Trump Turmoil Continues to Boost Gold and Silver

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No End in Sight to Trump Turmoil. Shrink the Fed’s Balance Sheet to Provide Room for More QE? India to Lift Cash Withdrawal Limits. Utah and Texas Legislation Prepare a Greater Role for Gold and Silver. Germany Gets Its Gold Back. Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report below. You Tube Read More →

Indian Silver Imports Fall 58% in 2016

indian silver imports by month 2016

2016 Indian Silver Imports fell to 3,546 Tons from 8529 Tons in 2015 December Indian Silver Imports of 286 tons were down 73% from 1045 Tons in December 2015. Silver imports were down 12% from 324 tons imported in November 2016. India’s rupee demonetization and “war on gold” has yet to lead to greater silver Read More →

Congressman Tells Yellen: Cease and Desist!

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Congressman Patrick McHenry (Vice Chairman Committee on Financial Service) Letter To Fed Chair Janet Yellen: Stop Federal Reserve Participation in International Forums on Financial Regulation. Letter states Fed participation in international forums on financial regulation must cease. Congressman calls on secretive prior agreements with The Financial Stability Board, The Basel Committee on Banking and Supervision Read More →

Silver Sales at the Perth Mint Spike 186% in January

Perth Mint Silver Sales January 2016 - January 2017

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in January were 1,230,867 ounces up 186% from December 2016 sales of 430,009 ounces. January Perth Mint silver sales were the sixth month in twelve that sales topped one million ounces. Year over year January 2017 Perth Mint silver sales fell 16.5% from January 2016 sales of 1,473,408 ounces. Read More →

JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Case Dismissal Overruled

Appeals Court Over Rules Dismissal of JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Law Suit. Appeals Court Rejects Lower Court Judge Holding That Plaintiffs Failed to Show that JP Morgan Made “Uneconomic Bids” in Attempting to Rig the Silver Market. Suit Alleges that JP Morgan Was Manipulating the Silver Price Lower to Take Advantage of Pricing Deal with Read More →

U.S. Mint Posts Strong American Silver Eagle Sales in January

American Silver Eagle sales January 2017

January American Silver Eagle Sales Top Five Million For Third Year in a Row. U.S. Mint Sells 5,127,500 American Silver Eagles in January. Sales of American Silver Eagle Coins in January 2017 Were the Sixth Highest January Total in the Coin’s History. The U.S. Mint sold 5,127,500 American Silver Eagles in January. January 2017 sales Read More →

Twenty Percent Tax on Mexican Silver Imports?

silver mining output by country 2015 compared to 2014

20% tax on Mexican Silver? United States Imports About a Third to over Half of its Annual Silver Requirements From Mexico. President Trump Stirs up Uncertainty with Immigration Ban and Talk of Tariffs and Wall Building. Trump’s Mexican Border Wall – The Maginot Line? Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report Read More →

Markets Prepare For Trump Turmoil

Desert Dust Devil

With Inauguration Looming, Trump Administration Policies Uncertain. Gold and Silver Prices Rise/Gold ETF Inflows Dry Up. U.S. Mint Reports Strong First Week Gold and Silver Sales. Press Conference Decorum Top stories of the week- Trump calls “fake news” on CNN at press conference; refers to Buzzfeed as a failing pile of garbage. Celebrities record “I Read More →

No Boost in Indian Silver Imports From Rupee Demonetization

Indian Monthly Silver Imports August 2014 - November 2016

November 2016 Indian Silver Imports Were 324.2 Tons (approximately 10.416 million ounces) Indian Silver Imports Were down 1.6% from 319 Tons (10.256 million ounces) in October. Silver imports were down 49% from 610 tons (19.61 million ounces) imported in November 2015. Will India’s demonetization and “war on gold” lead to greater silver demand in India? Read More →

US Mint Reports 35% Increase In First Day American Silver Eagle Sales

American Silver Eagle Sales in January 1897 - 2017

American Silver Eagle Sales Spike Out of the Gate in 2017. U.S. Mint Sells 3,747,500 American Silver Eagles on First Day of 2017. Sales of American Silver Eagle Coins on the First Day of 2017 were 35% Higher than First Day of 2016. First Day 2017 sales of American Silver Eagles were higher than total Read More →