Why Mobile Matters for Real Estate Agents

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Marketing

Google recently caught the attention of Realtors when it announced that web sites with bad or non existent mobile web sites would be hurt in its search engine results.

Perhaps a more important reason for real estate agents to optimize their sites for mobile devices isn’t to gain or maintain elusive SEO results but rather to improve the poor or non existent mobile consumer experience.

On the 1000 Watt Blog, Jessica Swesey described how a poor mobile user experience can lead to a loss of customers and gave some useful tips on how Realtors can optimize their sites for mobile devices.

The most important reason, however, for real estate agents to have their sites optimized for smart phones and other mobile devices: it’s where the traffic is.

In May, Searchengineland.com reported that traffic to local mobile sites is growing faster than traffic to the total Internet.

Real estate portal Zillow reported some stunning mobile figures in its first quarter earnings release:

-52 million monthly mobile users; up 63% year over year;
-241 million homes were viewed on Zillow via a mobile device in April 2013, or 93 homes per second;and
-55% of visits to Zillow were on a mobile device;60% on weekends.

Increasing numbers of potential home buyers take their devices on the road to do on the spot research on neighborhoods and homes that they see. If your site doesn’t show them what they want, don’t count on users going home and firing up their desk tops to visit your site again. They will simply find another mobile friendly site to continue their research.

Does your mobile site show users what they want and need to see?

Does it provide an easy way to contact you for more information?

If not, why aren’t you Going Mobile?

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