Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint In February 2016

Silver Eagles Flying High

In this podcast, Rory Hall and I from the Daily Coin review the February 2016 silver and gold sales at the U.S. Mint.

Sales of American Silver Eagles set a February record of nearly five million. We discuss the impact of surging American Eagle demand on the silver market, the U.S. Mint production processes and silver supply demand dynamics.

We also discuss the February Perth Mint gold and silver sales figures.

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February sales of american silver eagles  1987-2016

February 2016 sales of American Silver Eagles were the largest ever.

February 2016 sales of 4,782,000 American Silver Eagles were higher than the full year sales of silver eagles in
1995 (4,590,000)
1996 (3,466,000)
1997 (3,636,000)
1998 (4,320,000)

Full U.S. Mint February Sales Data is available here.

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