How The Fed and The U.S. Punish Their Enemies and Their Allies

The Fed and the U.S. work in tandem to ensure dollar hegenomy. Podcast Summary: 0:00-3:47 Introduction The Fed on GDP, Inflation and The Economy. Is the Fed Just Applying Palliative Care to the Economy or Are They Delusions Doctors? 3:47-8:36 discussion of the Fed President statements on the economy. All are projecting an accelerating economy Read More →

Stop Calling it an Economic Recovery!

The Fed met this week and delivered the news: the economy is recovering & the end of QE is near. The end of QE may be near but the economy is not recovering. Don’t Call it an Economic Recovery. Podcast Summary: 0:00-4:05 Introduction Could Just About Anyone Do Janet Yellen’s Job? 4:05-5:05 discussion of Janet Read More →

Will Market Dynamics Eventually Overpower Central Bank Manipulation?

Market Dynamics vs. Market Manipulation Podcast discussing the success of central bank manipulation of interest rates to produce a rising stock market with no real economic growth. Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary 0:00- 4:49 Introduction Boosting of Asset Prices Via Public Sector Buying and Company Share Buy Backs 4:49-7:07 Discussion how stocks are boosted Read More →

European Central Bank’s Negative Interest Rates Help The Fed Exit QE

Negative Interest Rates and European Central Banks The ECB’s decision to institute negative interest rates will increase demand for interest bearing US Treasuries allowing the Fed to exit quantitative easing. Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary 0:00-5:50 Introduction European Central Bank Opts for Negative Interest Rates Helping the Fed Exit QE 5:50-10:20 Discussion of the Read More →

Stocks Soar While Housing Market Stumbles & GDP Turns Negative

Stocks Rise While Housing Market Falls Pending home sales, home sales and mortgage applications are all down. GDP was negative in the 1st QTR yet the stock market makes new highs, can it last? How To Buy Gold How To Buy Silver Podcast Summary 0:00-4:58 Intro Stocks Soar While Housing Market Stumbles and GDP Turns Read More →

Is The Housing Market Turning the Corner?

Existing home sales increased in April from the low sales in March and were down 7% year over year. Is that enough to declare a housing turnaround? No. Check out the Smaulgld Gold Buying Guide Check out the Smaulgld Silver Buying Guide Podcast Summary: 0:00-7:25 Introduction Initial Jobless Claims 7:25-13:22 Discussion of how the initial Read More →

The Marshall Plan In Reverse: Europe To Buy Massive Amounts of U.S. Treasuries?

As the Fed tapers its QE bond buying program, a new massive buyer of U.S. Treasuries has emerged – Belgium. Where is Belgium getting the money to buy them? Check out the Smaulgld Gold Buying Guide Check out the Smaulgld Silver Buying Guide Live Silver Prices Live Gold Prices Podcast Summary: 0:00 – 6:19 Introduction Read More →

The Fed is Not Worried About The Housing Market – Should You Be? – Podcast

Home sales are down but home prices are up. The Fed is not worried because to them rising home prices means there is a “recovery”. Podcast Summary 0:00-7:43 Intro The Fed’s Goal is Rising Stock and Home Prices 7:43- 10:08 The Fed is not concerned about slowing home sales or the poor first quarter GDP Read More →

An Astonishing and Persistent Denial of Economic Reality – Podcast

Denial of Economic Reality Buy Physical Silver Online The Fed Blames the Weather What will you do if the stock market crashes? Take our poll. Podcast Summary: Intro: 0:00 -4:55 Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Russia, War on the U.S. Dollar and Unintended Consequences 4:55-9:30 Discussion of how the media downplays the events in the Read More →

The Excuse Economy

The Excuse Economy Buy Physical Silver Online Poor economic and housing news has been blamed on the weather, lack of inventory and even Easter. Could it be the economy is just not doing well? Podcast Summary: 0:00- 5:38 Introduction It’s the Weather! It’s Lack of Inventory! 5:38-7:32 It’s lack of demand, poor economy and tight Read More →