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How do Investments in Platinum and Gold Stack up?

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Welcome to the Smaulgld gold and platinum information page where you can check the price of gold and platinum per ounce and the gold platinum ratio. The platinum vs. gold price is an important indicator of the relative values of both precious metals.

The gold and platinum price charts below show the price of gold and platinum today as well as the gold and platinum prices over one month, one, five, ten, twenty and fifty year periods.

The gold platinum ratio is also presented for each period.

You’ll also find information on gold and platinum annual production, platinum and gold coin sales at the U.S. Mint, platinum and gold uses, top gold and platinum producing countries and the monetary histories of gold and platinum.

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Platinum Supply and Demand 2015

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The Price of Platinum and Gold

1 Day Gold Platinum Ratio:

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Gold and Platinum Mining Production

While gold is mined in amounts 10 times greater than platiunum, the gold price remains slightly less than one to one.

Global gold production is more than 10 times greater than that of platinum production each year. Despite this discrepany, the gold and platinum prices have traded close to 1:1 the past ten years.

Source: USGS

plantinumb bars in a bunchcanstockphoto13145495

One Month Gold Platinum Ratio:

Gold and Platinum Eagle Coin Sales at the U.S. Mint 1986-2014

Platinum and Gold Eagle Sales at the US Mint 1986-2014

The U.S. Mint last produced platinum coins in 2014.

The U.S. Mint produces the American Gold Eagle and American Platinum Eagle in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and one ounce coins.

American Gold Eagles have been produced continuously at the U.S. Mint since 1986, with sales peaking in 1999 with over 2,055,500 ounces of gold sold.

The U.S. Mint began American Platinum Eagle production in 1997. Platinum Eagles were minted until 2008. 1998 was the best year for Platinum Eagle coin sales with 175,650 ounces sold.

The Platinum Eagle series was discontinued in 2009 and was reintroduced in 2014 to lackluster sales.

The American Platinum Eagle was reintroduced in 2016 in one ounce denominations only.

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1 Year Gold Platinum Ratio:

Gold and Platinum Uses

uses of gold and platinum

(1) including investment, electrodes, anticancer drugs, fuel cells, oxygen sensors, spark plugs and turbine engines.
Platinum Uses Source: USGS

(2) While little over a half of the world's gold is held in the form of jewerly, about 78% of the gold consumed each year is used in the manufacture of jewelry. Gold Uses Source: Numbers Sleuth

platinum bars canstockphoto13145493

5 Year Gold Platinum Ratio:

Top Platinum Producing Countries

top platinum producing nations 2013

Source: USGS

gold bar credit suisse 50 grams canstockphoto12848669

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10 Year Gold Platinum Ratio:

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Top Gold Producing Countries

top gold producing  nations
Source: USGS

In 2013 China was the largest gold producer and importer and did not export any of its gold.

platinum eagle canstockphoto19776296

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20 Year Gold Platinum Ratio:

gold has maintained a high price partially due to its function as a monetary metal

Gold's long standing use as a monetary metal has supported a price near platinum, despite being far more abundant than platinum.

gold american eagle 2009 coincanstockphoto7875731

Platinum Supply and Demand 2015

50 Year Gold Platinum Ratio:

platinum and gold are amoung the densest of elements in  the periodic table with extremely high melt temperatures

Swiss gold francs from 1927

Swiss Gold Francs from 1927.

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All Charts: Nick Laird Sharelynx - The Gold Standard in Precious Metals Charts

Credits: All photos- Can Stock Photo

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