What If 1% of the U.S. Labor Force Saved in Silver

1-4 % of labor force buys silver

What Would Happen If Silver Became a Preferred Method of Saving For a Small Percentage of the U.S. Labor Force? If a small percentage, or a single percent of the U.S. Labor Force were to purchase silver, the additional demand would overwhelm supply. Please have a listen and a look at the charts and analysis Read More →

Silver Supply and Demand

Silver demand the past few years has been driven by a surge in investment demand in the form of silver coins and bars and by steady demand for silver for use in electronics

Silver Supply and Demand Demand for silver is up, supply is down – yet the price is falling. Do the dynamics of supply and demand matter any more? How to Buy Silver Update November 12, 2014: Mexican Silver Miner First Majestic Reports all-in sustaining cost of silver was $19.89 per ounce in the third quarter. Read More →