Mexican Silver Libertad Coin Sales Rise 110% in 2015

La Casa de Moneda de México Sells Nearly 1 Million One Ounce Silver Libertad Coins in 2015. Sales of one ounce Mexican Silver Libertad coins of 903,000 were up 110% from 2014’s sales of 429,200. While Mexico produces the most silver of any country on earth, it has the lowest mintages by far of silver Read More →

Mexican Silver Mining Update

mexican silver mining production 2016

Mexican Silver Mining – First In the World – But Production Set To Fall. Mexican Government says silver mining production to fall 6% in 2016. Endeavour Silver Corp projects their silver output will decrease 16% in 2016. Silver Mining In Mexico Mexico is the world’s leading silver mining country. In 2015, Mexican silver mining production Read More →

Mexican Silver Mining Production Grew 4.2% in 2015

mexican silver mining production 2016

World’s Largest Silver Mining Country Shows 4.2% Increase in Silver Mining Production in 2015. Earlier this year we reported that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) estimated global silver production and Mexican silver mining production grew in 2015. The USGS projected that global silver mining production grew about 2% and that silver mining production in Mexico, Read More →