Lessons for 2021

Fraud and Manipulation are Factors to Be Considered in Market, Legal and Political Analysis

There has been evidence of fraud and clear constitutional violations in the election procedures during the 2020 election that a rational analysis would conclude would not stand. We do not live however, in rational times. Rather, we live in controlled times.

We see this in markets where companies with no earnings obtain multi-billion dollar market caps and we reply this is “unsustainable” because once the “free market” realizes this, these companies will come crashing down. I have scoffed at this naïve point of view in recent years, noting that markets are held captive and are manipulated.

It appears in politics, courts and media establishments, the same dynamic is at play with main stream media and social media insisting there was no fraud in the 2020 election as a matter of undisputed fact. Social media companies like Twitter Facebook and YouTube flag posts and videos showing evidence of fraud and/or ban users who insist on posting such evidence.

Meanwhile, main stream media companies like CNN, MSNBC Washington Post and NY Times report that people challenging election results on constitutional and/or fraud grounds are a “threat to our democracy” “seditious” or indeed “traitors”.

The suppression by social media and main stream media of the Hunter Biden lap top story and criticism and or analysis of Covid 19 vaccine and treatments, mortality data, mask and lock down efficacy, highlight the trend of a monolithic controlling social media/ MSM in partnership with governments and large corporations.
(n.b. “essential businesses” that are allowed to remain open during the lockdowns are defined in favor of large businesses and state run operations vs. smaller mom and pop establishments).

With the foregoing in mind, my 2021 analysis of markets, economics and politics will take on board fully the “evidence” that we have that actors at the highest levels of all institutions that are either compromised and/or simply going along as they benefit socially and economically for doing so. This dynamic will change, otherwise rational analysis outcomes, in some cases resulting in exact opposite conclusions.

As my market analysis re gold, silver and cryptocurrency in recent years has been based not purely on traditional market indicators, but also on the influences of manipulators and governments working to obtain a desired outcome, so shall my political analysis include the potential for irrational legal and political outcomes based on the influences of systemic fraud that appear to be endemic at all levels of our institutions.

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