Is Russia Preparing to Sell Her Gold? – Podcast


Pravda Reports that Russia Intends to Sell Some of its Gold. The Central Bank of Russia has added more gold to reserves than any nation over the past two years. Time to sell? BRICS countries to invest $500 million in Russian gold deposits in Siberia. According to Russian news agency Pravda the Russia Treasury is Read More →

Fed President Bullard Admits What We Have Been Saying All Along – Podcast


St. Louis Fed President James Bullard Says Only One Rate Hike Needed. Bullard: U.S. is in a “high-liquidity-premium regime, in which investors are willing to pay premium prices for safe assets like government debt”. No need to raise rates much when other sovereign regimes have interest rates at zero or negative. Bullard has stated a Read More →

Strong Monsoon Season in India Expected To Boost Gold Demand

indian monsoon

Indian Gold Demand And Imports Expected To Bounce off 2016 Lows. Lower Prices, Diwali and Wedding Season to Boost Indian Gold Demand. Indian October Gold Imports Estimated to Be 60-70 Tons After nine months of the lowest Indian gold import demand in ten years, October gold demand is expected to bounce of its 2016 lows. Read More →

What Isn’t Rigged? ICYMI Week Ended 10/22/2016 – Podcast


New Wikileaks and Project Veritas Revelations Show Corruption and Vote Rigging Efforts. Dollar Index Approaches 100 – Impact of Fed Rate Hike Plans?. Deutsche Bank Settles Silver Prices Fixing Case. Top Gold And Silver Stories from the week ended October 22, 2016. The top story of the week: Continued daily Wikileaks exposing collusion between DNC Read More →

Wikileaks Exposes Corruption – Does it Matter? – Podcast


Smaulgld on SGT Report Fraud & Corruption: Does Exposing it Make a Difference? Earlier this week I sat down with SGT Report to discuss a variety of topics randing from the economy to precious metals. Please have a listen and a look at the podcast notes, links and charts below. Sign Up For Updates Read More →

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Fall 34% in September


Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals in 2016 Are Down 34% Year Over Year Through September. Shanghai Gold Exchange August withdrawals were 170.9 tonnes. September 2016 gold withdrawals were 34.3% lower compared to 259.98 tonnes withdrawn in September 2015. Through September 2016, withdrawals of tonnes were 28.5% lower than withdrawals of 1,729.167 tonnes through August 2016. Shanghai Read More →

Challenges to Election Fraud Strengthen Rather Than Weaken Democracy – Podcast


Donald Trump, or Any Candidate, Should Challenge Election Results if Evidence of Fraud is Suspected. Challenging Fraud Can Strengthen Democracy and Build Confidence in the System. Fraud Left Unchecked, Leads to Further Instances of Fraud That Can Undermine Confidence. A Challenge of Election Results is not the Same as a Challenge to a Law. The Read More →

Russia’s Central Bank Adds 500,000 Ounces of Gold To Reserves in September


Russian Gold Reserves September 2016. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation added 500,000 ounces (15.55 tons) of gold to its reserves in September. From January 2016 through September 2016, Russia has added over 125 tons of gold to reserves. September’s gold addition brings Russia’s gold holdings to over 1,542 tons; the sixth most of Read More →

US Mint Mid-October Gold and Silver Eagle Sales Update


American Gold Eagle Sales Continue To Accelerate Major Rebound in American Silver Eagle Sales American Gold Buffalo Sales Also Strong American Gold Eagle Sales Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. You can compare pricing and shipping charges on American Gold Eagles coins of all sizes at these web sites: Golden Eagle Coins JM Read More →

Deutsche Bank Offers To Pay $38 Million in Silver Price Fixing Case

38-million-deutsche -bank-settlement

Deutsche Bank To Pay $38 Million To Settle Silver Price Fixing Case. Settlement Requires Deutsche Bank To Cooperate in the Investigation Against Other Bullion Banks’ Role in Silver Manipulation Case. In April we reported that Deutsche Bank had agreed to settle a silver manipulation case (in re London Silver Fixing ltd Antitrust Litigation) brought against Read More →