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In uncertain economic times, some investors take comfort in buying physical gold or silver and tucking it away in a safe deposit box or a vault off site. After years of multi-billion dollar U.S. deficits and the Federal Reserve’s multi-trillion dollar quantitative easing program, many believe that prices of gold and silver will climb vs. the dollar and other currencies.

Smaulgld LLC is an affiliate* of the Royal Canadian Mint and JM Bullion LLC an online precious metals dealer where you can buy physical gold, silver and platinum by clicking on the banners or links below. When you visit the Royal Canadian Mint and JM Bullion sites you’ll have a wide selection of choices of physical gold and silver for sale at competitive prices.

The Royal Canadian Mint ships to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, The United Kingdom and the United States. JM Bullion ships to the United States.

Set forth below are some gold and silver buying options. See also Twelve Ways Silver is Different than Gold below to help you decide which metal is appropriate for you.

Buy Silver Online

JM Bullion

UPDATE: 2014 Silver Eagles are now available.

A popular choice for silver is the coin currently being produced by the United States Mint in West Point, New York – the 2013 American Silver Eagle. This coin sold in record quantities in 2013. The coin weighs one ounce and is U.S. legal tender with a face value of $1.

US silver eagle coin for sale

2013 U.S. Silver Eagle

The 2012 U.S. Silver Eagle is also available for purchase.

U.S. Silver Eagles sell at a higher premium over the spot price for silver than do silver coins produced at private mints.

You can buy Silver Eagles individually, in rolls of 20 or in sealed “Monster Boxes” of 500 coins.

UPDATE: 2014 Silver Eagles are now available.

The Royal Mint of Canada also produces a one ounce .9999 pure silver coin with a $5 face value – the Silver Maple Leaf. The 2013 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is available for sale as is the 2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Canadian Maple Leafs also trade at a premium to the silver spot price but are generally a slightly less expensive option than the U.S. Silver Eagle.

You can purchase Canadian Maple Leaf coins directly from the Royal Canadian Mint. Please compare prices and shipping at the Royal Canadian Mint and JM Bullion as both sites often run specials on both.

You can shop The Royal Canadian Mint for Canadian Maple Leaf and other silver coins by clicking here.

The Royal Canadian Mint is currently offering 2014 Winter Olympic Sterling Silver Commemorative Coins. You can view and order these beautiful coins by clicking on the banner below.

Another popular option for silver buyers is the generic silver round. These coins are produced by private mints and generally have the lowest premiums over the spot price of silver. The one ounce silver buffalo round with an Indian head on the observe and a buffalo on the reverse is available for sale.

Buffalo silver round for sale

Buffalo Silver Round

Some silver investors like to stack their holding. For these collectors, silver bars are the preferred form.

The lowest premiums will be found on the larger sized bars and rounds. You can buy silver in bars weighing one ounce, five ounces and 100 ounces.

Finally, pre 1965 dimes, quarters and fifty cent pieces were minted with 90% silver content. These coins are referred to as “junk” silver and can make for good barter pieces because they are readily recognizable as these coins are still minted today albeit with zero silver content.

Junk silver is available on the JM Bullion site in the silver coins section.

pre 1965 silver quarters and dimes

These coins look like today’s quarters and dimes but contain 90% silver

(c) Can Stock Photo

There are significant differences between gold and silver (besides color and price) that we have identified. You can review twelve key differences by clicking here.

Also check out the Gold/Silver Price Ratio and the Silver/Gold Sales Ratio.

You can see all your JM Bullion silver buying options by clicking on the Buy Silver Online banner above or by clicking here.

Buy Gold Online

Buy Gold Online

There are large number of gold buying options at JM Bullion.

The biggest seller is the 22 carat gold one ounce U.S. American Gold Eagle. This coin is also available in 1/10 ounce ($5 face value), 1/4 ounce ($10 face value), 1/2 ounce ($25 face value) denominations.

US one ounce gold eagle for sale

2013 U.S. Gold Eagle

Starting in 2006 the U.S. Mint started producing a 24K gold coin (.9999 pure gold) – the American Buffalo. This coin is produced in one ounce denominations only.

The Royal Canadian Mint also produces a 24 carat one ounce Gold Maple Leaf.

Click here to see your buying options and prices for the U.S. Gold Eagle, The 24K Gold American Buffalo and Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

You can also shop The Royal Canadian Mint for the gold Canadian Maple Leaf and other gold coins by clicking here.

The Royal Canadian Mint produces Gold coins in a variety of designs and sizes. For example, click below to view and buy the 1/10 ounce Canadian Wolf pure gold coin.

Royal Canadian Mint

The Austrian Mint produces a popular Philharmonic gold one ounce coin which generally sells for lower premiums than its U.S. and Canadian counterparts.

You can check out your JM Bullion gold buying options by clicking on the Buy Gold Online banner above or by clicking here.

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