Why Gold and Silver Are Stuck in a Tight Trading Range

One year silver price june 1 2018

Equilibrium in the Economy and Politics Hold Gold and Silver Back. Trump Calls off North Korean Summit- Summit Back on. IG Report on Clinton email investigation due out this week. Deutsche Bank lays off 10,000 employees. U.S Unemployment rate at 3.8%. US Oil Output jumps to Record. Cryptocurrencies: Hodl or Spendl? Trade Wars Heating up? Read More →

Russian Gold Reserves Top 1900 Tons

Central Bank of Russia Gold Reserves June 2015 - April 2018

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves Rise to 1909.75 Tons in April. Russian gold reserves are the fifth largest in the world. Russia added 600,000 ounces of gold (18.6620861 tons) to reserves in April. Russia added a record 224 tons of gold to reserves in 2017. Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added Read More →

New York Crypto Conference Fails to Provide Price Boost

Bitcoin image

Twitter Boss Pumps Bitcoin at Consensus 2018. Bitcoin to get high speed trading. Second largest German Stock Exchange to begin crypto trading. Trump tweet storm slams direction of Mueller probe. IG report on FBI/DOJ Handling of Clinton email criminal investigation ready. Dollar Continues to Rise; Gold & Silver Fall. Russia & China Add Treasuries to Read More →

Russian Internet Troll Farm To Mueller – Prosecute US!

Russian Troll

Is the Mueller Investigation Winding Down Just as the IG Report is Set to be Published. LOWER inflation blamed for higher gold prices. Report:FBI Planted a Mole in the Trump Campaign. Cryptos fall on Upbit raid, Mt. Gox selling. Eyes on Consensus Crypto Convention in NYC this week. Poverty Makes You Dumber. North Korea to Read More →

Warren Buffett – Bitcoin is Rat Poison Squared.

Bitcoin with rat poison

Buffet’s sidekick, Munger calls Bitcoin a turd, gold investors jerks. Goldman to launch crypto related products. Nasdaq mulls crytpo trading, Mueller questions for Trump leak. Judge rebukes Mueller Team on Manafort, requests supporting documentation for scope of authority. GOP to impeach Rosenstein and Sessions? Xi says Marxism still ‘totally correct’ for China. Kazakhstan gold reserves Read More →

Indian Silver Imports Spike 67% in January and February

Indian Silver Imports 1999 - 2018 through February

India imported nearly 882 tons (28,356,958 ounces) of silver in January and February. Indian silver imports were 317 tons (10,191,786 ounces) in January and 564.963 tons (18,165,172 ounces) in February. January and February 2017 Indian silver imports 525.699 tons (16,911,292 ounces), 363 tons (11,670,721 ounces) in January and 162.699 tons (5,230,894) in February. January 2018 Read More →

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Rise 64% in March

March Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals 2008 - 2018

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Were 193 Tons in March. Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals rose 64% in March to 192.614 tons up from 118.424 tons in February. Shanghai Gold Exchange March withdrawals were the second highest March total in the exchange’s history. Donate To Smaulgld.com via paypal You can compare pricing and shipping charges on American Read More →

Kazakh Gold Reserves Draw Even With United Kingdom’s

Central Bank of Kazakhstan gold reserves 2015 - 2018 through March

The National Bank of Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Top 310 Tons. Total Kazakhstan gold reserves stood at 310.1016637 tons at the end of March 2018. Kazakhstan gold reserves are just .2 tons lower than the 310.3 tons held by the United Kingdom. Gold constituted 43% of Kazakhstan’s overall official reserve assets as of March 31, 2018. Read More →

U.S. to Become World’s Largest Oil Exporter

Shale oil rig

U.S. Oil Production Surges to Largest in World End of Korean War? Leaders of North and South Korea meet. Alt coins surge, led by EOS, Cardano and Stellar. China’s Social Credit System gaining exposure Kanye West Defends Candice Owen and Donald Trump. Obamagate? Vanilla More Expensive Than Silver. Gold Finding Drone. New! 1oz Silver Bullion Read More →

Russia Slows Gold Additions Pace in March

Gold reserves by country - top ten April 24 2018

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves Rise to 1891.091 Tons in March. Russian gold reserves are the fifth largest in the world. Russia added 300,000 ounces of gold (9.331043 tons) to reserves in March. Russia added a record 224 tons of gold to reserves in 2017. Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added Read More →