Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Power Past United Kingdom’s

Kazakhstan gold reserves 2015 - 2018 April

The National Bank of Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Top 314 Tons. Total Kazakhstan gold reserves stood at 314.456 tons at the end of April 2018. Kazakhstan gold reserves are now 4.1 tons higher than the 310.3 tons held by the United Kingdom. Gold constituted 42.5% of Kazakhstan’s overall official reserve assets as of April 30, 2018. Read More →

Russia Adds Another 19 Tons of Gold in May – Gold Reserves Now Exceed U.S. Treasuries Holdings

Russian Gold vs US Treasury Holdings 2017- 2018 April

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves Rise to 1928.416 Tons in May. Russian gold reserves are the fifth largest in the world. Russia added 600,000 ounces of gold (18.6620861 tons) to reserves in May. Russia added a record 224 tons of gold to reserves in 2017. Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added Read More →

Gold and Silver Tumble

Trump in North Korea. IG Report Finds No Bias in Hillary Email Investigation. Fed Raises Rates. Deputy IG Rosenstein Threatens to Subpoena Congressional phone records. IG Report -Obama Knew of Hillary’s secret Email server. Gold and Silver Tumble. China and U.S. Exchange Tariffs. SEC Official Says Ethereum Not a Security. Coinbase to add Etherum Classic Read More →

IG Report Analysis: Comey/FBI Not Biased – They Just Did Things Differently

IG Report Finds No Bias in Clinton email investigation. Damning report shows extreme examples of bias and deviations from the norm of investigative process. Last night we did a live stream to relay an analysis of the Inspector General’s report on the Clinton email investigation and to get some immediate reaction from Smaulgld followers. Please Read More →

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Strong Again in May

Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals through May 2008 - 2018

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Were 151 Tons in May. Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals through May at third highest level in the exchange’s history. Donate To Smaulgld.com via paypal You can compare pricing and shipping charges on American Gold Eagles coins of all sizes at these web sites: Golden Eagle Coins SD Bullion Money Metals Exchange Read More →

A Majority of Americans Favor Globalism

john mccain globalism

Director of Security for Senate Intelligence Committee Charged with Lying about Leaking. Texas Gold Depository Opens. Silver Outperforms Gold. John McCain Says a Majority of Americans Favor Globalism. Social Security and Medicaid to Run out of Money Sooner than Expected. Cryptos Slammed on South Korean Hack. Trump, U.S. Administration Slam Trudeau on G-7. New Uses Read More →

Double Moronica – June 9, 2018

The week’s news that made you scratch your head, cringe or just say “That’s Moronic” New! 1oz Silver Bullion Cryptocurrency Rounds .999 Fine! Litecoin Silver Rounds Bitcoin Silver Rounds Ethereum Rounds Smaulgld’s Moronica This Week Theme – by Marc Battaglia Watch the Video Commentary to “Smaulgld’s Double Moronica For the Week Ended June 9, 2018” Read More →

Is Owning Hard Assets a Good Idea?

Ownership of Hard Assets Imposes Costs of Ownership. Hard Assets are not portable. How Do Digital Assets Stack up Against Hard Assets? Smaulgld Live Stream Video Join Smaulgld every evening at 8PM on Youtube for live interactive programs You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE to open a coin base account Read More →

American Gold Eagle Sales Spring Back to Life

American Gold Eagle Sales 1987 - 2018 in May

American Gold Eagle Sales Spike in May. U.S. Mint sold 18,500 one ounce American Gold Eagles in May up 363% from 4,000 sold in April. One ounce American Gold Eagle sales were up 68% in May from May 2017 sales of 11,000 Total number of American Gold Eagles sold in May were 46,500 including 1/10, Read More →

Why Gold and Silver Are Stuck in a Tight Trading Range

One year silver price june 1 2018

Equilibrium in the Economy and Politics Hold Gold and Silver Back. Trump Calls off North Korean Summit- Summit Back on. IG Report on Clinton email investigation due out this week. Deutsche Bank lays off 10,000 employees. U.S Unemployment rate at 3.8%. US Oil Output jumps to Record. Cryptocurrencies: Hodl or Spendl? Trade Wars Heating up? Read More →