Why Gold and Silver Are Stuck in a Tight Trading Range

One year silver price june 1 2018

Equilibrium in the Economy and Politics Hold Gold and Silver Back. Trump Calls off North Korean Summit- Summit Back on. IG Report on Clinton email investigation due out this week. Deutsche Bank lays off 10,000 employees. U.S Unemployment rate at 3.8%. US Oil Output jumps to Record. Cryptocurrencies: Hodl or Spendl? Trade Wars Heating up? Read More →

Indian Silver Imports Spike 67% in January and February

Indian Silver Imports 1999 - 2018 through February

India imported nearly 882 tons (28,356,958 ounces) of silver in January and February. Indian silver imports were 317 tons (10,191,786 ounces) in January and 564.963 tons (18,165,172 ounces) in February. January and February 2017 Indian silver imports 525.699 tons (16,911,292 ounces), 363 tons (11,670,721 ounces) in January and 162.699 tons (5,230,894) in February. January 2018 Read More →

Indian Silver Imports Jumped 52% in 2017

Annual indian silver imports 1999-2017 through december

Indian silver imports were 5,398 tons (173,549,732 ounces) in 2017 up from 3,546 tons in 2016. Indian silver imports were 379.656 tons (12,203,298 ounces) in December. Value of Indian Silver imports in 2017 was approximately $2.88b (173.5 moz @$16.60 an ounce) vs $36.9 billion in Indian gold imports (28,976,823 ounces of gold at $1275 an Read More →

Silver Doesn’t Make the First Cut as a Strategic Metal

silver in circuit boards

U.S. Department of the Interior Releases Draft of 35 Strategic Minerals. Silver doesn’t make the cut. Yuan denominated oil contract to trade part time when launched. U.S. Oil Production Surging. Hungary Repatriates its Gold (100,000 ounces worth $132m). Trump labels outgoing economic adviser a “Globalist” . U.S. Steel to reopen plant, hire 500 workers due Read More →

U.S. Mint Silver Eagles Sales Fell 37% in January

January sales of American Silver Eagles 1987 - 21018

U.S. Mint Sold 3,250,000 American Silver Eagles in January. January American Silver Eagle sales were the lowest January total since 2009’s sales of 1,900,000. January 2018 American Silver Eagle sales fell 36.6% from January 2017 sales of 5,127,500. American Silver Eagle Sales Fall 37% in January Year Over Year The U.S. Mint sold 3,250,000 American Read More →

Why Smaulgld Roasts the Silver & Gold Pumpers

skyrocket canstockphoto39652250.jpg alphaspirit

Fantastical Gold and Silver Hype Stories Get Skewered by Smaulgld. “Game Changing” tales of Silver Shortages, Comex Defaults, Gold Backed Yuans, Elites Losing Control and the Gold Silver Ratio returning to its ‘natural ratio” of 16-1 (or lower) get the harsh treatment from Smaulgld. I was invited earlier this week to the Kennedy Financial You Read More →

Perth Mint Silver Sales Fall 21% in 2017

Perth Mint Silver Sales 2017

Perth Mint Silver Sales Finish 2017 Strong Silver sales at the Perth Mint in 2017 were 9,636,408 ounces down 21.3% from 2016 silver sales of 12,236,772 ounces and down 18.2% from 2015 silver sales of 11,775,927 ounces. December Perth Mint silver sales of 874,437 ounces were up 60.6% from 544,436 ounces sold in November. Silver Read More →

Indian Silver Imports Steady in November

Indian silver imports 1999-2017 through November

Indian silver imports were flat in November. Indian silver imports were 346.994 tons (11,156,116 ounces) in November. November 2017 Indian silver imports were up 1% from 319 tons imported in November 2016. October silver imports were down 46% from 636.693 tons (20,470,155 ounces) tons imported in October. Indian Imports of 5,019 tons of silver in Read More →

2017 American Silver Eagles Sales Fall to Lowest Level Since 2007

American Silver eagle sales 1986 - 2017 through December

U.S. Mint 2017 American Silver Eagle Sales Report. U.S. Mint Sold 18,065,500 American Silver Eagles in 2017. U.S. Mint Sold 742,000 American Silver Eagle coins in December. 2017’s Annual Sales Total Lowest Since 2007’s 9,887,000 American Silver Eagles sold. 2017 American Eagle Sales were down 52.1% from 2016’s sales of 37,701,500 and down 61.6% from Read More →

Gold Price vs. World Currencies in 2017

Gold in US Dollars Full Year 2017

Gold Rose 13.6% vs. the U.S Dollar in 2017. Gold’s 2017 price rise follows a 9.1% rise in 2016. 2017 price rise was gold’s best year since 2010’s near 30% increase. Gold price rise muted in other world currencies; down 1% vs the Euro. Silver rose 7.1% vs. the U.S. Dollar in 2017 but fell Read More →