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Peace Silver Dollars For Sale.

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Peace Silver Dollar Buying Guide

Looking for Peace Dollars for sale? The Smaulgld Peace Silver Dollars Buying Guide shows how and where to buy these coins.

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Peace dollars for sale

Peace Dollars were minted between 1921 and 1935.

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Peace Silver Dollars

Composition/Weight: .900 silver/.100 copper (.77344 oz. pure silver)/26.73 grams
Face value: $1
Description: Obverse: Liberty Head with the words “LIBERTY” “IN GOD WE TRVST” and the date Reverse: Picture of an eagle sitting on a mound with the word “PEACE” inscribed at its base with the words “One Dollar” “E Pluribus Unum” and “United States of America”
Designer: Anthony de Francisci
Mint Locations: Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco
Years Minted: 1921-1928 and 1934-1935.

The Peace Silver Dollar began production at the United State Mint in 1921 to commerate the recent ending of the Great War. In its first year of mintage the Peace Dollar was produced in Philadelphia. In subsequent years the Peace dollar was also minted in Denver and San Francisco. The 1921 Peace Dollar is not the rarest mintage (about one million were made) but is prized because it was produced in “high relief” giving it a more attractive distinct appearance. Subsequent Peace Dollars were not minted in high relief.

The rarest Peace Dollar is the 1928 coin produced in Philadelphia (only 360,649 were minted).

From 1929-1933, the Peace Dollar was not minted. Minting of the Peace Dollar recommenced in 1934 for two years with 1935 dates coins being the last 90% silver dollars ever minted for general circulation in the United States.

For more history on U.S. silver dollars, see Morgan Silver Dollars for sale.

Peace Silver Dollars are 90% silver and contain a little over three quarters of an ounce of silver.

The Peace Dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisci, who fashioned the obverse after the Statute of Liberty he had seen on his arrival in the United States from Sicily, Italy, drawing inspiration from his wife’e facial features.

Despite their beautiful appearance, Peace Dollars are considered “junk silver” meaning they are prized mostly for their silver content rather than for their numismatic value. Peace dollars can be purchased in bulk in bags of 100 coins or individually.

Uncirculated mint state 63 and mint state 64 graded Peace Dollars are also available for purchase.

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Peace Silver Dollar reverse

Peace Silver Dollar reverse

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Peace Silver Dollars not for you? Check out the Peace Dollar predecessor, the Morgan Silver Dollar, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins , Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins or American Silver Eagles.

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