I Hope and Don’t Believe There Will be Another Financial Crisis in Our Lifetimes

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Expresses Hope and Belief there will be no Financial Crisis. Yellen echoes other “timely’ predictions: “Peace in our time” “This time is different” and “A record to stand for all time”. Trump Goes on a Media Bashing Spree. Gold posts first monthly loss this year. Gold sales at U.S. Mint drop Read More →

American Gold Buffalo Sales Near Extinction

American Buffalo

June Sales of American Gold Buffalo Coins down 86% from June 2016. U.S. Mint Sold 2,000 24K one ounce gold coins in June. Total American Gold Buffalo and American Gold Eagle Sales were 8,000 ounces in June down from 88,000 ounces in June 2016 or down 91%. The U.S. Mint sold 2,000 one ounce American Read More →

Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio Charts

Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio

Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio Plummets. Natural BTC/LTC Ratio is 4:1 based on mining limits of Litecoins (84m) to Bitcoins (21m). Current ratio of Litecoins available to Bitcoins is about 3.2 to 1. The Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio Litecoin is much more similar to Bitcoin than silver is to gold, so the BTC/LTC ratio may be more relevant Read More →

Supreme Court: Offensive Speech Ban Offends the Constitution


Supreme Court Rules Hate Speech Can Not be Banned by Patent Office. Are we moving to a Trustless Society- Where Code is Law? Italian Banks in Trouble. Florida Man to be fined $120 million for Robocalls. India Legalizes Bitcoin. U.S. Mint sales remain dismal, Cryptocurrency trading volumes remain robust. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Read More →

How Central Banks Intend To Fight CryptoCurrencies

digital currencies bitcoin litecoin monero ethereum

The President of the Deutsche Bundesbank Has Some Ideas on How To Stop Cryptocurrencies. Remarks to Bundesbank Policy Symposium in a Speech “Frontiers in Central Banking – Past, Present and Future” contain clues of the battleplan. What if they fail? You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE to open a coin Read More →

Central Bank of Russia Gold Reserves Surge Again in May

Russian Flag

Central Bank of Russia Continues to Boost Overall Reserves. Central Bank of Russia Adding Gold AND U.S. Treasuries. Central Bank of Russia Added 700,000 Ounces (21.77 tonnes) (worth $875m) of Gold To Reserves in May. Russian Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Top $100 Billion – Highest Since November 2014. Russia’s central bank holdings were at 1,708 Read More →

Is the Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio Too High?


The Bitcoin Litecoin ratio far exceeds the relative supply of Bitcoin to Litecoin Litecoin is more similar to Bitcoin than silver is to gold. The Bitcoin Litecoin ratio is 58 to 1 and the Gold Silver Ratio is 75 to 1. Is the Bitcoin to Litecoin Ratio Out of Whack? Does the Gold Silver Ratio Read More →

Gold’s Remarkable Store of Value Shown in Charts

Gold price ten years 2008 -2017 ten years

Gold is a Store of Value If gold is viewed as a store of value and portfolio insurance rather than a speculative asset, it shines brightly. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE to open a coin base account and get $10 of free Bitcoin.* Gold is a store of value. Read More →

Notice a Central Bank Pattern?

Federal Reserve Logo

Central Banks World Wide Maintain Ultra Loose Monetary Policies – Except One. Bank of England leaves bank rate at 0.25%, maintains government bond purchases at £435bn and corporate bond purchases at £10bn Bank of Japan maintains pledge to keep short-term interest rates at minus 0.1%; rules out reducing its massive stimulus program. Swiss National Bank Read More →

Cryptocurrencies – Fiat Killers or Strengtheners?

ethereum accepted here

Do privately issued cryptocurrencies threaten fiat currencies or do they strengthen and complement fiat currencies? Smaulgld Speculation Series – Episode 1 The purpose of this series is to throw out ideas that are not fully thought through and to have Smaulgld subscribers comment, discuss and debate them. Competing Currencies Most countries today have legal tender Read More →