Obama’s Immigration Reform Executive Action

Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

On November 20, 2014, President Obama issued an immigration executive action* by passing Congress

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Podcast Summary

0:00 -3:51 Introduction

Immigration Now, Immigration Tomorrow, Immigration Forever

Obama’s immigration reform executive action and the potential Republican response is discussed. The Republicans will talk about doing everything they can do to stop it, short of doing any thing that will stop it.

The GOP – A Party of Bluffers

The Republicans will not shut down the government over Obama’s executive action and argue that Obama already shut down the government by fundamentally changing the way a Constitutional government is supposed to work.


Republicans furiously issue statements, tweets and facebook status updates.

Advice for Republicans

Obama Mocks the GOP

.@SenJohnBarrasso The only reason Obama did what he did is because he KNOWS you guys will do absolutely nothing but complain on twitter

— Smaulgld(@Smaulgld) November 21, 2014

Republican Senator is Steadfast in his Opposition to Obama’s Executive Action

In the end, its a fake fight, nothing will happen and the action will stand

Pro Wrestling Without the Wrestling

Immigration reform is not at the top of most Americans’ list of national issues. Discussion of why politicians take action- to serve their special interests that get them or their party elected or re-elected.

Unless Congress challenges Obama, the constitution issue will not be adjudicated. History often looks kindly on Presidents that make bold moves, even if they are unconstitutional.

All this diverts attention from the economy, central bank shenanigans, Ukraine, ISIS, ebola. These issues still exist but coverage about them will fade.

Main stream media sets the agenda by choosing the news. Alternative media, merely responds.

Why Obama’s speech was not covered live by the main stream media – he might look bad.

Gruber Gate

15:00-17:44 Discussion of Grubergate and the lack of media coverage. A caution on trusting media for truth.

Dutch Repatriate 122.5 Tons of Gold

17:44 – 18:20 discussion of the Dutch announcement that they had repatriated 122.5 tons of their gold from the New York Federal Reserve.

Save Our Swiss Gold

18:20-19:15 discussion of the Swiss referendum that would required the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to repatriate their gold and to hold 20% of their reserves in gold. Discussion of how the main stream media covers the story- from the perspective of why the SNB is against it by incessantly interviewing representatives of the SNB.

The “Affordable” HealthCare Act

19:15-22:00 discussion of Obama care and the misinformation surrounding the act and how the act is a gift to the insurance companies.

The FOMC Minutes

22:00-23:30 discussion of the recent Federal Reserve meeting minutes and their view on interest rates and inflation. The U.S. is living off the fumes of a productive first half of the 20th century.

The U.S. Education System and Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

23:30-27:45 discussion of the value of going to college and what opportunities and hurdles exist in the market place for self employed people.

All government schools teach “How a Bill Becomes a Law” but few teach “How to Make a Profit”.

Discussion of the double standard of government and wall street regarding abiding by laws.

Un Profitable Companies are a Hit on Wall Street

27:45-32:39 discussion of how Wall Street investors reward unprofitable revenue growth. Discussion of Tony Robbins new book based on interviews of billionaires. Information is available, yet most people don’t access it.

Government is not the Solution its the Problem

32:39 -44:42 discussion of how “reforming” education of any other government service is not the best solution. School is a form of welfare.

A large government system is destined to produce mediocrity at best and decay over time. Discussion of Harvard Princeton and Yale and the entitlement mentality of some of their graduates.

The “genius of the people” is far preferable than turning problems over to government officials to solver them who probably have no work experience. Discussion of the ignorance of Hilary Clinton’s statement that businesses don’t create jobs.

44:42 discussion of the jobless claims and housing numbers. The term housing “recovery” is now being thrown around again. Nearly all the job growth is part time for people over 55 years of age or older. The media ignores this.

Discussion of the centrally planned manipulated economy. Discussion Japan’s “shock” that their currency has declined as a result of Abenomics. Discussion of Fed currency printing and European press envy.

Discussion of the possibility of lower lending standards to boost the housing market.

56:25 Final predictions on what the Republicans will do re Obama’s executive action on immigration. Perhaps Obama will issue an executive order keeping himself as President until 2020. The Republicans will talk and do nothing.

Obama’s Immigration Reform Executive Order

*there is a distincton between an executive action and an executive order

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