Inflation vs. Deflation

Inflation vs Deflation Are we facing inflation or deflation? Podcast Summary 0:00-3:34 Introduction Wait till Next Year For Job Growth 3:34-6:20 Discussion of the perennial false forecasts of the Fed that the economy will accelerate in the second half of each year. Job growth in today’s economy equals one person getting fired and getting two Read More →

Federal Reserve: Americans Are Hoarding Money

Fed Report: Americans Are Hoarding Money The Fed has a slew of excuses at the ready for the lack luster economy even though they have printed $4 trillion to try and boost it. New St. Louis Fed Report Claims Americans are Hoarding Cash. Podcast Summary Excuses From the Fed for a Lackluster Economy Abound- not Read More →

Russia, Ukraine and The Dollar

Russia and the Dollar The imposition of sanctions on Russia appear to be working as the rouble has tumbled. Is this a short term victory of the US & EU over Russia? The Fed Produces Nothing, Yet Drives the U.S. Economy Podcast Summary: Introduction: 0:00-6:18 Russia, Ukraine and The Dollar 6:18-12:40 Discussion of the U.S. Read More →

The Fed Prints $4 Trillion Then Changes the Subject

The Fed has printed $4 trillion dollars. Attention is now focused on what they will do with interest rates, rather than $4 Trillion on their balance sheet. Podcast Summary: 0:00-6:15 Introduction Deficits Don’t Matter Again 6:15-11:34 Discussion of the renewed focus on the Fed’s policy towards interest rates now that they claim they will stop Read More →

The Difference Between the Great Depression and The Great Recession

The Great Depression vs. the Great Recession The Great Depression taught savings and thrift, while the Great Recession has taught borrowing and speculation. The Great Depression Taught Savings and Thrift- The Great Recession Borrowing and Speculation Podcast Summary: 0:00- 6:30 Introduction The Real Estate Market Stagnates Despite Historically Low Interest Rates 6:40 -18:50 discusssion of Read More →

Russia’s Plan to Bankrupt the United States

The Impact of Sanctions on Russia U.S. sanctions on Russia may cause a move away from the dollar creating price inflation in the U.S. and causing the U.S. to spend more on social programs. Podcast Summary: 0:00-7:00 Introduction What if they Held a Recovery and No One Came? 7:00 – 17:15 Discussion of the lack Read More →

Recovery! Recovery! Recovery!

The Media’s Economic Recovery The economic recovery has been a six year media event with no real economic gains. Podcast Summary 0:00-5:14 Introduction GDP 2nd Quarter = +4.0% 5:15-11:00 The job recovery, the housing recovery and the economic recovery have been a six year media event. The Fed prints dollars 24/7 for six years, keeps Read More →

Is the Stock Market Ready To Collapse?

Is the Stock Market Ready to Collapse With the stock market at all time highs in a weak economy, is the stock market fixing to collapse? Podcast Summary 0:00-4:14 Introduction The Housing Market is Dead. 4:14-11:49 Even though interest rates are low and the weather is fine, the housing market is not improving. House prices Read More →

Are Bank Failures in Portugal and Bulgaria Isolated Issues?

Bank Failures in Portugal and Bulgaria Do bank failures in Portugal and Bulgaria represent a systemic issue in the global banking system? Update July 16, 2014: Portuguese Telecom Loses Portion of Merger Due to $1 billion non payment by Portuguese Bank Update July 18, 2014: Second Largest Portuguese Bank Declares Bankruptcy Podcast Summary 0:00 – Read More →

A Tale of Two Interpretations of Economic Data

Two Interpretations of Economic Data Is the Economy Improving as the main stream media claim, or do the alternative media have it right- there is no economic recovery? The mainstream media claims the economy is accelerating; the alternative media isn’t having any of it. Who’s right? Podcast Summary: 0:00-3:54 Introduction 3:54-4:45 Review of the five Read More →