Gold and Silver Prices vs World Currencies in 2019

Gold Rose 19% vs. the U.S Dollar in 2019.

Gold’s 2019 price follows a 2.1% fall in 2018, a 13.6% rise in 2017 and a 9.1% rise in 2016.

2019 price rise was gold’s best year since 2010’s near 30% increase.

The price of Gold rose also world currencies in 2019, including a 22.7% rise vs the Euro.

Silver rose 15.5% vs. the U.S. Dollar in 2019 and rose vs. all major currencies including the British Pound, the Euro, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and the Canadian Dollar.

Silver’s 2019 price increase followed 2018’s decrease of 9.5%, 2017’s increase of 7.1% and 2016’s increase of 17.3%.

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Gold vs. Major World Currencies in 2019.

Gold Gained across all world currencies in 2019.

Gold rose against the U.S. dollar and against all major currencies in 2019. The price of gold in 2018 rose 22.7% against the Euro. Gold’s price increase in 2019 in U.S. Dollars follows a 2.1% decrease in 2018, a year in which the dollar was strengthening vs. most major world currencies.

Here are some charts showing gold priced in world currencies and against the dollar in 2019:

Gold vs. the United States Dollar – up 18.9% (down 2.1% in 2018) (up 13.6% in 2017) (up 9.1% in 2016) (down 10.5% in 2015 and down 1.8% in 2014); Silver up 15.5% (down 9.5% in 2018 (up 7.1% in 2017) (up 17.3% in 2016).

An anticipated series of Federal Reserve rate hikes in 2019 never materialized and the Fed cut rates three times in the second half of the year, driving gold and silver higher.

Gold vs the dow 2019

Gold vs the dollar in 2019

Dollar index 2019

dollar index 10 year

Gold vs. the Argentine Peso – up 87% (up 99.5% in 2018) (up 32.5% in 2017) (up 32% in 2016, up 36.58% in 2015) (up 31% in 2014); Silver up 82% (+84.6% in 2018 (+24% in 2017) (up 40.75% in 2016).

Gold vs argentine peso 2019

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Gold vs. the Australian Dollar – up 19.3% (up 8.3% in 2018) (up 4.6% in 2017) (up 10.5% in 2016, up 0.5% in 2015, up 7.8% in 2014); Silver up 16% (up 0.3% in 2018) (down 2.17% in 2017) (up 16.2% in 2016.)

Gold vs the Brazilian Real – up 24.9% (up 16% in 2018) (up 15.05% in 2017) (down 10.6% in 2016, up 33.2% in 2015);
Silver up 21.31% (up 7.3% in 2018) (up 7.72% in 2017)(down 5.5% in 2016).

Gold vs brazlian real 2019

Gold vs. the British Pound – up 14.2% (up 3.8% in 2018) (up 3.2% in 2017) (up 30.2% in 2016, down 5.2% in 2015, up 5.1% in 2014); Silver up 11% (down 4.1% in 2018) (down 2.7% in 2017) (up 40.2% in 2016).

Gold vs British pound 2019

Gold vs. the Canadian Dollar – up 13% (up 6.3% in 2018) (up 6% in 2017) (+5.9% in 2016, up 7.4% in 2015, up 7.8% in 2014);Silver up 9.8% (down 1.8% in 2018) (unchanged in 2017) (up 13.8% in 2016.)

Gold vs canadian dollar 2019

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Gold vs. the Chinese Renminbi – up 20.3% (up 3.5% in 2018) (up 6.4% in 2017) (+16.38% in 2016, down 6.2% in 2015 and up 1.2% in 2014);Silver up 16.9% (down 4.3% in 2018)(up 0.2% in 2017) (up 25.25% in 2016).

Gold vs chinese yuan 2019

Gold vs. the European Euro – up 22.7% (up 2.7% in 2018) (down 1% in 2017) (+12.6% in 2016, down 0.7% in 2015 and up 12.1% in 2014); Silver up 19.2% (down 5.1% in 2018) (down 6.6% in 2017) (up 20.15% in 2016).

gold vs euro 2019

Gold vs. the Indian Rupee – up 21.6% (up 6.6% in 2018) (up 6.4% in 2017) (up 11.6% in 2016, down 5.7% in 2015 and up 1% in 2014);Silver up 18.1% (down 1.5% in 2018) (up 0.2% in 2017) (up 17.55% in 2016).

Gold vs indian rupee

Gold vs. the Japanese Yen – up 17.7% (down 4.7% in 2018) (up 8.8% in 2017) (up 5.4% in 2016, down 9.9% YTD in 2015 and up 12.3% in 2014);Silver up 14.4% (down 11.9% in 2018) (up 2.6% in 2017) (up 13.5% in 2016).

Gold vs japanese yen 2019

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Gold vs. the Russia Ruble – up 6.5% (up 17.55% in 2018) (up 6.2% in 2017) (down 9.18% in 2016, up 10.5% in 2015 and up 79% in 2014);Silver 3.81% (up 8.88% in 2018) (down .5% in 2017) (down 3.95% in 2016).

Gold vs russian roubles 2019

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Gold vs. the Swiss Franc – up 17.1% (down 1.2% in 2018) (+ 8% in 2017) (up 10.5% in 2016, down 10.8% in 2015 and up 9.9% in 2014);Silver up 13.8% (down 8.7%in 2018) (up 1.7% in 2017) (up 18.9% in 2016).

Gold vs SWISS FRANC 2018

Silver vs Swiss Franc 2018

Gold vs. the Turkish Lira – up 30.75% (up 37% in 2018) (+21% in 2017) (up 30.9% in 2016, up 11.73% in 2015); Silver up 26.97% (Dollar index 2019

Gold vs Turkish lira 2019

Gold vs. the Ukraine Hryvnia – +20% in 2017 (+21.1% in 2016, up 28% in 2015 and up 90% in 2014)

Gold vs Ukraine Hryvnia 2019

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