Gold Backed Yuan With Out the Gold Launches

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Gold Down, Dollar Up as Gold’s Game Changer Launches. Dollar Hegemoans Higher. New! 1oz Silver Bullion Cryptocurrency Rounds .999 Fine! Litecoin Silver Rounds Bitcoin Silver Rounds Ethereum Rounds Monero Silver Rounds ZCash Silver Rounds Ripple Silver Rounds NEO Silver Rounds Watch the Video Commentary to “Gold Backed Yuan With Out the Gold Launches” or Watch Read More →

Will 2018 Be The Year of a World Currency?

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1988 Economist Cover Back in Focus. 100 million tons silver reserve found in China. Bernanke Banker Coin, Ripple pauses its ascent. Venezuela runs out of gasoline. Gold in Record Run! Fed’s Powell- We Boost (Rig) Markets. Global Debt hit a record $233T. Yuan denominated Oil Futures Contract said near ready to launch- NO mention of Read More →

Sun Tzu Accounting: Debt = Equity

Dollar investment in china

China Unexpectedly to Allow Majority Ownership of Chinese Companies to Foreigners. Chinese Perpetual Bonds Hide Debt Issuances by Labelling them as Equity. Venezuela Defaults. China and Russia plan billion dollar gold deals. Golkad Backed Yuan Source found! Bitcoin Plummets as Bitcoin Cash Soars. Gold price hit with $4 billion sell order. Guess which country has Read More →

Chinese Central Bank Governor Warns Again of Financial Crisis Risk

Chinese debt warning

More cracks appear in China’s economy and another warning from a People’s Bank of China governor. Gold Backed Yuan Story Continues to be Peddled. The Economy of China is Based on the Dollar. Counterfeit Royal Canadian Mint gold sold at Royal Bank of Canada. South Korea to Regulate Bitcoin as a Commodity. CME Group Announces Read More →


Analyzing each piece of “news” from the perspective of its impact on gold often leads to faulty conclusions and wildly incorrect predictions. Smaulgld discusses on Wall Street for Main Street You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE to open a coin base account and get $10 of free Bitcoin.* Check out Read More →

Chinese Central Bank Governor Warns on China’s Growing Debt Pile

Chinese debt warning

People’s Bank of China’s Governor warns of potential sharp correction and Minsky Moment. Venezuela lets $1.7 billion gold swap with Deutsche Bank Lapse. China Issues $2 billion in Dollar Denominated Bonds – 11X Oversubscribed. China hopes its State Owned Enterprised US Dollar borrowing costs will be lowered. China to purchase 24% of all Chinese residential Read More →

Forget the Petro Yuan, Here Comes the Dollar Backed Yuan!

Composition of Foreign Reserves 2016 - 2017

China Issues $2 Billion in Dollar Denominated Bonds. China Boosts its U.S. Treasury Holdings to $1.2 Trillion in 2017. The Yuan’s percentage of foreign transactions and reserves remains miniscule. Video Commentary to “Forget the Petro Yuan, Here Comes the Dollar Backed Yuan!” Watch Video on Bitchute and Vidme below You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Read More →

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Litecoin on the Rise

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Alternative Assets Soar as NASDAQ also hits new highs. Gold Backed Yuan Story dies an Ignominious Death. Strong week for gold and silver. As Bitcoin Hits New Highs Jamie Dimon Trashes it Again. Litecoin come back to Life Chinese Leaders begin their central planning meeting amid growing debt fears Trump guts Obamacare Smaulgld appears on Read More →

The Curious Case of the Gold Backed Yuan Story Just Got Curiouser

The Idea of a Chinese Yuan Oil Contract Convertible into Gold Predates the September 1 Nikkei Asian Review story. GoldMoney published an article on August 24 predicting that such a contract would be convertible into gold from the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The story shifted in mid September to “gold would be sourced from outside China” Read More →

Here Comes The Gold Backed Yuan – Without the Gold

China has Announced NO plans for a gold backed or redeemable Yuan. Since the appearance of the gold backed Yuan story in the Nikkei Asian Review NO Source of a Chinese announcement has been cited Many analysts and commentators have reported the story as something ‘China announced”. Recent variants of the “gold backed Yuan” story Read More →