Gold Finds in Ireland Increase, Mining Innovations Abound

Gold Prospecting and Mining Return to Ireland and With it New Innovations.

Gold Discoveries Popping up All Over Ireland.

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Gold Mining Rennaissaince in Ireland

Update: July 18, 2016 Four New Gold Mines Found in Ireland

Gold mining has returned to Ireland. Over the past few years gold mines and projects in counties Monaghan and Tyrone in Northern Ireland have opened.

Irish mining company the Connemara Mining Company found gold in 2012 in the southeast area of Ireland of Wicklow/Wexford. Earlier this year, the Connemara Mining Company discovered gold in Ireland’s northwest corner in the county of Donegal.

The Tellus Survey, a program run by the Irish government’s Geological Survey discovered gold in the streams and rivers around south Leinster in central Ireland, about an hour from Dublin.

Click here to see the Tellus Irish gold map.

irish map

While the Emerald Island has no known emerald deposits, gold deposits are being found all over Ireland.

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With Gold Finds Come Innovation

Much of Ireland’s readily acessible gold was pulled from the alluvial gravels in and around Country Wicklow in southeastern Ireland during the Avoca Gold Rush during late 18th and early 19th centuries. Approximately a quarter ton of gold was collected during the Avoca Gold Rush.

With most of the low hanging fruit (gold) gone, new technology aims to find and extract additional gold from Ireland’s deposits in a cost effective way.

Yesterday, Dalradian Resources Inc. a Canadian company with operations in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland announced that their feasibility study had concluded that had achieved a process that would allow them to recover 94% of their deposits using a leach recovery process.

From the Dalradian Resources press release:

‘These results demonstrate gold recoveries above 94% while also simplifying the processing and reducing the equipment required. Curraghinalt’s mineralization has excellent flotation and leach recoveries using industry standard, proven processing technologies. Test work shows a marked improvement in grind size compared with historical results and the resulting streamlining of the flowsheet are advantageous to the project.”

A Pot of Gold At the End of the Rainbow?

Recent gold finds in Ireland are encourging Irish to do some do it yourself gold prospecting. Recreational panning for gold in Ireland is allowed. The use of mechanized equipment, however, requires a license from the government. Any unlicensed gold retreived in Ireland is the property of the Irish government, although small amounts may be kept as souvenirs, but not sold.

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