Indian Gold Imports Soar on the Eve Of Demonetization


October 2016 Indian Gold Imports Rise 105% From September. Gold Imports Rose in Advance of Gold Giving Season and ahead of Shock Rupee Demonetization Announcement Gold Imports Still Under Pressure From Increased Duties, Taxes and Government Intervention. Rupee Demonetization Makes Gold Attractive for Indians, but also a Target for Indian Government Indian Gold Imports January-October Read More →

People’s Bank of China Halts Gold Acquisition in November


The People’s Bank of China Added No Gold to Reserves in November. Total reported People’s Bank of China gold reserves stand at 1842.56 tonnes. Gold Acquisition Halted as Chinese Foreign Reserves Fall by $68 billion in November. PBOC foreign reserves fell from $3.12 trillion in October to $3.052 trillion in October, the lowest total since Read More →

Kazakhstan Adds 101,000 Ounces of Gold To Reserves In October


The National Bank of Kazakhstan Added 3.1 Tons (101,000 ounces) of Gold To Reserves in October. Total Gold Reserves Stood at 252 Tons at end of October 2016. Kazakhstan Gold Reseves Rank 21st in the World. The National Bank of Kazakhstan added 101,000 ounce of gold to her reserves in October. Along with the Central Read More →

Perth Mint Silver Sales Dip in November


November Perth Mint silver sales of 984,622 ounces were down 9.2% from 1,084,213 ounces sold in October. Silver sales at the Perth Mint in November were down 14% year over year from November 2015 sales of 1,145,239 ounces. Gold Sales At the Perth Mint in November Were Up 73% from November 2015 Perth Mint Silver Read More →

Why the Stock Market May Finally Correct and QE4 Won’t Happen- ICYMI December 3, 2016


President Elect Donald Trump’s Administration Won’t De-Emphasize Wall Street, Just Redirect it. Wall Street To Remain Important for Industrial and Infrastructure Lending (Hostile) Silicon Valley Speculative Equities/FANGS/MSM Media Are Out Trump’s Economic Focus Will be on the U.S. Heartland and Rust Belt Where He Derives His Political Strength Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s Negative Interest Rates Read More →

Perth Mint Gold Sales Rise 73% in November


Gold Sales at the Perth Mint in November 2016 Perth Mint Gold Sales Top 50,000 Ounces For Third Month in a Row in November. Gold sales at the Perth Mint in November 2016 were 54,747 ounces up 73% from November 2015 sales of 31,644 ounces. Perth Mint says recent gold sales boosted by the introduction Read More →

Deutsche Bank Settles Gold Manipulation Case for $60 Million

Deutsche Bank sixty million gold settlement

Deutsche Bank To Pay $60 Million To Settle Gold Price Fixing Case. Settlement Requires Deutsche Bank To Cooperate in the Investigation Against Other Bullion Banks’ Role in Gold Manipulation Case. In April we reported that Deutsche Bank had agreed to settle a silver manipulation case (in re London Silver Fixing ltd Antitrust Litigation) brought against Read More →

American Gold Buffalo Coin Sales Reach 29,500 in November


Sales of American Gold Buffalo Coins Hit 10 Month High. U.S. Mint Sold 29,500 24K one ounce gold coins in November. American Gold Buffalo sales in November highest since January. Total American Gold Buffalo and American Gold Eagle Sales Highest Since 2010 The U.S. Mint sold 29,500 one ounce American Gold Buffalo coins in November, Read More →

American Silver Eagle Sales Top Three Million in November


U.S. Mint November 2016 American Silver Eagle Sales Report. U.S. Mint Sells 3,061,000 American Silver Eagle coins in November. Sales of American Silver Eagles in October down 20% from 3,825,000 sold in October 2016 and down 37% from 4,824,000 sold in November 2015. American Silver Eagles sales in November were the fifth highest November total Read More →

American Gold Eagle Sales Spike to 16 Month High In November


U.S. Mint November 2016 American Gold Eagle Sales Report. The U.S Mint sold 129,000 one ounce American Gold Eagle Coins in November up 29.4% from 100,500 sold in October 2016 and up 60.2% from 80,500 sold in November 2015. U.S. Mint sell 259,000 American Gold Eagle Coins in November Total ounces of gold attributable to Read More →