Earnings Decline, Stock Markets Soar! – In Case You Missed it – Week Ended July 23, 2016

In Case You Missed It.

Top Gold And Silver Stories from the week ended July 23, 2016.

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The top stories of the week was another terrorist attack in Munich and a wikileaks dump of the Democratic National Committee documents that showcased their inner shady workings from how to defeat Bernie Sanders to how to work with the main stream media to plant stories. The main stream media all but ignored the leak.

There was no obvious top economic story of the week – YET stock equity indexes hit all time highs.

Dow vs gold july 22 2016

The Dow (& the S & P 500) have out perfomed gold in 2016 through July 22.

Gold and silver

Gold closed last week at $1337.00 and closed this week at $1322.10 (-1.1 %)

Silver closed last week at $20.19 closed this week at $19.59 (-3.0%)

The gold and silver ratio ended the week at 67.49 to 1

gold silver ratio july 22 one month

Chart of the Week

silver etf july 22 2016

Silver ETFs hold about 600 million ounces of silver.

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Earnings Down, Stock Prices Up – ICYMI: Top Gold and Silver Stories For The Week Ended July 23, 2016 from Smaul Gld on Vimeo.

Here are the stories we wrote, followed or commented on.

Why silver’s post-Brexit bull run may soon be over

July 17, 2016


Chinese Tourists Caught Smuggling £2.3 million under their trousers and skirts

Silk Road Fund purchasing a gold mine Gold Guns and the New Silk Road- with Video

Child Gold Fund established with $16 billion to buy gold (May 2015)

Yahoo Finance Pumps the Economy

The Economy Suddenly Looks Great

Secular Bull Market Beginning How the stock market today is reminiscent of 2 of history’s most exciting buying opportunities

Hedge Funds Finally Say No to Gold as U.S. Shares Smoke Records “investors judging the world economic outlook as a bit more stable are taking some of the shine off gold.”

July 18, 2016


Low Interest Rates Presidential Uncertainty Boost Gold

From Gold is a 5,000 Year Bubble to “I would hold gold” Willem Buiter changes his tune on gold

After Brexit, Ordinary Britons Move into Gold

WSJ: Gold’s Run Could Hit Roadblocks: Lack of inflation, Fed action, calmer markets and speculative investors all pose a potential problem for gold But URL says gold heading for sustained bull run

Bloomberg Investors Pull Most Money Out of SPDR Gold in Eight Months “An improving economic outlook in the U.S. is sapping demand for exchange-traded funds backed by gold.”

Public Service Announcement from the LA Times: Beware of scary ‘Brexit’ headlines pushing you to buy gold

Public Service Announcement From The Economic Times: Invest in Gold bonds, but not too much: Experts

Public Service Announcement From Heavyweight Champ George Foreman: Bonds Are a Knockout

Indian businessman famed for $240,000 gold shirt ‘beaten to death’


Bloomberg: Silver imports by India are set to plunge as jewelers grapple with slowing demand

US Mint ends American Silver Eagle Allocation

U.S. Mint Sales Update

U.S. Mint reported selling 300,000 American Silver Eagles 3,000 American Gold Eagles today.

MTD American Silver Eagles sold 995,000 & American Gold Eagles sold 18,500

YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 27,245,500 /American Gold Eagles sold 424,500

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The U.S. Mint reported selling 2,000 American Gold Buffalo coins.
MTD 6,500 sold YTD 119,000 sold

The U.S. Mint Reported selling no Harpers Ferry National Historical Park five ounce silver America The Beautiful Coins.

MTD Sales of Harpers Ferry coins – 34,200

apmex silver eagle premiums  july 21 2016

Premiums on American Silver Eagles remain low as dealers are fully stocked.

Compare American Silver Eagles for sale at:

Golden Eagle Coins
JM Bullion
Money Metals Exchange

July 19, 2016

From Smaulgld.com


Indian silver imports 2008 - 2016 april smaulgld

Indian Silver imports through the first four months of 2016 are over 50 million ounces, more than the amount of silver used by the U.S. Mint in 2015 to produce a record 47 million American Silver Eagle coins


Are gold bugs Donald Trump supporters

Today’s gold market looks a lot like the crazy 1970s

Gold Miners set to begin reinvesting as price of gold rises

Armed gold theft at Agnico Mine in Mexico

The Science of Gold

Anti Gold Stories

LA Times propaganda piece


Silver Posts Longest Slump in 8 Months as Citigroup Flags Risks

Interesting deployment of silver mining company’s assets -oil lease

July 20, 2016

From Smaulgld.com


Indian Annual Gold Imports 2008 – 2016

Indian gold imports 2008 - 2016 April smaulgld

Indian government action has slowed gold imports.


Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves 2015 - 2016 june

The Central Bank of Russia added 600,000 ounces of gold to its reserves in June 2016.

Post Brexit

IMF ‘clowns’ forced to admit Britain’s economy is GROWING despite predicting Brexit doom
App that lets you ‘root for 2% inflation’

Swiss National Bank Stock Holdings 2,592 Positions as of 03/31/2016

U.S. Mint Sales Update

U.S. Mint reported selling 200,000 American Silver Eagles 1,500 American Gold Eagles today.

MTD American Silver Eagles sold 1,195,000 & American Gold Eagles sold 20,000

YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 27,445,500 /American Gold Eagles sold 426,000

The U.S. Mint reported selling 1,000 American Gold Buffalo coins.
MTD 7,500 sold YTD 120,000 sold

The U.S. Mint Reported selling no Harpers Ferry National Historical Park five ounce silver America The Beautiful Coins.

MTD Sales of Harpers Ferry coins – 34,200

July 21, 2016


GOP platform includes proposal to study return to gold standard

New glitter in gold mining stocks

Gold and titanium team up to create super artificial joints Titanium and gold equals new gold standard for artificial joints

Titanium-gold alloy 4 times harder than most steels

Gold leaf so thin you could blow it away is making the State House dome glitter

Gold Miner Says Rally Will Go On

Public Service Announcement USA Today – Gold not a safe haven

Gold found in Australian Back yard worth $20,000

Investors kissing gold goodbye Basically, investors decided they did not need to hide in safe haven asset classes like gold because data shows that the world’s largest economy, the US, is performing pretty well and the Federal Reserve is likely to hike interest rates again later this year.

Indian Anti Gold Propaganda – Ditch your physical gold, Get your Sovereign Gold Bonds NOW


HSBC silver trader busted

Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Sales hit 10 million in 2016

When silver was big industry

Meriden Britannia Co. made the Silver City

ECB leaves rates unchanged -Draghi no plans to eliminate cash – but eliminated the 500 Euro note

U.S. Economic Data

Philly Fed -2.9, Exp. 4.5, Last 4.7

Initial Claims 253K, Exp. 265K

Reuters Labor market strength, characterized by the very low layoffs and solid pace of hiring, is boosting consumer spending, which in turn is providing a lift to economic growth.

Existing Home Sales 5.57MM, Exp. 5.48MM

U.S. Mint Sales Update

U.S. Mint reported selling no American Silver Eagles 2,500 American Gold Eagles today.

MTD American Silver Eagles sold 1,195,000 & American Gold Eagles sold 22,500

YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 27,445,500 /American Gold Eagles sold 428,500

Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

The U.S. Mint reported selling 500 American Gold Buffalo coins.
MTD 8,000 sold YTD 120,500 sold

The U.S. Mint Reported selling no Harpers Ferry National Historical Park five ounce silver America The Beautiful Coins.

MTD Sales of Harpers Ferry coins – 34,200

July 22, 2016


Gold Miners justify surge

Former Fed Chatter

Former Fed Governor Admits “Fed Is Not Data Dependent; It Is Propping Up Asset Markets”


As the S & P hits an all time high…
Who buys stocks for earnings?

Analyst Expect S&P 500 Earnings to Sink for Q3

“If the index does report a year-over-year decline in earnings for the second quarter, it will mark the first time the index has reported five consecutive quarters of year-over-year declines in earnings since Q3 2008 through Q3 2009.”

July 23, 2016

From Smaulgld.com


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Anti-gold propaganda

Why buying gold is still a big gamble

‘Gloom, Boom & Doom’ publisher Marc Faber pushes for gold

Indian Gold Import Duty

Industry demands cut in gold import duty to 5%

Trump loves gold and don’t you forget it (photo gallery)

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