India and Silver

india and silver

Silver In India. Indian Silver Demand. Silver is India’s “second metal” after gold. Investment and industrial silver demand are on the rise in India. Update: India Imports 1,542 Tons of Silver in May 2015 (see charts below) Update: India Imports 662 Tons of Silver in June 2015 up 94% year over year.(see charts below) Update: Read More →

Predictions for 2015 – Real Estate and the Economy

new home sales chart

Real Estate Predictions for 2015. Economic Predictions for 2015. Gold and Silver Predictions for 2015. The economy will not boost home sales, rather government stimulus and programs may do the trick. Interest rates will remain low as the Fed engages in “Quantitative Patience” and talks about raising rates only. Gold and silver demand will out Read More →

The False Housing Recovery of 2014

The False Housing Recovery. Housing Outlook for 2015. The False Housing Recovery of 2013 continued in 2014. After a few years of false starts, the housing market remains stalled. Existing Home Sales Down 3% in 2014. Housing Recovery? What Housing Recovery? The definition of recovery is a temporary period between sickness and wellness. The housing Read More →

Gold To Crude Oil Ratio

Gold to Crude Oil Ratio Oil falls by more than half in less than six months. Gold is up 8% from its November 2014 low. UPDATE: January 17, 2016- Gold Crude Oil Ratio Hits All Time High (charts updated regularly-click to see most current ratio) An Ominous Sign As oil plummets and gold rises, the Read More →

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales in 2014

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales in 2014. Silver Sales down 14.7% at the Perth Mint in 2014. Gold Sales down 24.9 % at the Perth Mint in 2014. Silver Sales at the Perth Mint in 2014 Sales of one ounce American Silver Eagle coins (ASE’s) at the United States Mint set a record in Read More →

Gold vs. World Currencies 2014

Gold vs the Japanese Yen 2014 chart

Gold vs. World Currencies. Gold Closes 2014 Higher Against All Major Currencies Except the U.S. Dollar. Gold Closes 2014 Down Less Than 2% Against the Dollar After Spending Most of 2014 in the Black. Gold Doesn’t Perform, it Endures. The price of gold ended slightly down against the United States dollar in 2014. Gold proponents Read More →

Shanghai Gold Exchange Delivers 58 Tonnes of Gold in Final Full Week of 2014

shanghai gold exchange chart

The Shanghai Gold Exchange Total Gold Delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange through December 26, 2014: 2,073 Tonnes. The Shanghai Gold Exchange delivers 57.655 tonnes of gold for the week ended December 26. Fractional American Gold Eagles in 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 oz Sizes for Smaller Budgets The volume of gold delivered on the Shanghai Read More →

Buying Physical Gold and Silver

How to buy silver

Buying Physical Gold and Silver. How To Buy Physical Silver Buy physical gold and silver online from trusted precious metals dealers. Buying Physical Gold and Silver. In uncertain economic times, some investors take comfort in buying physical gold or silver and tucking it away in a safe deposit box or an insured vault off site. Read More →

Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint 2014

chart showing american eagle sales from 1986-2014

Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint 2014. United States Mint Sets American Silver Eagle Sales Record in 2014. American Gold Eagle Sales at Seven Year Low. U.S. Mint Sells 100 times more American Silver Eagles than one ounce American Gold Eagles in 2014. Low silver price results in higher gold sales in dollars Read More →

Happy New Year From

happy new year gold smaulgld

Happy New Year from! Thanks for your readership and support during 2014. If you haven’t done so, please subscribe to to receive upcoming blog posts as soon as they are released. Early this year we expect to release our 2015 real estate outlook, a report on silver in India, year end reports from Read More →