In Case You Missed It – Week Ended March 5, 2016

In Case You Missed It – Week Ended March 5, 2016.

Stories from the week ended March 5, 2016.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won the bulk of the presidential primaries and caucuses. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders won a few and Marco Rubio won one. Mitt Romney gave a speech attacking Donald Trump and a former aid to Hillary Clinton was granted immunity relating to the FBI investigation into her use of a private server to conduct her affairs as Secretary of State.

In economic news, oil regained its footing amidst continued chatter about an oil production freeze.

Gold and silver

Gold closed last week at $1221.80 and closed this week at $1259.10
Silver closed last week at $14.67 and closed this week at $15.51

The gold and silver ratio ended the week at 83:1

The Lowest Cost. Period.

Chart of the Week

Brexit fears boost gold

brexit and gold

Brexit fears have driven the British Pound lower and gold higher.

Here are the stories we wrote, followed or commented on.

WE Missed it!

From the week ended February 27, 2015:


Citbank Sued for $1.1 Billion in losses

February 28, 2016

February 29, 2016

Silver and Gold

We reported on the record American Silver Eagle sales at the U.S. Mint in February and provided a full review of U.S. Mint gold and silver sales

Sales of American Silver Eagles Smash February Record

silver eagle sales 1986-2007 vs 2016

February 2016 sales of American Silver Eagles outpaced the annual sales of each year from 1986 to 2007.


UK Guardian Expresses Doubts Over Gold Rally

Gold Miners on Course for best month since 1998

India and Gold

India Imposes sales tax on top of record duty on gold

Prompting Indian jewelers to go on strike!


UK government warns Brexit could lead to decade of uncertainty

U.S. Economic Data

Pending Home Sales -2.5%, Exp. 0.5%

Pending home sales hit one year low but reports Reuters HOUSING STILL RECOVERING

Chicago PMI 47.6, Exp. 52.5

Dallas Fed: -31.8, Exp.-30.0, Last -34.6

US Mint Sales Update

U.S. Mint sold 782,000 American Silver Eagles & 9,000 American Gold Eagles today.

YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 10,736,500/American Gold Eagles sold 156,500.

MTD Silver Eagles sold 4,782,000 silver eagles, a February record
MTD Gold Eagles sold 67,500

The US Mint sold 2,000 American Gold Buffalo coins today- MTD 19,000 YTD 53,000

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March 1, 2016

Silver and Gold

We reported on the Perth Mint Silver and Gold Sales in February

Perth Mint Silver Sales Top One Million Ounces For the Six Month In A Row

perth mint silver sales january 2015 - 2016

Perth Mint silver sales continue to hop along off the back of the new silver Australian Kangaroo coin.


COMEX Gold Volume Rises 50% to largest Highest amount in February on record

Central Banks on Longest Gold Buying Spree Since 1965

Gold Bar woth $50,000 found under bath tub

Fed Chatter

NY Fed President Dudley sees risks in the economy “on balance, I am somewhat less confident than I was before.”

US Economic Data

ISM Mfg: 49.5, Exp. 48.5, Last 48.2
Construction Spending 1.5%, Exp. 0.3%, Last 0.6%


United Arab Emirates urges production freeze for oil producers

Russian President Putin Says Oil Producing Nations Agree Not to Increase Production in 2016

Fed Chatter

Alan Greenspan issues negative outlook re the economy; comes out against negative interest rates

March 2, 2016

Silver and Gold

Smaulgld was on the Daily Coin discussing the gold and silver markets

Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint


Barrick Gold minter soars 74% in 2016

Societe General gives three reasons to sell gold

Gold and platinum discovered in south-east Irish streams

WSJ: Donald Trump – Good For #Gold? Some observers say yes

Nanotechnology determine what makes gold special


China’s bonds cut from stable to negative by Moody’s rating agency


China to Manage Russian Euro bond offering

US Economic Data

ADP 214K, Exp. 190K Manufacturing down 9K


Venezuela says upcoming oil meeting will discuss freeze and possible further actions

Fed Chatter

San Francisco Fed President said the US Economny will “power ahead” says that his view on the number of rate hikes this year has not changed

Gold and Silver

CNBC Trading Nation: Metals mystery The “mystery” is why gold is out performing silver now

Smaulgld explains why here

March 3, 20165


Another Mexican primary silver miner reports record silver mining production in 2015.

Great Panther Reports Record 2015 silver mining production up 25% over 2014


India and Gold
India’s Love affair with gold tested

Indian governmnet to launch third tranche of gold monetization scheme

OH CANADA! Canada sells the rest of its small remaining gold reserves

Real Estate

House flipping hits ten year high “as confidence in the housing recovery spreads”

U.S. Economic Data

Initial Claims 278K, Exp. 270K

SM Non-Mfg 53.4, Exp. 53.1, Last 53.5

Markit Service PMI 49.7, Exp. 50.0, Last 49.9

Negative Interest Rates

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon says negative interest rates unlikely in the US

Fed Chatter

Dallas Federal Reserve President urges “Patience” on Further Rate Hikes

U.S. Mint sold 263,500 American Silver Eagles & no American Gold Eagles today.

YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 11,000,000/American Gold Eagles sold 156,500.

MTD Silver Eagles sold 263,500 silver eagles
MTD Gold Eagles sold 0

The US Mint sold no American Gold Buffalo coins today- MTD 0 YTD 53,000

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March 4, 2016


Blackrock Temporarily Suspends issuance of new shares of gold ETF IAU

Miners see glimmer of hope

Canada Sells all its gold except 77 ounces (related to blackrock?)

India and Gold

India plans third round of gold monetization scheme

Silver and Gold

Endeavour Silver to buy True Gold Mining Company

Pan American Silver acquire shares in Kootenay Silver

Central Banks

Swiss National Bank Loses $23 Billion

US Economic Data

February Non Farm Payroll 240K vs Exp 180. wages decline. December and January NFP revised higher

US Trade deficit widens as exports fall to five and a half year low

U.S. Mint sold no American Silver Eagles & 1,000 American Gold Eagles today.

YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 11,000,000/American Gold Eagles sold 157,500.

MTD Silver Eagles sold 263,500
MTD Gold Eagles sold 1,000

The US Mint sold no American Gold Buffalo coins today- MTD 0 YTD 53,000

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