Goldman Sachs Backed Entity Buys Cryptocurrency Exchange Poliniex

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Crypto Regulation Cries Increase. Trump Threatens Tariffs. Petro Yawn Coming Soon. Regulatory filings indicate banks identifying Cryptos as a threat. Georgia lawmakers propose that taxes can be paid in Bitcoin.. The Gold Silver Ratio Hovers Around 80:1. New! 1oz Silver Bullion Cryptocurrency Rounds .999 Fine! Litecoin Silver Rounds Bitcoin Silver Rounds Ethereum Rounds Monero Silver Read More →

U.S. Led Group, The Quad to Launch Belt and Road Competitor?

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U.S. Japan, India, Australia (the QUAD) plotting to Challenge China’s Belt & Road Initiative? Chinese Ponzi Scheme on the Brink of Collapse? Chinese Regulators Take over Anbang, order Banks to support HNA. Cash strapped HNA reported to trying to extract loans from its own employees. Third Largest Latvian Bank Fails. Russian Gold Reserves Pass China’s Read More →

Russia’s U.S. Treasury Holdings Exceed their Gold Holdings

Russian Holdings of U.S. Treasuries November 2016 - November 2017

Russia Adds to U.S. Treasury Holdings in November; China & Japan Cut Holdings Russian U.S. Treasury holdings rise to $105.7 billion in November – near a 12 month high. Russia’s gold reserves were valued at $76.1 billion at the end of November. Russian U.S. Treasury holdings are up 22% (+$19.1 billion) since November 2016 when Read More →

Saudi Arabian Holdings of US Treasuries Soar in 2017

Foreign holdings of Us Treasuries 2016 - 2017 through October

Saudi U.S. Treasury Holdings Surge 41% in 2017. Chinese Treasury Holdings Rise to $1.89 Trillion in October – near a 12 Month High. Russian U.S. Treasury Holdings up 41% since October 2016 (+$30 billion); at Highest Level since September 2014. Chinese US Treasury Holdings are up $139.9 billion since November 2016 Brazil, Switzerland, UK, Saudi Read More →

Swiss National Bank Increases Mining Share Holdings, Slows Purchases of FANG, Unicorn Stocks

Swiss National Bank Unicorn stocks 9.30.17.with image

Swiss National Bank Mining Portofolio Shares and Value Increase in 3rd Quarter. SNB adds back shares in nearly all of its mining holdings. SNB slows purchases of its Unicorn and Fang stocks. SNB owns approximately $3.3 billion in Apple, $1.7 billion in Amazon, $1.6 billion in Facebook, $170m in Newmont Mining and $150 million in Read More →

Forget the Petro Yuan, Here Comes the Dollar Backed Yuan!

Composition of Foreign Reserves 2016 - 2017

China Issues $2 Billion in Dollar Denominated Bonds. China Boosts its U.S. Treasury Holdings to $1.2 Trillion in 2017. The Yuan’s percentage of foreign transactions and reserves remains miniscule. Video Commentary to “Forget the Petro Yuan, Here Comes the Dollar Backed Yuan!” Also watch on Bitchute and Vidme below You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Read More →

China To Issue U.S. Dollar Bonds Worth $2 Billion This Week

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China Will Issue Dollar Denominated Sovereign Bond On October 26. First Chinese Dollar Denominated Bonds in 13 years. While alternative financial media is focused on fantasies of a Gold Backed Yuan & the End of the Petro Dollar, China is Issuing a Dollar Denominated Bond and adding U.S. Treasuries to Her Reserves Headlines: China to Read More →

Chinese Holdings of U.S Treasuries Soar in 2017

Chinese Holdings of US Treasuries August 2015- August 2017

Chinese Treasury Holdings Surge to $1.2 Trillion in August – a 12 Month High. Russian U.S. Treasury Holdings up 41% since October 2016 (+$31 billion); at Highest Level since September 2014. Chinese US Treasury Holdings are up $151.2 billion since October 2016- The Last Month the People’s Bank of China Added Gold to Reserves. Brazil, Read More →

IMF Head Lagarde Touts Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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IMF Head Christine Lagard speaking at Bank of England conference touted advantages of cryptocurrencies. Largard urged policy makers not to dismiss virtual currencies as they may give “existing currencies and monetary policy a run for their money”. Lagarde hinted the SDR might have an interesting future life. Lagard suggested digital currencies could potentially join the Read More →

This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Downgraded

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S&P China downgrade to “upper medium grade” comes after Moody’s downgrade in May. U.S. Says Venezuela Oil Embargo is an Option. Tesla Will Settle Charges That it Tried to Cheat the Government. Trump criticizes NFL players for “Taking the Knee” Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin Again Video Commentary to “This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Read More →