Rising Real Estate Prices – Who Benefits?

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New Home Sales vs. New Car Sales

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New Home and New Car Sales During the Great Recession. New Car Sales Soar, New Home Sales Don’t. Low interest Rates, Easy Credit Boost New Car Sales. New Home Sales are at Multi Decade Lows Despite Historically Low Interest Rates. Consumers saddled with mortgage sized health insurance costs, rising food costs and car payments find Read More →

Case Shiller Index Futures Traders vs. Smaulgld: You Vote!

Real Estate News. I have written many articles questioning the strength and length of the current housing bubblet. Here is the most recent one. Here is another one that contains links to many of the others. These articles caught the eye of John H. Dolan, who is the sole market maker in the Case Shiller Read More →

Funding the Government Without the Fed and Quantitative Easing – Podcast 8.9.13

Much has been said about the potential impact on the real estate and stock markets if the Federal Reserve were to taper its quantitative easing program or to eliminate it altogether. The debate centers around whether and by how much rates would rise and what impact that would have on the real estate and stock Read More →

The Dark Side of Rising Home Prices

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The Dark Side of Rising Home Prices What’s Wrong With Higher Home Prices? The Real Estate Industry and Media Tout Rising Home Prices as a Good Thing, But Are They? Real Estate News I guess I don’t buy your premise, its a pretty unlikely possibility, we have never had a decline in housing prices on Read More →