Perth Mint Sells Nearly 1 Million Ounces of Silver in October

Reverse of a Perth Mint silver kangaroo coin

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in October were 999,425 ounces, up 43% from September 2017 sales of 697,849 ounces. Year over year October 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were down 7.8% from October 2016 sales of 1,084,213 ounces. October Perth Mint sales of 999,425 ounces were slightly lower than October U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Read More →

American Gold Buffalo Sales Show Some Life in October

October sales of American Gold Buffalo coins 2006 - 2017

October Sales of American Gold Buffalo Coins down 75% from October 2016. U.S. Mint Sold 7,000 24K one ounce gold coins in October vs. 28,500 sold in October 2016. October sales were an improvement from September sales of 1,500. Total American Gold Buffalo and American Gold Eagle Sales were 22,500 ounces in October down 89% Read More →

Swiss National Bank Increases Mining Share Holdings, Slows Purchases of FANG, Unicorn Stocks

Swiss National Bank Unicorn stocks 9.30.17.with image

Swiss National Bank Mining Portofolio Shares and Value Increase in 3rd Quarter. SNB adds back shares in nearly all of its mining holdings. SNB slows purchases of its Unicorn and Fang stocks. SNB owns approximately $3.3 billion in Apple, $1.7 billion in Amazon, $1.6 billion in Facebook, $170m in Newmont Mining and $150 million in Read More →

Chinese Central Bank Governor Warns Again of Financial Crisis Risk

Chinese debt warning

More cracks appear in China’s economy and another warning from a People’s Bank of China governor. Gold Backed Yuan Story Continues to be Peddled. The Economy of China is Based on the Dollar. Counterfeit Royal Canadian Mint gold sold at Royal Bank of Canada. South Korea to Regulate Bitcoin as a Commodity. CME Group Announces Read More →

American Gold Eagle Sales Nudge Higher in October

American Gold Eagle Sales By Month 2016 v 2017 through October

American Gold Eagle Sales Bounce Slightly Off the Bottom. U.S. Mint sold 11,000 one ounce American Gold Eagles in October up from 8,000 sold in September. One ounce American Gold Eagle sales were down 89% in October from October 2016 sales of 100,500. Total number of American Gold Eagles sold in October were 45,000 including Read More →


Analyzing each piece of “news” from the perspective of its impact on gold often leads to faulty conclusions and wildly incorrect predictions. Smaulgld discusses on Wall Street for Main Street You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE to open a coin base account and get $10 of free Bitcoin.* Check out Read More →

CME Group, Owner of COMEX, Says Bitcoin is a Store of Value

Bitcoin image

The CME Group has a pending application with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to list a Bitcoin futures contract. Start up Ledger X began trading Bitcoin futures as the first US regulated cryptocurrency exchange last month. The CME Group says its their turn comparing Bitcoin to Gold. Also watch the video companion to this Read More →

American Silver Eagle Sales Rebound Sharply From September Lows

October Sales of American Silver Eagles 1987 - 2017

October American Silver Eagle Sales Spike 225% from September Sales of 320,000. U.S. Mint Sold 1,040,000 American Silver Eagles in October. Sales of American Silver Eagles fell 73% from 3,825,000 sold in October 2016. October 2017 sales of American Silver Eagles were lowest October sales since October 2007. Click to View The American Eagle Sales Read More →

Chinese Central Bank Governor Warns on China’s Growing Debt Pile

Chinese debt warning

People’s Bank of China’s Governor warns of potential sharp correction and Minsky Moment. Venezuela lets $1.7 billion gold swap with Deutsche Bank Lapse. China Issues $2 billion in Dollar Denominated Bonds – 11X Oversubscribed. China hopes its State Owned Enterprised US Dollar borrowing costs will be lowered. China to purchase 24% of all Chinese residential Read More →

Forget the Petro Yuan, Here Comes the Dollar Backed Yuan!

Composition of Foreign Reserves 2016 - 2017

China Issues $2 Billion in Dollar Denominated Bonds. China Boosts its U.S. Treasury Holdings to $1.2 Trillion in 2017. The Yuan’s percentage of foreign transactions and reserves remains miniscule. Video Commentary to “Forget the Petro Yuan, Here Comes the Dollar Backed Yuan!” Also watch on Bitchute and Vidme below You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Read More →