Perth Mint January 2015 Sales

chart showing perth mint monthly silver sales 2014-2015

Silver and Gold Sales at the Perth Mint in January 2015. Silver sales were down 35.8% at the Perth Mint in January year over year. Gold sales were down 64.2% at the Perth Mint in January year over year. Silver Sales at the Perth Mint in January 2015 Sales of silver at the Perth Mint Read More →

Gold ETF Holdings on The Rise Again

chart showing 2014 gold etf holdings, shanghai gold exchange deliveries, comex deliveries and american gold eagle sales

Gold ETF Holdings Gold holdings in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), after falling nearly 40% since early 2013 are increasing again. Despite declining holdings, Gold held in ETFs remains a far more popular way to invest in gold than buying physical bullion. While Gold ETF holdings are massive, physical gold deliveries on the Shanghai Gold Exchange Read More →

Comex Gold Deliveries vs. the Shanghai Gold Exchange

Chart showing comex vs shanghai gold exchange deliveries in 2014

Comex Gold Deliveries vs. the Shanghai Gold Exchange Comex vs. the Shanghai Gold Exchange Extreme mismatch in volumes of physical gold delivered highlights the paper contract nature of the United States Comex vs. the physical delivery nature of the Chinese Shanghai Gold Exchange How Much Gold Is Actually Delivered on Comex? Earlier this month in Read More →

The Shanghai Gold Exchange Delivers 255 Tons of Gold In January

chart showing gold deliveries on the shanghai gold exchange in january 2015

The Shanghai Gold Exchange. The Shanghai Gold Exchange delivers 53.669 tonnes of gold for the week ended January 30, 2015. The Shanghai Gold Exchange opens 2015 trading by delivering 255 tonnes of gold. Gold deliveries in January 2015 top 2014’s record deliveries. China’s Golden Era The Shanghai Gold Exchange delivered over 53 tonnes of gold Read More →

Will U.S. Infrastructure Bonds Be The Next Stimulus?

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U.S. Infrastructure Bonds If the President can’t get his tax increases through Congress to pay for infrastructure improvements, are infrastructure bonds an option? Will a bridge collapse prompt demand for infrastructure bonds? Podcast Summary: Introduction: 0:00-3:00 How Will the Fed Push off Raising Rates and Re-introduce QE? 3:00-12:35 discussion of what excuses the Fed will Read More →

Chinese vs. United States Gold Demand – Perspective

chart showing the volume of American gold eagles sold in 2014 vs sales on the Shanghai gold exchange in January 2015

Chinese vs. United States Gold Demand The amount of gold delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange is staggering, especially when compared to sales of American Gold Eagle coins, the world’s largest selling gold coin. Shanghai Gold Exchange Physical Gold Deliveries vs. Sales of American Gold Eagle Coins Sales of American Gold Eagle coins have declined Read More →

The Silver To Gold Sales Ratio January 2015

chart showing sales of amerian silver eagle coins in January 1987-2015

Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint in January 2015 January sales of 5,530,000 American Silver Eagles were the fourth largest January total ever. Sales of one ounce American Gold Eagle sales were a modest 51,500 in January. U.S. Mint Sells 107.38 times more American Silver Eagles than one ounce American Gold Eagles in Read More →

Denmark, Gold and the Euro

denmark gold and the euro

Denmark, Gold and the Euro. The National Bank of Denmark Vows to Maintain the Krone Euro Peg. Will Denmark Abandon the Krone Euro Peg? “We have the necessary tools to defend the peg,” Karsten Biltoft, head of communications at the Danish National Bank. The Swiss National Bank Cries “Uncle”. Earlier this month, the Swiss National Read More →

The State of the U.S. Economy

picture of a wave swell

The State of the U.S. Economy The United State economy is weak, yet the Federal Reserve continues to tout a “solid” economic recovery story while threatening to raise interest rates. Reality will eventually catch up with the Fed and those believing the media’s recitations of U.S. economic recovery narrative. Podcast Summary: Intro: 0:00-6:58 The Disconnect Read More →

Russia and De-Dollarization

Russia and De-Dollarization and Rebalancing Reserves Russia has spent over a year of de-dollarizing and rebalancing its reserves Russia’s Gold Reserves vs. U.S. Treasury holdings. Russia boosted gold reserves 16% in 2014 while lowering their U.S. Treasury Holdings by nearly 30% as part of its de-dollarization strategy. Russia added 18.7 tons of gold to its Read More →