In Case You Missed It – Week Ended January 16, 2016

In Case You Missed It – Week Ended January 16, 2016.

Stories from the week ended January 16, 2016.

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Terror attacks struck Turkey, Indonesia and Burkina Faso and the global markets werer in turmoil.

The crashing global stock markets led to many wall street observers to change their stance on future rate hikes. Instead of more rate hikes, some suggest that the Fed could hold off on rate hikes, cut rates or even implement negative interest rates.

The basis for our prediction that the Fed would raise rates was to ensure continued demand for U.S. Treasury bonds. The Fed’s win-win scenario to raise rates meant higher rates would attract more investment and if a rate hike crashed the markets, demand for treasuries would increase on “safe haven buying” which would in turn lower rates. That is exactly what is happening as bloomberg reported last week.

Gold and silver

Gold closed last week at $1104.60 and closed this week at $1088.80

Silver closed last week at $13.93 and closed this week at $13.91

The gold and silver ratio is approaching 80:1

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Here are the stories we wrote, followed or commented on.

WE Missed it!

From the week ended January 9, 2015:


Barber dime sells for $2 million at auction


Gold helps make computer touchscreens more sensitive

January 9, 2016


U.S. Flies B-52 bombers over South Korea after North Korean nuclear test.



We noted a drop in August and September U.S. silver mining production from comparable months last year, did not reflect a significant downward trend in U.S. silver mining production. (that trend occurred long ago)

Peak Silver has Not Arrived in the United States

U.S. silver mining production 2010 -2015

U.S. silver mining production 2010 -2015 has been fairly consistent.

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January 10, 2016

Economic Cheerleading

Reuters and Bloomberg provided these two observations:

Reuters declares a “profit recession” but says the economy is doing well. Reuters New Economics?: How an economy can be deemed to be doing well, even if its companies’ profits are declining.

Bloomberg asserts As China Dumps Treasuries, World Sees No Better Place for Refuge


China sets limits on buying of US dollars



While U.S. and Canadian Silver Mining output have remained fairly constant the past ten years, surging demand for American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins has exceeded mining output.

U.S. Silver Mining Production Does Not Cover American Silver Eagle Demand

us silver mining production vs. silver eagle demand 2010 2015

U.S. silver mining production vs. American Silver Eagle demand.

Canadian Silver Mining Production Does Not Cover Canadian Silver Eagle Demand

Canadian silver mining production vs silver maple leaf coin demand 2010-2014

Canadian silver mining production vs. Canadian Silver Maples Leaf coin demand 2010-2014

Gold and Silver

Path to Making Gold and Silver Currency


Indian Gold demand to fall 15% as rural buying slumps over poor kharif season

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January 11, 20165

Fed Chatter

Atlanta Fed President: probably not enough data for a March rate hike

Government Intervention

China Said to Create New Office Coordinating Finance and Economy


£77,000 worth of gold Found hidden on Air India flight

Dubai gold futures market posts record trading volumes

Mining Companies Fight for Survival

Wall Streeet Journal: Investors fleeing market turmoil head for gold


Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer can’t identify an American Silver Eagle coin

US Mint allocates four million American Silver Eagles for the first weekly allocation of 2016- 4X more than normal


Gold and Silver

Perth Mint 2015 Gold and Silver Sales

Perth Mint Silver sales in 2015 mostly Kangaroos

Silver sales soared at the Perth Mint in 2015.

Market Manipulation

Britain begins first Euribor rate-rigging case

U.S. Mint Sales Update

US Mint sold 2,756,500 American Silver Eagles today and 41,500 one ounce American Gold Eagles

JP Morgan says sell stocks on the bounces

January 12, 2016



Strong Sales of American Silver Eagles on first Day of January top entire January sales for each of 1987-2009.

American silver eagle sales in january 1987-2016

First day sales of American Silver Eagle were higher than most January entire month sales.

Despite dropping silver prices many, North American primary silver producers hit record output in 2015.


Gold sales at the U.S. Mint open strongly

american gold buffalo sales in January 2006-2016

January sales of American gold buffalo coins in the first two days of January 2016 were strong.


Turkish blast kills ten in tourist area

U.S. Mint Sales Update

US Mint sold 389,000 American Silver Eagles & 6,000 American Gold Eagles today.
YTD American Silver Eagles: sold 3,146,000; American Gold Eagles: sold 47,500


BP to cut 4,000 jobs

Royal Bank of Scotland cries: Sell Everything!


Investors on Gold ETF Buying Spree Amid Global Stock

India’s Gold Monetization Scheme

India to launch second tranche of gold monetization scheme

UK Economic Data

UK Industrial and Manufacuring Production fall in November


WSJ: Bankrupcies could sink 1/3 of shale oil companies

As we noted last week, we spotted the potential for lower oil prices and bankruptcy of shale oil companies and financial difficulties for their lenders over a year ago as did Mitch Feierstein of Planet Ponzi.

Audit the Fed

Senate rejects Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ legislation


Iran Takes Ten Hostages: CNN Host Presses WH Press Secretary Why U.S. Should Relieve Sanction on Iran?


Swiss National Bank says deflation, good, necessary

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January 13, 2016


We published the follow up to “The Decline and Fall of the First Silver Empire

The Last Silver Empire?

silver content of the roman denarius 15 bc to 272 ad

The decline in silver content of the Roman Denarius paralleled the decline of the Roman Empire.


China’s trade surplus up 56.7% in 2015 but overall trade down exports 1.8% down, imports 13.2% down

JP Morgan on Oil Exposure

Jamie Dimon pops off on oil


Russia takes steps to price oil in Rubles instead of dollars

Fed Chatter

Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren says Fed may slow pace of rate hikes

Chicago Fed President says four rate hikes in 2016 would be too much

From Russia:

Russia declares it is among the top 10 countries with the lowest debt and highest gold and foreign currency reserves


World Gold Council:Global Gold jewelry demand down 14% in 2015

US Mint Sales Update

US Mint sold 345 000 American Silver Eagles & 3,000 one ounce American Gold Eagles today.
YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 3.5M/American Gold Eagles sold 50,500

January 14, 2016

U.S. Economic Data

Initial Jobless Claims 284K EXP 275K

Consumer spending falls 0.9% in January

Fed Chatter

Bullard Fed’s Bullard cites ‘worrisome’ drop in inflation expectations due to low oil prices
U.S. stock market soars after his comments


Key Bitcoin Developer says Bitcoin has failed, is subject to collapse and “quits” bitcoin

More from the NY Times and Reuters



Two Days of bombs shootings in Jakarta,Indonesia

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Rio Tinto Freezes all employees’ pay including its CEO


The Wealthwatchman provided this fine analysis of the global financial system

Goldman Sachs to pay $5 billion fine

January 15, 2016


Inflation tops 140% in Venezueal, Maduro claims state of economic emergency


Indian physical gold demand up on festivals, weddings

U.S. Economic Data

December Retail Sales -0.1% Exp +0.1% Prior 0.4%
PPI -0.2% Exp 0.1% prior 0.3%
Empire Manufacturing -19.4% exp -3.5% prior -6.2%
Industrial Production: -0.4% exp -0.2% prior -0.9%

Crisis? What Crisis?

Reuters at it again

Heard on CNBC
Jpmorgan analyst on CNBC: “china wont slow us down and stocks havent been this cheap since 2014- the US is insulated” #propaganda

Fed chatter

Fed’s Williams Market Volatility won’t stop Fed from raising rates in coming years

Atlanta Fed Downgrades 4th Quarter GDP to 0.6%

New York Fed Presdient William Dudley says Fed could implement negative interest rates


AIIB to open tomorrow

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