There is no Global Currency – Donald Trump

Global currency

I view gold as the primary global currency- Alan Greenspan. Trump and Greenspan Clash Unknowingly. Don’t Bet on the SDR while Trump is in office. French Nationalist Marine Le Pen favored to win first round of Presidential Voting in April. Le Pen would take France out of the Euro. Dutch Nationalist Geert Wilders is expect Read More →

RE-Dollarization – Greece to Ditch Euro for Dollar?


Trump’s Pick to be U.S. Ambassador to the EU, Ted Malloch says Greece May Dump the Euro in Favor of the Dollar. As Petro Dollar Becomes Less Relevant What Might Replace it? The Dollar – Based on Increased Military Strength and New Geo-Political Arrangements. Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report Read More →

Trump Turmoil Continues to Boost Gold and Silver

political risk

No End in Sight to Trump Turmoil. Shrink the Fed’s Balance Sheet to Provide Room for More QE? India to Lift Cash Withdrawal Limits. Utah and Texas Legislation Prepare a Greater Role for Gold and Silver. Germany Gets Its Gold Back. Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report below. You Tube Read More →

Congressman Tells Yellen: Cease and Desist!

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Congressman Patrick McHenry (Vice Chairman Committee on Financial Service) Letter To Fed Chair Janet Yellen: Stop Federal Reserve Participation in International Forums on Financial Regulation. Letter states Fed participation in international forums on financial regulation must cease. Congressman calls on secretive prior agreements with The Financial Stability Board, The Basel Committee on Banking and Supervision Read More →

What Will Trump Do if the Stock Market Crashes?

smaulgld trump stock market crash

Many of Donald Trump’s Political Enemies Benefit From Higher Stock Prices Many of Donald Trump’s Supporters Do Not Benefit from Higher Stock Prices How Would a Trump Administration React to a Stock Market Crash?

Currencies in Crisis

Burning Currency

New Indian Rupee Notes Crumble – Literally. Indian gold dealers bank accounts frozen. Venezuelan Shops Weighing Currencies. Venezuelan Government Pulls 100 Bolivar Notes From Circulation But Won’t Exchange All 100 Bolivar Notes in Currency Swap. Australian $100 note on the way out? WARNING: Hoarding Cash May Not Provide Protection Fed Raises Fed Fund Rate a Read More →

India To Ban Gold Ownership & Imports?

map of india in gold


US Mint Silver Sales & India’s Rupee Troubles


US Mint’s American The Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins. Mintages Remain Low on the U.S. Mint’s “Other Silver” Coin. Interconnectedness of Silver and India’s War on Cash. Last week Rory Hall of the Daily Coin and I discussed the U.S. Mint’s silver sales for 2016, including sales of America The Beautiful and American Silver Eagle Read More →

Indian Currency Ban Insanity Update


Indian Prime Minister Recalls 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes on One Day Notice. Gold Demand and Premiums Soar in Aftermath of Announcement. Gold Premiums soar to 66% Gold Sales Spike 23X! Long Lines and Lack of Cash To Exchange Rupees. The Official Reason vs. The Real Reason. India’s Shocking Surprise Attack on Cash Modi’s Announcement Read More →

Falling Gold and Silver Prices Follow Trump’s Election – ICYMI November 12 2016

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Donald Trump Elected 45th President of the United States. Gold and Silver Crash, Dollar Strengthens, Dow Jones Hits All-Time High & Copper Soars. Political uncertainty is good for the US dollar – even if its US political uncertainty. Trump to replace global crony capitalism with nationalist crony capitalism? Trump to create new class of voters Read More →