Frontier Airlines to Charge Extra for Over Head Bin Storage – But Don’t Call it Inflation

Frontier Airlines to Charge for Overhead Bin Storage

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Frontier Airlines Monetizes Its Overhead Expenses by Charging for Overhead Bin Space on it Flights

The cost of flying with Frontier Airlines just got more expensive.

Frontier Airline announced today that it will charge for overhead bin storage on flights.

Frontier airlines will be charging $20 if you book your overhead bin online or are a frequent flier. It will cost $25 for everyone else unless you decide at the airport (or were unaware of the charge before you got to the airport) that you want to store your bag above your seat- that will cost you $35. If you fail to book your bin in advance or at the check in counter, Frontier Airlines will charge $50 at the gate.

You can still stuff your bag under your seat if it fits free of charge – for now. Unlimited trips up and down the aisle also appear to remain free.

Last year Frontier Airlines introduced surcharges for carry on luggage and beverage services.

The overhead bin surcharge will add to the cost of travel, but of course, it won’t be considered price inflation because the Consumer Price Index covers airline tickets only, even though airline are making an increasing percentage of their revenues from charges other than ticket sales.

What’s included in the Consumer Price Index? Click here to find out.

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