Inflation Busting Tips

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Inflation Busting Tips What Can You Do To Offset the Impact of Price Inflation? Watch on Rumble

Litecoin – Bigger than U.S. Steel

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Litecoin – Bigger than U.S. Steel Digital Assets Becoming the Most Valuable Assets in the World Watch on Rumble

Shut it Down, Burn it Down, Build it Again

Infrastructure spending, stimulus coming in the wake of Covid-19 and Floyd-20 Watch “Shut it Down, Burn it Down, Build it Again” SMAULGLD BITCHUTE CHANNEL Watch Video on Bitchute Become a Patron! New Smaulgld affiliate 1st Coffee – wide selection of coffee makers and coffee beans. Get coffee for your Smaulgld Mug! Every purchase at 1st Read More →

Rising Real Estate Prices – Who Benefits?

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Rising Home Price Are Not All Good. NEW! The Smaulgld Store is Now Open – Click to Visit the Smaulgld Store Smaulgld Super Classic Mug – $23.99 with Free Shipping in the Continental United States. Smaulgld Classic Mug – $19.99 with Free Shipping in the Continental United States. Take Smaulgld To Go! Smaulgld You Tube Read More →

Central Banks Seek Greater Control Of Markets After Losing Control of the Economy -Smaulgld On Future Money Trends


Central Banks Seek Greater Control Over Financial Markets as Global Economy Collapses A Robust Stock Market is no Substitute for Solid Economic Growth Smaulgld breaks it down on a Future Money Trends Podcast Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Please consider making a small donation to Thanks! What if 1% of the U.S. Read More →

The Dark Side of Central Bank Intervention

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Smaulgld on X22 Spotlight – Podcast Central Banks Buying Bonds, Equities & Other Assets Won’t Lead to Collapse, but Total Control Last week I sat down with Dave of the popular X22 Spotlight You Tube Channel to discuss the state of the real estate and stock markets. Pleaee have a listen and a look at Read More →

Why Are New Home Sales Still Far Below Those of Prior Decades?

new home sales 1963 -2016 high low by decade

New home sales during the housing “recovery” of the past few years are roughly equal to the lows of new home sales of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. More new homes were sold in many months in the 1960’s and 1970’s than were ever sold during any month during the period of 2010-2016. Three Factors Read More →

Are Entrepreneurs Really Tricked by Artificially Low Interest Rates?

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Do Artifically Low Interest Rates Trick Entrepreneurs into Making Malinvestments? There is an Austrian School of Economics tenet that states that one danger of artificially low interest rates is that they “trick entrepreneurs” into making “malinvestments’; ones that in retrospect don’t make any economic sense had the entrepreneur not been tricked by the “false signal” Read More →

What Does The Rate Hike Mean For Real Estate?

canadian dollar vs us dollar 2015 -2016

What Does The Fed Rate Hike Mean For Real Estate? The rate hike itself will have neglible impact on the real estate market. Existing and other factors influenced by the rate hike will slow the housing market. The Fed Raises Interest Rates Last December, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in Read More →

New Car Sales vs New Home Sales

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New Car Sales vs New Home Sales. New Car Sales at Record Highs/New Home Sales at Multi-Decade Lows. New auto sales were up 13.6% in October year over year. New home sales fell 11.5% in September. Zero Interest Rate Policy has helped new car sales but done little for new home sales. Earlier this year Read More →