Nearly Half a Year of Global Silver Production Required To Cover COMEX Short Positions

comex position chart of commodities

Open Silver and Gold Short Positions July 2014 Open Short Silver Positions on COMEX Reach 160 Days Worth of Global Silver Production. The Amount of Silver To Cover COMEX Short Positions is Nearly a Half a Year of Global Silver Mining Production. We recently published a two part series on gold and silver manipulation. Part Read More →

The Silver to Gold Sales Ratio July 2014

Dollar Value of silver and gold coins sold at the US mint by month

Sales of Gold and Silver at the U.S. Mint July 2014 Silver and Gold Sales Tumble at the U.S. Mint in July. Silver and Gold Sales Fall Sharply at the U.S. Mint In July. One ounce Silver Eagles outsell one ounce Gold Eagles 76 to 1 at the U.S. Mint in June; up from 62.6 Read More →

The Rise of the Shanghai Gold Exchange

The Shanghai Gold Exchange Continues To Grow and serve as an Asian hub for gold trade

The Rise of the Shanghai Gold Exchange The Shanghai Gold Exchange is growing. See by how much. Gold Delivered On The Shanghai Gold Exchange. We have written of the vast amounts of gold flowing from west to east as gold is sold in massive quantities in the paper markets in the west and bought in Read More →

Gold and Silver Manipulation

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Gold and Silver Manipulation Think gold and silver manipulation is nothing more than a conspiracy theory? Here are actual examples of gold and silver manipulation. Also See: Part 1 Gold and Silver Price Manipulation – Suspected Update April 16, 2016: Deutesche Bank Settles Gold Price Manipulation Case Update April 15, 2016: Deutsche Bank Settles Silver Read More →

The Global Reach of

smaulgld logo has been viewed in 172 countries The map below from Google analytics shows the 172 countries that have sent visitors to The map, rather than ego building, is humbling. The Internet has created such a powerful communication device that one person with a blog and no marketing budget can have their content viewed Read More →

Is the Stock Market Ready To Collapse?

Is the Stock Market Ready to Collapse With the stock market at all time highs in a weak economy, is the stock market fixing to collapse? Podcast Summary 0:00-4:14 Introduction The Housing Market is Dead. 4:14-11:49 Even though interest rates are low and the weather is fine, the housing market is not improving. House prices Read More →

Russia Adds 500,000 Ounces of Gold To Its Reserves In June

Russia boosts its gold reserves another 500,000 ounces in June

Russia adds 500,000 Ounces of Gold to its Reserves in June 2014 As Tensions in Ukraine Increase, So Do Russia’s Gold Reserves. With Tensions Rising in Ukraine, Russia Continues to Add to its Gold Reserves Russia adds another 500,000 oz. of gold to its reserves in June after adding 300,000 ounces in May. Gold Price Read More →

Are Bank Failures in Portugal and Bulgaria Isolated Issues?

Bank Failures in Portugal and Bulgaria Do bank failures in Portugal and Bulgaria represent a systemic issue in the global banking system? Update July 16, 2014: Portuguese Telecom Loses Portion of Merger Due to $1 billion non payment by Portuguese Bank Update July 18, 2014: Second Largest Portuguese Bank Declares Bankruptcy Podcast Summary 0:00 – Read More →