What’s Wrong With Silver and the Perth Mint?

Lack of minting capacity, high premiums and sporadic demand is holding back retail silver market growth Watch “What’s Wrong With Silver and the Perth Mint?” Watch on Rumble ““What’s Wrong With Silver and the Perth Mint?”” Smaulgld’s RUMBLE CHANNEL Watch

There is No Silver Shortage

Chinese Silver Panda Coin front

The shortage is in investible silver products Watch “There is No Silver Shortage” Watch on Rumble ““There is No Silver Shortage”” Smaulgld’s RUMBLE CHANNEL Watch

Is There a Silver Shortage?

Is There a Silver Shortage? Retail Silver Products are in Short Supply. Canadian Silver Maple coins, Sunshine Mint silver rounds and other popular silver products are on back order. American Silver Eagles selling at substantial premiums over the spot price of silver. Despite retail shortages of silver, the price of silver continues to decline. Is Read More →

American Silver Eagle Premiums

American Silver Eagle premiums by percentage

American Silver Eagle Premiums. Premiums on one ounce American Silver Eagle coins are at elevated levels. Premiums of 30% on American Silver Eagles are more a function of lower silver prices than a silver shortage. Premiums on other silver products, like privately minted silver bars and rounds have not risen to the same extent as Read More →