Another Gold “Game Changer” Story Launched


China Warns on Fraud. Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash- Round 1 Bitcoin. Alchemy Achieved. ECB reminds: deposits at risk. JP Morgan Busted For Money Laundering. US oil exports surge: Is the dollar the new petro dollar? Trump gets warm reception in China, Asia. Chinese bike sharing sector goes bust. Stunning ancient gold and silver finds. Gold Read More →

India Imported More Silver in September Than the U.S. Mint has Sold All Year

Indian Silver Imports 2016 - 2017 September

Indian Silver Imports Spiked 152% in September. Indian silver imports were 566.778 tons (18,222,336 ounces) in September. September 2017 Indian silver imports were up 152% from 225 tons in September 2016. September silver imports were up 14.4% from 495.56 tons imported in August. Indian Imports of 4,035 tons of silver in the first nine months Read More →

Perth Mint Sells Nearly 1 Million Ounces of Silver in October

Reverse of a Perth Mint silver kangaroo coin

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in October were 999,425 ounces, up 43% from September 2017 sales of 697,849 ounces. Year over year October 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were down 7.8% from October 2016 sales of 1,084,213 ounces. October Perth Mint sales of 999,425 ounces were slightly lower than October U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Read More →

American Silver Eagle Sales Rebound Sharply From September Lows

October Sales of American Silver Eagles 1987 - 2017

October American Silver Eagle Sales Spike 225% from September Sales of 320,000. U.S. Mint Sold 1,040,000 American Silver Eagles in October. Sales of American Silver Eagles fell 73% from 3,825,000 sold in October 2016. October 2017 sales of American Silver Eagles were lowest October sales since October 2007. Click to View The American Eagle Sales Read More →

August Indian Silver Imports Equal 2017 U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Production

Indian Annual Silver Imports 1999 -2017 August

Indian Silver Imports Soared 139% in August. Indian silver imports were 495.56 tons (15,932,624 ounces) in August. August 2017 Indian silver imports were up 139% from 207 tons in August 2016. August silver imports were up 52% from 327 tons imported in July. Indian Imports of 3,468 tons of silver in the first eight months Read More →

The Gold Backed Yuan Story Forks Again as More Cracks Appear in the Story

Gold Yuan

More Versions of the Gold Backed Yuan Story Appear. Germany Become World’s Largest Gold Consumer. China on Lockdown as Communist Party’s Central Planning Committee Meets. U.S. Mint Gold and Silver Sales Continue to Languish. Goldman Sachs Talks Cryptocurrencies Does Gold Make You Smart? Video Commentary to “The Gold Backed Yuan Story Forks Again as More Read More →

A Tale of Two Mints – US and Perth Mints Post Far Different Silver Sales

Perth Mint silver sales vs American Silver Eagle sales July 2016 - September 2017

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in September were 697,849 ounces, up 78% from August 2017 sales of 392,091 ounces. Year over year September 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were down 32% from September 2016 sales of 1,031,858 ounces. September Perth Mint sales of 697,849 ounces were 2.14 times larger than September U.S. Mint Silver Read More →

The Silver Deficit

silver deficit the daily coin you tube image

The Silver Supply Demand Dynamic Has Been in Deficit for Years. Despite annual deficits, the price of silver remains mired near multi-year lows. Earlier this week, Rory Hall and I started to record our monthly gold and silver update for the Daily Coin Channel. In the pre-interview we discussed the silver supply demand dynamic. The Read More →

September Silver Eagle Sales Crash to Unthinkable Lows

American Silver eagles sales by Month 2016 - 2017 through September

Sales of American Silver Eagles fell 81% in September year over year. U.S. Mint Sold 325,000 American Silver Eagles in September. Sales of American Silver Eagle Coins in September 2016 were 1,675,000. September 2017 sales of American Silver Eagles were down 68% from August sales of 1,025,000 and down 91% from September 2015 sales of Read More →

Indian Silver Imports May be Curbed By New Indian “Know Your Client” Rules

Indian Silver imports July 2016 - July 2017

Indian silver imports were 327 tons (10,513,294 ounces) in July. July 2017 Indian silver imports were up 285% from 85 tons in July 2016. July silver imports were down seven tons from 334 tons imported in June. Indian Imports of 2,965 tons of silver in the first seven months of the year equal approximately 94,973,306 Read More →