The Fed’s Economic Denial Persists, But The Weather Has Improved

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The Fed Blames the Weather The Fed continues to taper QE into weakening economic data insisting things will get better with the weather. What if they are wrong? And Jesus saith unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this day, even in this night, before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice. Read More →

Baseball Hall of Fame Debate: Catfish Hunter vs. Luis Tiant

luis tiant and catfish hunter have nearly identical lifetime stats

Luis Tiant and the Hall of Fame Boston Red Sox Gear Luis Tiant Belongs in the Hall of Fame Jim “Catfish” Hunter Jim “Catfish” Hunter was elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame on his third time on the ballot in 1987, with 76.3% of the vote. In 1986 and 1985 Catfish was named on 68% Read More →

An Astonishing and Persistent Denial of Economic Reality – Podcast

Denial of Economic Reality Buy Physical Silver Online The Fed Blames the Weather What will you do if the stock market crashes? Take our poll. Podcast Summary: Intro: 0:00 -4:55 Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Russia, War on the U.S. Dollar and Unintended Consequences 4:55-9:30 Discussion of how the media downplays the events in the Read More →

Is a Euro Dollar on its Way?

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The Euro Dollar. Buy Physical Silver Online Who Will Buy The U.S. Treasuries That The Fed Stops Buying? European Quantitative Easing? With the Fed seemingly determined to end its multi year/multi trillion dollar money printing quantitative easing (QE) program, many have pondered who will buy the U.S. Treasuries at the current prices in order to Read More →

The Silver To Gold Sales Ratio – April 2014

silver sells more in dollar terms than gold at the U.S. Mint

Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint April 2014 Buy Physical Silver Online One Ounce Silver Eagles outsell One Ounce Gold Eagles 176.56 to 1 at the U.S. Mint in April U.S. Mint sells 4,590,500 one ounce Silver Eagles and 26,000 one ounce Gold Eagles The Gold/Silver Ratio was 67.32 in April up from Read More →

The Housing Inventory Shortage Myth

home sales are falling despite an increase in inventory

Housing Inventory Shortage Home Sales are Falling as Inventory Increases. According to the housing experts, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Check out the Smaulgld Gold Buying Guide Check out the Smaulgld Silver Buying Guide Real Estate News If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come Read More →

Frontier Airlines to Charge Extra for Over Head Bin Storage – But Don’t Call it Inflation

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Frontier Airlines to Charge for Overhead Bin Storage Buy Physical Silver Online Frontier Airlines Monetizes Its Overhead Expenses by Charging for Overhead Bin Space on it Flights The cost of flying with Frontier Airlines just got more expensive. Frontier Airline announced today that it will charge for overhead bin storage on flights. Frontier airlines will Read More →

Smaulgld Is One Year Old Today

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Buy Physical Silver Online is one year old today! was launched on April 28, 2013 with the blog post “Student Loans and Unemployment are Holding Back the Economy and Real Estate Market” (733 views) In our first year we have published nearly two hundred posts and the site has received over 64,000 unique Read More →

The Excuse Economy

The Excuse Economy Buy Physical Silver Online Poor economic and housing news has been blamed on the weather, lack of inventory and even Easter. Could it be the economy is just not doing well? Podcast Summary: 0:00- 5:38 Introduction It’s the Weather! It’s Lack of Inventory! 5:38-7:32 It’s lack of demand, poor economy and tight Read More →

Gold vs. The Dow

Gold vs. The Dow Which has performed better over the past forty-seven years: gold or the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Check out our daily and historic charts and compare. Check out the Smaulgld Gold Buying Guide Updated Daily: Please consider making a small donation to Thanks! Gold vs. The Dow Over the Past Forty-Seven Read More →