China To Issue U.S. Dollar Bonds Worth $2 Billion This Week

Yuan and Dollars

China Will Issue Dollar Denominated Sovereign Bond On October 26. First Chinese Dollar Denominated Bonds in 13 years. While alternative financial media is focused on fantasies of a Gold Backed Yuan & the End of the Petro Dollar, China is Issuing a Dollar Denominated Bond and adding U.S. Treasuries to Her Reserves Headlines: China to Read More →

It’s Been a Year Since People’s Bank of China Added Gold To Reserves

People's Bank of China Gold Reserves - 2009 - September 2017

People’s Bank of China Added No Gold to Reserves in September. The People’s Bank of China has not added any gold to reserves since they were admitted to the SDR in October 2016. Total reported People’s Bank of China gold reserves stand at 1842.6 tonnes – same as October 2016. PBOC foreign reserves rose for Read More →

Why it’s Going to Take Years to Internationalize the Chinese Yuan

yuan denied

China’s Gradual Internationalization of the Yuan. Chinese internal debt stands at 300% of GDP Before Unfunded Social Security Obligations. Mike Maloney of calls out Smaulgld! The problem with analyzing soley from the gold perspective. 2+2=GOLD Honest money must be surrounded honest narratives and reporting. Regulated Bitcoin futures trading begins. Russia makes huge gold purchase Read More →

Bitcoin Derivative Trading Has Arrived

Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio

Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives Platform Launches. LedgerX, the First Federally Regulated Cryptocurrency Clearing House and Exchange is Open for Business. During LedgerX’s first week soft launch over $1 million worth of cryptocurrency swaps and options were traded. From October 18- 21, Bitcoin rose from $5,150 to $6,150, while most alt coins, like Litecoin fell. Correlation or Read More →

Russia Steps Up Gold Purchases With Massive Buy in September

Russian Annual gold reserves additions 2006- 2017 through September

Russia Adds 1,100,000 Ounces of Gold To Reserves in September. Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added about 500 tons of gold to reserves. September’s 34.21382 ton gold addition bring Russia’s Central Bank holdings to 1,779 tons; the sixth most of any nation, close behind the People’s Bank of China. Overall Russian Read More →

Can China’s Gold Save it from a Debt Collapse?

Chinese Gold Holdings vs Chinese Debt

China’s Debt Monster Threatens Not Only Itself But The Entire Global Financial System Do Chinese Gold Reserves Provide Adequate Insurance? Chinese Debt to GDP is over 300% Future Growth Plans Rely on MORE Debt Chinese debt is so bad that even Chinese bankers now say it’s a ‘bubble’ Also watch the companion video on on Read More →

Chinese Holdings of U.S Treasuries Soar in 2017

Chinese Holdings of US Treasuries August 2015- August 2017

Chinese Treasury Holdings Surge to $1.2 Trillion in August – a 12 Month High. Russian U.S. Treasury Holdings up 41% since October 2016 (+$31 billion); at Highest Level since September 2014. Chinese US Treasury Holdings are up $151.2 billion since October 2016- The Last Month the People’s Bank of China Added Gold to Reserves. Brazil, Read More →

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Spike in September

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals 2008 - 2017 (through September)

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals rose 33% in September to 214.24 tons up from 161.405 tons in August. Shanghai Gold Exchange September withdrawals were also up 25% from 171 tons withdrawn in September 2016. Through September 2017, gold withdrawals were at the third highest level compared to prior years totals through September. Watch the Video of Read More →

August Indian Silver Imports Equal 2017 U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Production

Indian Annual Silver Imports 1999 -2017 August

Indian Silver Imports Soared 139% in August. Indian silver imports were 495.56 tons (15,932,624 ounces) in August. August 2017 Indian silver imports were up 139% from 207 tons in August 2016. August silver imports were up 52% from 327 tons imported in July. Indian Imports of 3,468 tons of silver in the first eight months Read More →

Indian Gold Imports Swell To Nearly 1.5 Million Ounces in August

Indian Gold Imports July 2014 - August 2017

India imported 45.871 (1,474,786 ounces) of gold in August. Indian gold imports in August were up 76% from 26 tons imported in August 2016. August import gold imports were down 24% from July’s imports of 60.542 tons. Preliminary September Indian gold imports were 48 tons, up 13% from September 2016 imports of 42.4 tons. Watch Read More →