Why Litecoin Had an Explosive Week

Alt-Coin, Litecoin Gains Nearly 4x. Ripple and Cardano also see outsized gains. Gold and Silver rebound after Fed rate hike. Tax Reform, likely to pass – Obamacare killer? CFTC/South Korea to Crypto Exchanges: You must have the coins to deliver. CBOE Bitcoin Futures Begin Trading, CME Futures Open Tomorrow. St. Louis Fed Touts Negative Interest Read More →

Perth Mint Silver Sales Top American Silver Eagle Sales in November

Perth Mint Silver Sales January 2014 - November 2017

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in November were 544,436 ounces, down 46% from October 2017 sales of 999,425 ounces. Year over year November 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were down 45% from November 2016 sales of 984,622 ounces. November Perth Mint sales of 544,436 ounces were 41% higher than November U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Read More →

Perth Mint Gold Sales Top U.S. Mint Gold Sales Again in November

Perth mint gold sales vs US Mint american gold eagle sales July 2016 - November 2017

The Perth Mint Sold 23,901 Ounces of Gold in November. November Perth Mint gold sales topped November U.S. Mint one ounce American Gold Eagle sales of 9,500 ounces. Perth Mint gold sales topped the U.S. Mint gold sales for the ninth month in a row. Gold sales at the Perth Mint in November 2017 were Read More →

Bitcoin – The Spouting Whale Gets the Harpoon


Bitcoin Rises to $19,000, Regulators/Greenspan weigh in. Gold, The Industrial Metal? Gold Money selling more Bitcoin than gold or silver. Top bullion dealer Apmex adds Bitcoin as a payment option. Cryptokitties strike the Ethereum blockchain. Yuan Denominated Oil Futures Contract takes Shape- withOUT the Gold. Litecoin Makes a Monster Move Higher. How to buy Litecoin Read More →

American Gold Buffalo Sales Headed Towards Lowest Mintage Ever

Total sales of all american gold buffalo and american gold eagle coins through November 2017

November Sales of American Gold Buffalo Coins down 93% from November 2016. U.S. Mint Sold 2,000 24K one ounce gold coins in November vs. 29,500 sold in November 2016. November American Gold Buffalo sales were down from October sales of 7,000. Total American Gold Buffalo and American Gold Eagle Sales were 14,000 ounces in November Read More →

American Gold Eagle Sales Remain Mired in the Muck in November

November sales of American Gold Eagles 1986 - 2017

American Gold Eagle Sales Fall From October’s Mini Bounce. U.S. Mint sold 9,500 one ounce American Gold Eagles in November down from 11,000 sold in October. One ounce American Gold Eagle sales were down 93% in November from November 2016 sales of 129,000 Total number of American Gold Eagles sold in November were 23,500 including Read More →

American Silver Eagle Sales Slump in November

American Silver eagle sales 1986 - 2017 through November

U.S. Mint Sold 385,000 American Silver Eagles in November. American Silver Eagle sales at Eleven Year Low November American Silver Eagle Sales Drop 63% from October Sales of 1,040,000. Sales of American Silver Eagles fell 87% from 3,061,000 sold in November 2016. November 2017 sales of American Silver Eagles were lowest November sales since November Read More →

Kazakhstan Adds Gold To Reserves For 61st Month in a Row

Central Bank of Kazakhstan gold reserves 2015 - 2017 through October

The National Bank of Kazakhstan Solidifies 17th Place Among Gold Holding Nations. Kazakhstan added 1.87 tons (60,000 ounces) of gold to reserves in October. Total Gold Reserves Stood at 292.0616472 Tons (9.39 million ounces) at end of October 2017. Kazakhstan added 36.1989 tons (approximately 1,163,820 ounces) of gold to reserves in 2016. Through October, Kazakhstan Read More →

Cryptocurrencies Being Monitored by the White House

Goverment monitoring of cryptos and bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies being “Monitored” By the White House. U.S. Bill to require disclosure of cryptocurrencies considered. Bankers say Bitcoin still too small. Big Four Accounting PWC accepts Bitcoin as payment for its accounting services. ABC Broadcasts Fake News Re Flynn Plea Deal. India Reports Strong Gold and Silver imports for the month of October. Tulip Bubble: Read More →

India Imported Over 2.3 Million Ounces of Gold in October

Indian Gold Imports 1999 - 2017 through October

India imported 71.612 tons (2,302,379.26 ounces) of gold in October. Indian gold imports in October were down 17% from 86 tons imported in October 2016. October gold imports were up 77% from September’s imports of 40.482 tons. Watch the video companion to “India Imported Over 2.3 Million Ounces of Gold in October” or watch this Read More →