Are Russia and China Moving Against the Dollar?

Are Russia and China Moving Against the Dollar In response to sanctions Russia has struck a deal with Iran for oil. China and Russia have been stockpiling gold. Are both moving away from the dollar? Podcast Summary: 0:00-6:10 Introduction Why Did the Fed Taper? 6:10-7:35 Discussion of why the Fed tapered its quantitative easing program Read More →

Gold Continues To Flow From West To East

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Gold Flows West To East China continues its massive gold buying spree by importing it through Hong Kong. Are China and Russia preparing to dump the dollar? Gold Flows West To East Gold is Moving West to East. Last year as the price of gold declined for the first time in twelve years, we noted Read More →

Gold Reserves by Country

Gold Reserves by Country - Top Ten July 20 2018

Gold Reserves by Country Which countries have the most gold? Gold Reserves By Country 2018 – Top 40 Below are charts showing the gold reserves by country* as reported by the World Gold Council. Updated October 3, 2019 2019 Gold Reserves By Country* The Top Twenty Russia has the fifth largest gold reserves of any Read More →