Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth it?

Famous People Who Never Went To College

Drop out of school before your mind rots from our mediocre educational system. — Frank Zappa
I think that risk-taking is intelligent. When you do things you normally don’t do, you learn about yourself — you change, and you evolve. Change is important. — Heidi Klum*, model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer and television producer

What do the following brands have in common?: Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Gateway, McDonalds, Wendy’s, In-N-Out Burger, Subway, Napster, Blackberry, Ford, Dreamworks, Mrs.Fields Cookies, Famous Amos Cookies and Kroger Supermarkets.

Need more hints? add these brands: Tumblr, Whole Foods, Disney, Virgin, Chiquita, Loews Movie Theaters, MGM movie studios, Boston Chicken, Hearst, Getty (could there be a more acquisitive name?), Pixar, Jet Blue, Oglivy & Mather, Oreck, IKEA, Chun King, Jenos, Omniture and United Artists.

More?: Best Buy, CNN, TBS, Gucci, Samsonite, Puma, Christie’s & Sotheby’s auctions, Conair, Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Foundation,, Rolls Royce, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Vidal Sassoon, Enterprise Rent a Car, Amway, Reader’s Digest, Wrigleys and TWA.

Answer: They were either founded, co founded, owned or operated by people who either never attended or ever finished college** Life in the 20th and 21st Century as we know it would be far different but for the existence of these brands. In addition to the list of iconic brands above, imagine life without light bulbs, electrical power, recorded music and motion pictures – all invented by a guy who never attended college: home schooled Thomas Edison.

Too many people are going to college. Many without even knowing why. Not enough high school graduates are examining alternative career paths. They have been sold on the conventional wisdom that college is essential to a successful career. This wisdom is being challenged and found often to be unwise.

The high price of college and crushing debt loads may force high school graduates to think differently about how they receive an education and plan for a career- thoughts that may not include college – and that will be a good thing.

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*Heidi Klum never attended college
**Fred Deluca, founder of Subway eventually graduated from the University of Bridgeport after his Subway franchise was successful.
Source:The College Drop Outs Hall of Fame

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