In Case You Missed It – Week Ended November 14, 2015

In Case You Missed It – Week Ended November 14, 2015.

Stories from the week ended November 14, 2015.

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The economic news of the week centered around U.S. data and Fed official speeches. Producer price inflation (negative) and retail sales (barely positive) were far below estimates. Yet, Fed officials are still promoting an interest rate hike in December, data dependent of course.

Last night news broke regarding a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France. – timeline of events

Gold closed last week at $1089.40 and closed this week at $1083.90

Silver closed last week at $14.74 and closed this week at $14.28

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Here are the stories we wrote, followed or commented on.

November 7, 2015



China adds fourteen tonnes of Gold to Reserves in October

Chinese Gold Reserves 2009-2015

Chinese gold reserves through October 2015

After adding 19.4 tonnes of gold to its reserves in July and 16.15 tonnes in August, 15 tonnes in September, China added 14 tonnes of gold to its reserves in October and has added over 64 tons of gold from July- October 2015, bringing its total gold reserves to 1722 tonnes.

Gold and Silver

The Perth Mint reported strong October gold and silver sales.

Perth Mint Silver Sales October 2014 – October 2015

Perth Mint silver sales chart 2014-2015

Perth Mint silver sales continued to hop along off the back of the new silver Australian Kangaroo coin.

The Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo.

perth mint silver kangaroo coins

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November 8, 2015


Excavation begins at Nazi Gold Train Polish site

Indian jewellers see flat gold sales this Dhanteras

November 9, 2015


Bank of America/Merril Lynch says silver could fall to $12 -citing weak investment demand

Federal Reserve

St. Louis Fed: NO CHANCE inflation will be out of control next year

Boston Fed President says December appropriate for rate hike

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Chinese Yuan/Swiss Franc to exchange trade directly avoiding US Dollar conversion


Gold headed for three year losing streak?

NY Times covers the Texas Gold Bullion Depository story

A short history of Arizona’s gold mines

November 10, 2015

Federal Reserve

San Francisco Fed President Williams says there is a case for December rate hike

Kaskari, critic of Fed easy money policy, to replace negative interest rate advocate Kocherlakota as head of Minneapolis Fed


Marketwatch: Gold rises on technical bounce/sentiment at five year low

Hedge funds cut long gold positions

U.S. Economic Data

US Wholesale inventories rise most in three months

David Stockman – Wholesale inventories have never been higher relative to sales


Why the Job Recovery Was and Still is a Farce

November 11, 2015


Gold Standard raised by Republican Presidential candiates during debate to dismay of economists and the Atlantic

U.S. Economy

Record Number of Young Women Living with Parents

Why the job recovery was and still is a farce

Real Estate

Mortgage Applications fall

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Smaulgld Sales Preview

November 12, 2015

Gold and Silver

U.S. Mint Sales

US Mint sold 11K American Gold Eagles & no American Silver Eagles today
MTD Sales Gold 24K
Silver 2,096,000
YTD Silver Eagles sold 41,938,500

Federal Reserve

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard – supports rate hike, worries about permazero rates

Fed Chair Janet Yellen – no comment on timing of a rate hike

Lacker –lone member who has voted for rate hikes this year, says Fed has ability to influence inflation but not real economic activity

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans- cautious on December rate hike;may need to be way into 2016 to justify rate hike;but may not dissent if other members for to hike

New York Fed President Dudley –strong Oct labor report points to December rate hike but “dependant on incoming data”

Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fisher- Waiting to raise rates helped to minimize dollar strength harm

U.S. Economic Data

Initial Jobless Claims 276K, Exp. 270K


Gold demand at two year high on bargain hunting

Gold demand up 8% in the third quarter year over year

Gold price drop causes gold panic buying spree

Gold sentiment near five year low

Cashless Society

Apple CEO: Next generation of kids won’t know what cash is

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November 13, 2015


The Gold Platinum Ratio soared as gold held steady and platinum plummeted.

gold platinum ratio November 2015

The gold platinum ratio topped 1.25:1 last week.

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U.S. Economic Data

Retail Sales 0.1%, Exp. 0.3%
Ex-Auto: 0.2%, Exp. 0.4%
Ex-Food/Energy: 0.1%, Exp. 0.5%

Consumer Confidence 93.1, Exp. 91.5

Producer Price Index -0.4% Exp. 0.1%
Core -0.3% Exp 0.2%

Federal Reserve

Cleveland Fed President Meister- Time for rate hike.

U.S. Mint Sales Update


Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals

2015 Year To Date Withdrawals vs. Prior Years

Shanghai gold exchange withdrawals through week 45 2008-2015

Withdrawals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange were running 29.4% higher than last year and 19.8% higher than record year 2013 through week 45.

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