Janet Yellen Slips, Admits Why the Fed Won’t Normalize Interest Rates – Podcast


Janet Yellen Admits the Fed Won’t Normalize Rates A Comeyesque Fed Lays Out Case For Rate Hike But … Rate Hike! Rate Hike! Rate Hike! Another Fed meeting came and went without a rate hike. Like prior meetings there was plenty of Fed official chatter prior to the meeting that a rate hike was definitely Read More →

Russia To Sell Gold to China


Russian Bank Plans to Sell 15-20 Tons of Gold a Year To China. Russian and China Increase Gold as a Percentage of Their Foreign Reserves. I spoke with Rory Hall of the Daily Coin yesterday. Please have a listen and look at the show notes and charts below: Sign Up For Smaulgld.com Updates Here! Topics Read More →

The Central Bank of Russia Adds 700,000 Ounces of Gold To Reserves in August


Russian Gold Reserves August 2016. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation added 700,000 ounces (21.77 tons) of gold to its reserves in August. From January 2016 through August 2016, Russia has added over 110 tons of gold to reserves. August’s gold addition brings Russia’s gold holdings to over 1,527 tons; the sixth most of Read More →

Trump Taunts the Fed – ICYMI Week Ended September 17, 2016


Trump Says Fed is “Very Political, Yellen Should be Ashamed”. Mexican Sales of Treasury Bonds Continues. Top Gold And Silver Stories from the week ended September 17, 2016. The top story of the week: Donald Trump made some incendiary statements about the Fed, Janet Yellen and Obama in two interviews with CNBC. Hillary Clinton collapses Read More →

How Long Have Central Banks Been Buying Mining Shares? – Podcast


How The Fed Appears Prudent – In Contrast To Other Central Banks I spoke with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group last week. We discussed a variety of topics ranging from: Federal Reserve interest rate policy; how Smaulgld discovered the Swiss National Bank and Norwegian National Bank gold and silver mining share portfolios; whether Read More →

Why The Gold Silver Ratio Doesn’t Have to Return To 16:1

Illustration of the gold silver ratio

The Gold Silver Ratio is Not Destined to Return to a Ratio Based on Relative Rarity. The Demand for Gold and Silver as Well as the Uses and Supply For Each Metal Have Changed. How To Buy Gold. How To Buy Silver. The Gold Silver Ratio is currently about 70:1 There are many differences between Read More →

The Dark Side of Central Bank Intervention


Smaulgld on X22 Spotlight – Podcast Central Banks Buying Bonds, Equities & Other Assets Won’t Lead to Collapse, but Total Control Last week I sat down with Dave of the popular X22 Spotlight You Tube Channel to discuss the state of the real estate and stock markets. Pleaee have a listen and a look at Read More →

The CME Group Volume Trading Discount For Foreign Central Banks

Casino chip

Owner of the COMEX Offers Volume Discounts to Foreign Central Banks Foreign Central Banks Can Participate in US owned Futures Exchanges – at a Special Rate Trading Discounts Range from 18-49% for “Qualified Participants” Foreign central banks can apply for and get a discount for their futures trading activity on COMEX via a special CME Read More →

Hillary Hacks & The Fed Yacks – ICYMI – Week Ended 9/10/16


Hillary Hacks and Fed Launches Another Interest Rate Yack Attack. Fed Presidents Talk Up Rate Hikes, Dollar. Top Gold And Silver Stories from the week ended September 10, 2016. The top story of the week: Presidential Campaign Hillary Clinton’s hack attack & “basket of deplorables” line. .@hale_razor looks like they are all having such fawn Read More →

Can Anyone Predict the Price of Gold?

Muppets with Petrock for goldman sach

A Deluge of Anti-Gold Predictions Last Summer Predicting Doom For the Yellow Metal Proved Spectacularly Incorrect. Late July 2015 Gold Bashing Session Marked Bottoming for Gold Prices. Part 1 Gold Authorities – the Experts Gold’s fundamentals never change. The world around it does and you cant predict that – at least not the monetary side. Read More →