Cryptocurrency Status in Turmoil – What’s Next?

CO can stock banned in china from paint

China Bans Initial Coin Offerings. China rumoured to close cryptocurrency exchanges. Russia and Malaysia add to warnings on ICOs. Russia looks to regulate crytpocurrencies. Canadian Regulators Approve Bitcoin Fund. More holes in the Chinese-gold backed Yuan denomminated oil contract story. Gold and silver rise again. Video Commentary to “Cryptocurrency Status in Turmoil – What’s Next?” Read More →

Perth Mint Silver Sales Fall in August

Perth Mint silver sales 2014 - 2017 through August

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in August were 392,091 ounces, down 66% from July 2017 sales of 1,167,963 ounces. Year over year August 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were up .4% from August 2016 sales of 376,467 ounces. August Perth Mint sales of 392,091 ounces were lower than August U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales Read More →

American Silver Eagles Fall Again in August

American Silver Eagle Sales by month 2016 vs 2017 through August

Sales of American Silver Eagles fell 20% in August year over year. U.S. Mint Sold 1,025,000 American Silver Eagles in August. Sales of American Silver Eagle Coins in August 2016 were 1,280,000. August 2017 sales of American Silver Eagles were down 56% from July sales of 2,320,000. View American Silver Eagle Sales report for August Read More →

Report: China Planning Gold Backed Chinese Yuan as Payment for Oil

chinese dragon

Nikkei Asian Review Claims China Preparing Gold-Backed Yuan Oil Payment Proposal. Hurricane Harvey swamps Houston. World War II Bomb to be detonated near German Bundesbank where nation’s gold is held. Gold and Silver Post Strong Gains. Cryptos Soar; Bitcoin Reached $5,000; Litecoin closed in on $100. Video Commentary to “CHINA PLANNING GOLD-BACKED CHINESE YUAN AS Read More →

Germany & U.S. Remind the World They Have Gold

gold bars

Germany Completes Gold Repatriation from France. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin & Senate Majority Leader McConnel Vist the Gold at Fort Knox. Coinbase adds 500,000+ New Accouns in a Week, bringing total to 9.7 million Burger King Russia to issue Whopper Coin Estonia, Papau New Guinea and Dubai move towards blockchain Home sells in the UK for Read More →

China’s Asset Digitization Strategy is Not an IMF Plan For a One World Currency

New world order digital conspiracy

Acchain Conspiracy Theory Continues to Spread. Bannon out as Trump Chief Strategist, Gold and Silver Fall. India, China and Russian Gold Demand Continues to be Strong. Top economic story: The acchain conspiracy theory that China intends to digitize the world’s assets and then roll them up into the IMF’s SDR as a one world currency Read More →

Fidelity Investments To Allow Customers To View Coinbase Accounts on Fidelity Platform

Crypto and stock trading

Coinbase takes cryptocurrencies mainstream with Fidelity Investments deal; Raises another $100 million. Trump Promises Fire and Fury on North Korea. White Nationalists March in Charlottesville. Getting Silver From Rice Fields. Russia to invest in Bitcoin Mining acchain alternative financial media story: It’s true based on what we dont know! Video Commentary to “One Global Currency Read More →

Indian Silver Imports Slow in June

Indian Monthly Silver Imports 2016 -2017 June

Indian silver imports were 327 tons (10,513,294 ounces) in June. June 2017 Indian silver imports were down 27.5% from 451 tons in June 2016. June silver imports were down 60% from 819 tons imported in May. Indian Imports of 2638 tons of silver in the first half of the year equal approximately 85 million ounces. Read More →

Perth Mint Silver Sales Sturdy in July

Perth Mint Silver Sales 2016 - 2017 through July

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in July were 1,167,963 ounces, down 3.9% from June 2017 sales of 1,215,071 ounces. Year over year July 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were up 68.4% from July 2016 sales of 693,477 ounces. July Perth Mint sales of 1,167,963 ounces were lower than July U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales Read More →

Perth Mint Gold Sales Top U.S. Mint Gold Sales For Fifth Month in a Row

Perth Mint gold sales july 2016 - July 2017

The Perth Mint Sold 23,675 Ounces of Gold in July. July Perth Mint gold sales of 23,675 topped U.S. Mint total gold sales of 21,500 ounces. Perth Mint gold sales topped the U.S. Mint gold sales for the fifth month in a row. Gold sales at the Perth Mint in July 2017 were up 40.33% Read More →