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Gold Grows on Trees

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Do you think money grows on trees? – Ageless rhetorical question

While we all know that money does not grow on trees, did you know that gold grows on trees? Researchers in Australia have found that many eucalyptus trees, the natural habitat of the Koala bear, contain trace amounts of gold in their leaves, twigs and bark.

Scientists surmise that the gold found in eucalyptus trees comes from gold deposits deep in the soil where the trees’ roots pull in small amounts that are then distributed throughout the trees.

Koala bear in a Eucalyptus tree

Gold Digger!

The findings have given new meaning to the name of Australia’s Gold Coast which is home to many eucalyptus trees.

The amounts of gold in the eucalyptus trees – 80 parts per billion in their leaves, 44 parts per billion in their twigs, and 4 parts per billion in the bark, are too small to set off a new Australian gold rush. For now watching trees grow in Australia will be no more productive than watching grass grow. Although trees with gold in their leaves may give clues to where rich gold deposits may lay.

Here’s one from our favorite chrematistic antipodeans, AC/DC – sorry INXS and Men at Work

Ain’t No Fun (Waiting ‘Round To Be A Millionaire)

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