Fed President: Gold Irrelevant to Monetary Policy

King Dollar

San Francisco Fed President John Williams Tells High School Students Dollar is King. Renewed Treasury Buying By the Chinese and Russians. Platinum deficit projected by World Platinum Investment Council. Deutsche Bank charged with being an international criminal organization. COMEX Bitcoin futures market might be coming soon. One Belt and Road update. Former FBI Director James Read More →

Are Whiskey and Cognac Money?

REMY XO and box

Cognac Meets the Test for Money. Are Brandies, Whiskey, Wines & Beer Good Forms of Money? What about other commodities, drugs and consumables? If they can be used as money why aren’t they? Would $1,000 worth of whisky or cognac bought five years ago, be worth more or less than $1000 or silver or gold? Read More →

Local Currencies Should Be Used In Belt & Road Financing – PBOC President

Chinese Building

People’s Bank of China’s President Encourages Use of Local Currencies Along Silk Road. De-Dollarization Accelerates. Does This Mean GAME OVER For the Dollar? Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To Smaulgld.com via paypal The Belt and Road Initiative “At the same time, the use of local currency will gradually reduce the dependence on Read More →

Gold Silver Ratio Soars

Gold Silver Ratio April 28 2017

Gold Silver Ratio Climbs over 7% in April. World Bank Group & China-led AIIB agree to deepen cooperation. Silver ETFs Outflows Decline Eight Days in a Row, then Inflows Surge. China silver imports surge 42 percent in March. US Mint Sales Slow to a Crawl in April. Trump Announces 20%+ Tariff on Canadian Lumber. Check Read More →

India Launches Cashless Zones, Trump Sets Up Inflation Zone USA?

Indian rupee 500

India’s Prime Minister launches cashless/less-cash townships. Trump signs Buy American Hire American Executive Order, Warns on NAFTA – Harbinger of Higher Inflation. U.S. Mint gold sales non existent while Russia, Shanghai Gold Exchange, Indian imports and US ETF volumes soaring. JP Morgan’s COMEX silver warehouse holdings top 100 million ounces. Check out all the Smaulgld Read More →

Trump Shift to China: Dollar Protection Strategy?

US Chinese puzzle

US Deficit Spending Has Been Supported By Heavy Foreign Buying of US Treasuries. Will Recent Dumping of US Treasuries by China and Other Nations Continue? Do Chinese De-Dollarization Initiatives and a Proposed Gold Payments System with the BRICS Presage Game Over for the Dollar? Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Read More →

Why ObamaCare Repeal Was Shot Down in Flames


Failure to Deliver On Health Care Campaign Promise Puts Economic Agenda in Jeopardy. Tax reform and infrastructure stimulus bills may be harder to pass. Raising the debt ceiling may be harder with an emboldened freedom caucus. Russian intereference/collusion with Trump campaign in 2016 election investigation a priority for FBI/Democrats. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts Read More →

Fed Raises Interest Rates on Trump as Economy Slows

Rate Hike

Fed Raises Rates for Second Time Since Donald Trump Elected President. People’s Bank of China ALSO Raises Rates- no “Currency Wars”. Gold and Silver Rebound After Rate Hike. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To Smaulgld.com via paypal Top stories: Rachel Maddow releases Donald Trump’s tax Read More →

America Needs a War, Any War


Theodore Roosevelt 1897: “I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one.” Spanish American War Begins in 1898. The United States Has Been Involved in Dozens of Military Campaigns over the past 120 years since. Many US Wars Have Involved Fighting Muslims or Russians. War is the One Certain Way to Read More →

SnapChat To Go Public With Losses Greater than Revenues

wsfms you tube

SnapChat IPO Highlights Markets Have Learned Noting From the Dot Com Bubble Implosion of 2001 and the Stock Market Crash of 2008. Or Have They? Is it Rational to Speculate on Money Losing Enterprises? Do Profits Matter Anymore? Smaulgld appeared on Wall Street for Main Street with Jason Burack yesterday to discuss the current state Read More →