Russia Continues Gold Buying Spree in June

Central Bank of russia gold reserves june 2015-June 2017

Central Bank of Russia Continues to Boost Overall Reserves in June. Central Bank of Russia adds Gold and U.S. Treasuries to reserves. Central Bank of Russia added 300,000 Ounces (9.33 tonnes) of Gold To Reserves in June. Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added over 435 tons of gold to reserves. Russian Read More →

People’s Bank of China Gold Reserves Flat Again in June

People's Bank of China gold reserves 2009 - 2017

Peoples Bank of China Adds No Gold to Reserves Again in May. PBOC U.S. Treasury holdings on the rise. Total reported People’s Bank of China gold reserves stand at 1842.6 tonnes – same as October 2016. PBOC foreign reserves rose for the fifth month in a row, up $3.22 billion in May, to $3.057 trillion. Read More →

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Rise Again in June

Shanghai gold Exchange withdrawals first six months 2008 - 2017

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals rose 12.6% in June to 155.508 tons up from 138.079 tons in May. Shanghai Gold Exchange June withdrawals were up 12.3% from 138.5 tons withdrawn in June 2016. Through June 2017, gold withdrawals were at the third highest level compared to prior years totals through June. Donate To via paypal Read More →

Indian Gold Imports on Record Pace in 2017

Indian Gold imports May 2016 May 2017

Indian Gold Imports up 511% in May. Indian gold imports of 220 tons in May were up from 36 tons in May 2016. May Indian Gold Imports were the largest one month total in twenty years. The impact of 220 tons imported into India on the price of gold was de minimus Indian silver imports Read More →

Massive Physical Gold Buying Won’t Shock the World

Shock the World

Silver Flash Crashed and Smashed. Silver flash crashes, CME Group Silent. Why a “sovereign sized gold buy” won’t significantly move the gold price. CNN tracks down meme maker, threatens doxxing. Video Commentary to “Massive Physical Gold Buying Won’t Shock the World” Imagine My Shock! You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE Read More →

German Central Bank Has Sold Over 1.4 Million Ounces of Gold in Ten Years

German gold reserves 2007 -2017

Deutsche Bundesbank gold reserves shrink 45 tons over the past ten years. German Central Bank holdings fall From 3,420.6 tons at the end of Q2 2007 to 3375.6 tons at the end of May 2017, a drop of 1,446,783 ounces. German gold reserves have decreased 1.3% over ten years. Bring the Gold Home & Sell Read More →

Perth Mint Gold Sales Top U.S. Mint Gold Sales Again in June

Perth Mint gold sales June 2016 -June 2017

The Perth Mint Sold 19,259 Ounces of Gold in June. June Perth Mint gold sales of 19,259 topped U.S. Mint gold sales of 8,000 ounces. Perth Mint gold sales topped the U.S. Mint gold sales for the third month in a row. Gold sales at the Perth Mint in June 2017 were down 39% from Read More →

The American Gold Eagle Has Landed

American Gold Eagle Sales in June 1987 - 2017

American Gold Eagle Sales Remain Mired at Ten Year Lows. U.S. Mint sold 4,000 one ounce American Gold Eagles in June down from 10,000 sold in May. One ounce American Gold Eagle sales were down 94% in June from June 2016 sales of 62,500. June 2017 sales lowest June total since June 2007 when 1,000 Read More →

Kazakhstan Headed into the Top Twenty Gold Nations

Central Bank of Kazakhstan gold reserves 2015 -2017

The National Bank of Kazakhstan Added 4.67 tons (150,000 ounces) of Gold To Reserves in May. Total Gold Reserves Stood at 275.6 Tons (8.86 million ounces) at end of May 2017. Kazakhstan added 36.1989 tons (approximately 1,163,820 ounces) of gold to reserves in 2016. Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Rank 21st in the World. The National Bank Read More →

I Hope and Don’t Believe There Will be Another Financial Crisis in Our Lifetimes

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Expresses Hope and Belief there will be no Financial Crisis. Yellen echoes other “timely’ predictions: “Peace in our time” “This time is different” and “A record to stand for all time”. Trump Goes on a Media Bashing Spree. Gold posts first monthly loss this year. Gold sales at U.S. Mint drop Read More →