This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Downgraded

Chinese image going down

S&P China downgrade to “upper medium grade” comes after Moody’s downgrade in May. U.S. Says Venezuela Oil Embargo is an Option. Tesla Will Settle Charges That it Tried to Cheat the Government. Trump criticizes NFL players for “Taking the Knee” Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin Again Video Commentary to “This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Read More →

Report: China to Issue $2B US Dollar Denominated Bonds

China to Issue First Dollar Denominated Bond Since 2004. Reports of the Death of the Dollar are Greatly Exaggerated. Alt Fin Media continues to pump unsourced gold-backed Yuan story. Swiss Town to Accept Tax Payments in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Tumbles After Jamie Dimon Calls It A Fraud: “Would Fire Anyone Trading It”. China to shut Cryptocurrency Read More →

Cryptocurrency Status in Turmoil – What’s Next?

China Bans Initial Coin Offerings. China rumoured to close cryptocurrency exchanges. Russia and Malaysia add to warnings on ICOs. Russia looks to regulate crytpocurrencies. Canadian Regulators Approve Bitcoin Fund. More holes in the Chinese-gold backed Yuan denomminated oil contract story. Gold and silver rise again. Video Commentary to “Cryptocurrency Status in Turmoil – What’s Next?” Read More →

Report: China Planning Gold Backed Chinese Yuan as Payment for Oil

Nikkei Asian Review Claims China Preparing Gold-Backed Yuan Oil Payment Proposal. Hurricane Harvey swamps Houston. World War II Bomb to be detonated near German Bundesbank where nation’s gold is held. Gold and Silver Post Strong Gains. Cryptos Soar; Bitcoin Reached $5,000; Litecoin closed in on $100. Video Commentary to “CHINA PLANNING GOLD-BACKED CHINESE YUAN AS Read More →

Germany & U.S. Remind the World They Have Gold

gold bars

Germany Completes Gold Repatriation from France. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin & Senate Majority Leader McConnel Vist the Gold at Fort Knox. Coinbase adds 500,000+ New Accouns in a Week, bringing total to 9.7 million Burger King Russia to issue Whopper Coin Estonia, Papau New Guinea and Dubai move towards blockchain Home sells in the UK for Read More →

Apple and Google U.S. Treasury Holdings Soar in 2017

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Apple and Alphabet (Google) Boost U.S. Treasury Security Holdings to Nearly $100 billion at June 30, 2017. Combined Apple and Google US Treasury Security holdings top holdings of Canada, France and Germany. What Happens If Apple and Google Dump U.S. Treasuries? Silver imports into China through first half of 2017 at a seven year high. Read More →

Samsung to Recover Silver & Gold From its Smart Phones

Samsung Follows Apple in Recovering Precious Metals From its Used Phones. Federal Reserve’s Fast Payments Task Force Analyzes Viability of Fed Coin Citizen Created Scruptual Euros Capture Bank of Italy’s Attention. Bitcoin Soars as BIP91 passes 80% threshold. Video Commentary to “Samsung to Recover Silver & Gold From its Smart Phones” You can buy Bitcoin, Read More →

Presidential Executive Order—Arrest and Imprisonment of Irresponsible Newspaper Reporters and Editors

four smaulgld mugs

President issues executive order to arrest and jail “irresponsible reporters and editors” and seize their places of business. Fed Chair Strikes Dovish Tone in Congresssional Testimony. Trump Russian Collusion Theories Persist. Video Commentary to “President Orders Arrest & Imprisonment of Irresponsible Reporters & Editors” You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE Read More →

Massive Physical Gold Buying Won’t Shock the World

Silver Flash Crashed and Smashed. Silver flash crashes, CME Group Silent. Why a “sovereign sized gold buy” won’t significantly move the gold price. CNN tracks down meme maker, threatens doxxing. Video Commentary to “Massive Physical Gold Buying Won’t Shock the World” Imagine My Shock! You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE Read More →

I Hope and Don’t Believe There Will be Another Financial Crisis in Our Lifetimes

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Expresses Hope and Belief there will be no Financial Crisis. Yellen echoes other “timely’ predictions: “Peace in our time” “This time is different” and “A record to stand for all time”. Trump Goes on a Media Bashing Spree. Gold posts first monthly loss this year. Gold sales at U.S. Mint drop Read More →