The Danger of Narratives

We have endured years of mis/disinformation from both sides for years. “Russian Collusion” and “Trust the Plan” illustrate that people are willing to believe unsubstantiated nonsense as long as it supports their beliefs and desired outcomes.

When I started Smaulgld as a gold and silver analyst, I noted confirmation bias was strong. “End of dollar hegemony” “Gold Backed Yuan” “Gold $20,000” “JP Morgan Buying Silver Eagles!” “Buy a House with 200 ounces of silver by 2015!” were slogans that people repeated and fervently believed – often to their financial detriment.
Undying belief in narratives is destructive, intellectually, economically and emotionally. Currently, lines are being drawn politically. The left is insisting that Trump and his supporters are Nazis and the right are insistent that the left are all communist control freaks.

The left’s belief in the false narrative that anything related to Trump is Nazi sedition has led to the type of Stalinist style censorship on social media and the calls of mainstream media outlets to ban alternative points of view.

While having engrained false narratives is dangerous enough, possessing the ability to act on those narratives can only lead to violence.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK

Big tech’s censorship of ANY mention of election fraud or Hunter Biden’s laptop act to infuriate those wishing to engage in discussion on those topics.

The Pence Card Was a Joker

Earlier this week we saw a storming of the capitol in Washington D.C. Some have posited that those engaged in the breaching of the Capitol Walls were Antifa/BLM. While there may have been people that were not Trump supporters who entered the Capitol unlawfully, it is almost certain Trump supporters were also involved.

Social media companies and main stream media are intent on using this episode as “evidence” of the seditious nature of Trump and Trump supporters. That excuse is being used to ban the President of the United States from virtually all social media platforms and calls for his impeachment by political “leaders”. Because of the immense power of social media (big tech) and main stream media, they are able to not only use their dominion over their own monopoly platforms to censor individuals, but to exert influence over other companies that compete with them.

Twitter competitors Gab and Parler have been the target of these far left narrative pushing social media and main stream media outlets with calls for and actions resulting in the shutting off Gab and or Parler’s cloud service from Amazon, domain hosting, PayPal and Visa payment processing services.

Social Media platforms’ (Youtube, Facebook and Twitter) fanatical pursuit of shutting down Trump supporters by reminding them daily that there was no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election and censoring those who insist or even entertain otherwise, hasn’t changed the minds of those believing what they deemed to be evidence of fraud. Indeed, it strengthens their resolve. In response to such censorship you often hear the censored repeat the military phrase – “I wouldn’t be taking much flak if I wasn’t over the target”.

When big tech and main stream media insist not only on banning people holding views that there was evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, but also labelling them as seditious traitors, it’s not surprising that some Trump supporters would be enraged enough to try to breach the Capitol grounds.

The attempt to censor individuals and platforms for holding opposing views is not the way to win hearts and minds and indeed only further entrenches points of view and may inevitably lead to violence.
Violence is the language of the voiceless and marginalized.

Imagine, if after the killing of George Floyd and the calls to end systemic racism were met uniformly across social media and mainstream media with an insistence that there is no systemic racism (according to experts and fact checkers!) and that anyone expressing that point of view would be banned and their posts, tweets and videos removed.

If people fervently believing in a narrative were willing to riots WITH the support of big tech, political leaders and multinational corporations, what will people convinced of their narrative do without such support?

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