Another Gold “Game Changer” Story Launched


China Warns on Fraud. Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash- Round 1 Bitcoin. Alchemy Achieved. ECB reminds: deposits at risk. JP Morgan Busted For Money Laundering. US oil exports surge: Is the dollar the new petro dollar? Trump gets warm reception in China, Asia. Chinese bike sharing sector goes bust. Stunning ancient gold and silver finds. Gold Read More →

Sun Tzu Accounting: Debt = Equity

Dollar investment in china

China Unexpectedly to Allow Majority Ownership of Chinese Companies to Foreigners. Chinese Perpetual Bonds Hide Debt Issuances by Labelling them as Equity. Venezuela Defaults. China and Russia plan billion dollar gold deals. Golkad Backed Yuan Source found! Bitcoin Plummets as Bitcoin Cash Soars. Gold price hit with $4 billion sell order. Guess which country has Read More →

Chinese Central Bank Governor Warns Again of Financial Crisis Risk

Chinese debt warning

More cracks appear in China’s economy and another warning from a People’s Bank of China governor. Gold Backed Yuan Story Continues to be Peddled. The Economy of China is Based on the Dollar. Counterfeit Royal Canadian Mint gold sold at Royal Bank of Canada. South Korea to Regulate Bitcoin as a Commodity. CME Group Announces Read More →

Chinese Central Bank Governor Warns on China’s Growing Debt Pile

Chinese debt warning

People’s Bank of China’s Governor warns of potential sharp correction and Minsky Moment. Venezuela lets $1.7 billion gold swap with Deutsche Bank Lapse. China Issues $2 billion in Dollar Denominated Bonds – 11X Oversubscribed. China hopes its State Owned Enterprised US Dollar borrowing costs will be lowered. China to purchase 24% of all Chinese residential Read More →

Why it’s Going to Take Years to Internationalize the Chinese Yuan

yuan denied

China’s Gradual Internationalization of the Yuan. Chinese internal debt stands at 300% of GDP Before Unfunded Social Security Obligations. Mike Maloney of calls out Smaulgld! The problem with analyzing soley from the gold perspective. 2+2=GOLD Honest money must be surrounded honest narratives and reporting. Regulated Bitcoin futures trading begins. Russia makes huge gold purchase Read More →

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Litecoin on the Rise

Smaulgld logo vidme

Alternative Assets Soar as NASDAQ also hits new highs. Gold Backed Yuan Story dies an Ignominious Death. Strong week for gold and silver. As Bitcoin Hits New Highs Jamie Dimon Trashes it Again. Litecoin come back to Life Chinese Leaders begin their central planning meeting amid growing debt fears Trump guts Obamacare Smaulgld appears on Read More →

The Gold Backed Yuan Story Forks Again as More Cracks Appear in the Story

Gold Yuan

More Versions of the Gold Backed Yuan Story Appear. Germany Become World’s Largest Gold Consumer. China on Lockdown as Communist Party’s Central Planning Committee Meets. U.S. Mint Gold and Silver Sales Continue to Languish. Goldman Sachs Talks Cryptocurrencies Does Gold Make You Smart? Video Commentary to “The Gold Backed Yuan Story Forks Again as More Read More →

GoldMoney, Sharps Pixley Join Crypto Craze

Bitcoin accepted

Gold Money to Sell/Store Cryptos, Sharps Pixley to Accept Bitcoin for Bullion Sales. U.S. Ramps Up Pressure on Venezuela. IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Talks Positively About Cryptocurrencies. Un Sourced Gold Backed Yuan Story Continues to Make the Rounds. Japan Issues Cryptocurrency Exchange Licenses. Video Commentary to “Gold Money, Sharps Pixley Join Crypto Craze” Watch on Read More →

This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Downgraded

Chinese image going down

S&P China downgrade to “upper medium grade” comes after Moody’s downgrade in May. U.S. Says Venezuela Oil Embargo is an Option. Tesla Will Settle Charges That it Tried to Cheat the Government. Trump criticizes NFL players for “Taking the Knee” Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin Again Video Commentary to “This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Read More →

Report: China to Issue $2B US Dollar Denominated Bonds

China to Issue First Dollar Denominated Bond Since 2004. Reports of the Death of the Dollar are Greatly Exaggerated. Alt Fin Media continues to pump unsourced gold-backed Yuan story. Swiss Town to Accept Tax Payments in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Tumbles After Jamie Dimon Calls It A Fraud: “Would Fire Anyone Trading It”. China to shut Cryptocurrency Read More →