The Silver To Gold Sales Ratio – April 2014

Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint April 2014

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One Ounce Silver Eagles outsell One Ounce Gold Eagles 176.56 to 1 at the U.S. Mint in April

U.S. Mint sells 4,590,500 one ounce Silver Eagles and 26,000 one ounce Gold Eagles

The Gold/Silver Ratio was 67.32 in April up from 64.42 in March

Strong Sales of Physical Silver Bullion are on Record Pace at the U.S. Mint*

April Gold sales jump from March levels

Total April 2014 Gold Bullion Sales at the U.S. Mint: 56,000 ounces, including 75,000 fractional ounce gold Eagles (totaling 12,500 ounces) and 17,500 24K one ounce Buffalo coins**

Total April 2014 Silver Bullion Sales at the U.S. Mint: 4,644,500 ounces***

Last year we started tracking the silver to gold sales ratio as measured by the sales of physical gold bullion vs. sales of physical silver bullion at the U.S. Mint. We track the sales of one ounce American Gold Eagles vs. one ounce American Silver Eagles. We now provide this data from 2008 through April 2014 and compare it to the gold/silver ratio that measures how many ounces of silver it takes to purchase one ounce of gold.

Below are the 2008-2013 U.S. Mint one ounce Gold and Silver Eagles sales in number of ounces and total dollars:

2013 American Gold Eagle SalesSales of American Silver Eagles Set Record

The April 2014 Silver to Gold Sales Ratio: 176.56/1

In April the U.S. Mint sold 4,590,500 one ounce Silver Eagles down from 5,354,000 Silver Eagles sold in March and up from 4,087,000 Silver Eagles sold in April 2013.

In April the U.S. Mint sold 26,000 one ounce Gold Eagles up from 15,000 sold in March and down from 187,500 Gold Eagles sold in April 2013.

The ratio of one ounce Silver Eagles sold to one ounce Gold Eagles sold in April 2014 was 176.56 to 1 compared to 21.8 to 1 in April 2013.

In April the U.S. Mint sold approximately $90.5 million worth of one ounce Silver Eagles** and $34 million worth of one ounce Gold Eagles. The total value of physical gold bullion sold at the U.S. Mint in April, including sales of one ounce and fractional ounce Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo coins, was approximately $73 million.

silver sells more in dollar terms than gold at the U.S. Mint chart

Recently, Silver Sales in Dollar Terms Have Surpassed Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint

Gold and Silver Charts Courtesy of Nick Laird
On April 30, 2014 at 8:15PM EST:

Silver was $19.19 per ounce
Silver Price Average in April:19.71
Silver Price Average in March: $20.74
Silver Price Average in February: $20.83
Silver Price Average in January: $19.91
Silver Price Average in 2013: $23.79

Gold was $1291.80 per ounce
Gold Price Average in April: 1299.00
Gold Price Average in March: $1336.08
Gold Price Average in February: $1300.97
Gold Price Average in January: $1244.80
Gold Price Average in 2013: $1412.05
April Gold/Silver Ratio: 67.32
2013 Gold Silver Ratio: 59.25/1
Sources: Kitco and United States Mint

Chart showing the gold silver ratio for the past 12 months

How Many Ounces of Silver it Takes to Buy One Ounce of Gold

* The U.S. Mint has sold 18,469,500 silver American Eagle coins through April. Last year through April the U.S. Mint 18,310,000 silver American Eagle coins. Last year the U.S. Mint sold a record 42,675,000 silver American Eagles.

**In April 2014 the U.S. Mint also sold: 5,000 one half ounce gold American Eagle coins, 20,000 one quarter ounce gold American Eagle coins and 50,000 one tenth ounce gold American Eagle coins (a total of 38,500 ounces of gold American Eagle coins, including the 26,000 one ounce gold American Eagles sold).

*** The U.S. Mint reported sales figures for the first time this year for their popular silver American the Beautiful five ounce coins. They reported selling 10,800 five ounce Great Smoky Mountain coins for a total of 54,000 ounces sold. In 2013 the U.S. Mint sold 160,000 silver America the Beautiful five ounce coins for a total of 800,000 ounces sold.

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