Stunning Skyrocketing Silver Indian Imports in May

Indian Silver Imports May 2016 - May 2017

Indian silver imports rose a staggering 1,917% in May. May 2017 Indian silver imports of 1,473 tons were up from 73 tons in May 2016. May silver imports were up 143% from 606 tons imported in April. Indian Imports of 47,358,050 ounces of silver in May were higher than the record 47 million American Silver Read More →

Strong Perth Mint Silver Sales Top U.S. Mint Silver Sales for the First Time

Reverse of a Perth Mint silver kangaroo coin

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in June were 1,215,071 ounces, up 47% from May 2017 sales of 826,656 ounces. Year over year June 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were essentially unchanged June 2016 sales of 1,220,817 ounces. June Perth Mint Sales of 1,215,071 ounces topped June U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales of 986,000 Silver Read More →

American Silver Eagle Sales at Ten Year Low in June

American Silver Eagle Sales in June 1987-2017

Sales of American Silver Eagles Were 247 Times Greater than Sales of One Ounce American Gold Eagles in June. U.S. Mint Sells 986,000 American Silver Eagles in June. Sales of American Silver Eagle Coins in June 2017 were the second full month with sales below one million since February 2008. April 2017 sales of American Read More →

Notice a Central Bank Pattern?

Federal Reserve Logo

Central Banks World Wide Maintain Ultra Loose Monetary Policies – Except One. Bank of England leaves bank rate at 0.25%, maintains government bond purchases at £435bn and corporate bond purchases at £10bn Bank of Japan maintains pledge to keep short-term interest rates at minus 0.1%; rules out reducing its massive stimulus program. Swiss National Bank Read More →

Cryptocurrencies – Fiat Killers or Strengtheners?

ethereum accepted here

Do privately issued cryptocurrencies threaten fiat currencies or do they strengthen and complement fiat currencies? Smaulgld Speculation Series – Episode 1 The purpose of this series is to throw out ideas that are not fully thought through and to have Smaulgld subscribers comment, discuss and debate them. Competing Currencies Most countries today have legal tender Read More →

Indian Silver Imports Rebound Sharply

Indian silver imports by month August 2014 - April 2017

Indian silver imports rose 47% in April. April 2017 Indian silver imports of 606 tons were up 47% from 412 tons in April 2016. April silver imports were up 55% from 361 tons imported in March. Indian Silver Imports in April Highest in Over a Year Indian silver demand has increased exponentially over the past Read More →

China and Russia to Create National Currencies with Ethereum?


Is Ethereum in a Bubble or the Real Deal? Ethereum rose 40% last week, nearly 300% last month and is up over 2500% since last year. Former FBI Director Comey admits he is a coward and a leaker and that Flynn is a good guy. China and Russia Load up on Treasuries, PBOC halts gold Read More →

Perth Mint Silver Sales Bounce Back in May

Perth Mint silver sales January 2017 -May 2017

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in May were 826,656 ounces, up 76.3% from April 2017 sales of 468,977 ounces. Year over year May 2017 Perth Mint silver sales fell 15.2% from May 2016 sales of 974,865 ounces. Gold Sales at the Perth Mint in May Were Up 41% from May 2016. Silver Sales at Read More →

Living Through an Economic Collapse


What’s it Like To Live Through an Economic Collapse? Smaulgld Interview of a Bulgarian National Who Survived an Economic Collapse. Economic Collapse! – It May Not Be What You Think Many speculate what their worlds might be like if there was an economic collapse. How would people react? Would you they ready? What would the Read More →

A Finding of Manipulation against Bullion Banks Won’t Stop Manipulation


Ex-Deutsche Bank Trader Pleas Guilty to Fraud Charges in Connections with Precious Metals Market Manipulation. Ethereum achieves 60% market cap vs. Bitcoin, Daily Ethereum trading value exceeds Bitcoin. Russia To Develop a National Cryptocurrency. India Settles on 3% GST on gold, lower than expected 5%. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld Read More →