The Fed Grades its own Tests, Issues Its Own Report Card

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Podcast Summary:

0:00 – 7:05 Introduction

The Fed Is Grading Its Own Tests/Issuing its Own Report Card

7:05-8:50 The Fed will make up their own narrative to match what they want their policy to be. Discussion of how the GDP was driven higher by military spending and how a higher GDP “validates” the Fed’s pre-election interpretation that the economy is doing fine and quitting quantitative easing (QE) made sense. Print $4 trillion, just stop and everything is fixed.

The Media Joins in the “Robust Jobs Market/Economy” Chorus to Validate the End of QE

8:50-12:10 Discussion of the media reaction to the ending of QE, the initial jobless claims and the third quarter GDP reading. Not mentioned the sad state of the housing market which was supposed to be a direct beneficiary of QE. Only the stock market is doing well.

Praise for Initial Jobless Claims Numbers

Fewer people in the labor force, fewer people left to fire, more part time jobs

Praise for the GDP

All Leads to “Growing Confidence” in the Economy

But It’s All Part of a False Narrative – A Pause in QE to Gain Credibility

There was a pause between QE1 and QE2 and a Pause between QE 2 and QE3

Greenspan – QE Didn’t Work – Buy Gold

12:10-14:45 discussion of Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s comments to the Council on Foreign Relations. Greenspan was right about gold before he was Chairman of the Fed and now that he is out he is right again. Discussion of how the perpetrators of the economic disasters point fingers at everyone but themselves and the no information voters believe anything.

Hillary and Lizzie

Businesses Don’t Create Jobs From Companies They Didn’t Build

14:45 -25:20 the statements on the economy of two leading candidates for President are discussed.


Lizzie Warren – You Didn’t Build That

and Dumber

Hilary Clinton- Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

Is the U.S. Economy Really Better Off Than Other Economies?

Save our Swiss Gold/Central Bank and The Federal Reserve Functions


The US economy is discussed vs other economies. Is the difference just a matter of the amount of QE the Fed has done? The Save Our Swiss Gold initiative is discussed.

National identity is discussed vs Euro identity. Can’t be Scottish but must be part of the United Kingdom. Can’t be German, must be European.

Keynesian and stimulus economics is discussed. The current mainstream thinking is that printing money works. If so the Fed missed the entire period from 1913-2008 to print dollars. The monetizing of debt and auditing the Fed is discussed.

Phones For Homes

34:00- 38:45 discussion of government programs and a proposal for a new one. Now that QE has been proven to be a success and doesn’t cause inflation, the Fed will be emboldened to do it again. Discussion of the creation of the legacy of Alan Greenspan. Discussion of the gold and silver markets.

Hillary or Rand in 2016?

38:45-43:35 discussion of the Republican and Democratic potential Presidential nominees

Rand Paul may be acceptable as long as he supports the industrial military complex. A trick on the libertarians. Every President does the exact opposite of what they say they are going to do “I’ll close Guantanamo Bay”

Presidents Don’t Get Paid Per Speech When They Are President- It Must Piss Them Off

43:45-4 discussion of the hardship finances of out going Presidents like the Clintons. Discussion of the difficulties in maintaining a constitutional government that is spread out across a continent with 400 million people and a massive Federal budget. Discussion of the principles of democracy. You need the government to go on a picnic. QE is “trickle down” economics so are food stamps. Minimum wage should be raised to $150 and everyone should get food stamps.

Businesses Don’t Create Jobs From Companies They Didn’t Build

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