How QE Causes Millennials and Senior Citizens to Compete for Jobs

QE Causes Millennials and Senior Citizens to Compete For Jobs

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Millennials, Senior Citizen and The Federal Reserve

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Podcast Summary:

0:00-2:45 Intro

2:45-4:25 Review of what the Fed Presidents are saying.

4:25-9:30-How the Fed communicates their position to control interest rates and the dollar; why the Fed may be serious this time about tapering; discussion of Janet Yellen’s comments on QE; at what price could the Fed sell the securities they bought during QE over the past five years and to whom; discussion of the impact of the poor jobs report on interest rates and the Fed’s position on tapering; blaming the weather!

9:30-12:40 the Fed’s taper plans and its impact on interest rates, mandatory retirement accounts to cover short fall in QE purchases.

12:40 – 14:15 further discussion of Janet Yellen’s comments on QE

14:15-18:05 the impact of five years of QE on millennials; senior citizens in the work place competing with millennials because of lack of fixed income on investment due to QE; how raising the minimum wage would further harm job seeker.

18:05-20:50 how the new qualified residential mortgage rules may harm the real estate market; how congress and the Fed may work together;can the economy sustain higher interest rates if they are “historically low”.

20:50-26:00 discussion of the low inventory/low sales higher prices real estate market; why the stock market is rising even though revenues are not rising at a similar pace; will the banks lend out some of their excess reserves and cause inflation?;how the Fed controls interest rates and the money supply.

26:00 – 32:45 the impact of Obama care, student loans, QE and the economy on millennials; the deficiency of a college education in preparing graduates for a job; discussion of the advantages of homeschooling and a free market driven diverse set of educational choices.

32:45-35:45 unemployment benefits, how people vote for government benefits; discussion of capitalism, fascism and millennials’ view of economic systems; how lack of opportunity for millennials will impact the economy and housing market.

35:45 – 37:00 how regulations harm markets.

37:00-38:55 how market intervention begets more market intervention that makes things worse (like botched plastic surgery).

38:55-43:40 how a Fed taper schedule might look and how markets and businesses might react; why the Fed would not defer to the markets; why inaction is sometimes better than action.

43:40-45:00 the public’s ignorance of the Fed and its function.

45:00 how economic knowledge would help realtors advise their clients better; the low sales volume housing “recovery”.

49:55-discussion of whether higher interest rates would harm the housing market and the economy.

52:50 the lack of millennial household formation; the importance of what is said vs. who says it; our listeners are the best!

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