The Silver to Gold Sales Ratio – March 2014

Chart showing the gold silver ratio for the past 12 months

Gold and Silver Sales at the U.S. Mint March 2014 Buy Physical Silver Online UPDATE April 4: The U.S. Mint adds 878,000 Silver Eagles to its March 2014 totals bringing the total U.S. Silver Eagle sales to 5,354,000. The Mint also adds 1,000 Gold Eagles to its March 2014 total bringing the total U.S. Gold Read More →

Has Bitcoin Jumped the Shark?

why bitcoin will fail

Bitcoin Jumps the Shark Bitcoin has passed its peak. The invented crypto currency has been labeled property by the IRS and the price is on a steady decline. Is the end near? Has Bitcoin Peaked? Last Thanksgiving Bitcoin was on a roll. Recently discovered by the mainstream media and the subject of Congressional hearings, Bitcoin Read More →

Gold And Silver Fall On Cold Weather

Buy Physical Silver Online Listen to the 3.28.14 Smaulgld Podcast on Soundcloud Podcast Summary 0:00-5:30 Introduction/Review of the Week’s Economic Data GDP Grows on Increase in HeathCare Costs and Utility Bills 5:30 7:00 the Fourth Quarter U.S. GDP grew at a decent rate as consumer spending was robust- on increased healthcare costs and higher utility Read More →

Led Zeppelin Album Reviews

led zeppelin albums ranked

Led Zeppelin Album Reviews. Led Zeppelin albums rated by release date. Classic Rock Album Reviews LED ZEPPELIN Five Favorite Led Zeppelin Songs Dazed and Confused (I) Whole Lotta Love (II) Since I’ve Been Loving You (III) Black Dog (II) Kashmir (Physical Graffiti) What’s Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album? Click to vote in our poll below. Read More →

The Price of Silver in 1979 & 1980 vs. 2013 & 2014

the price of silver in 1979

The Price of Silver in 1979. The price of silver is lower today than it was in December 1979. The United States is engaged in geopolitical disputes with Russia and Iran today as in 1979. Today’s silver price was lower than the average price of silver in 1980 The Similarities Between the Carter and Obama Read More →

Is Quantitative Easing Just For The Rich? – Poll

poll is qe only for the rich

Is Quantitative Easing Just For The Rich? Is QE Just For the Rich? HE SAID “We’ve made rich people richer…,” “The question is what have we done for working men and women in America?” “QE was a massive gift intended to boost wealth” Dallas Federal Reserve President, Richard Fisher SHE SAID “You know, a lot Read More →

Yellen Overstates The Health Of The Labor Market, Understates Inflation – Podcast

Yellen on the Labor Market and Inflation Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary 0:00-4:37 – Introduction Yellen Overstates the Heath of the Labor Market and Understates Inflation 4:37-8:05 – discussion of the Fed’s decision to not use the targeted 6.5% unemployment rate as a basis for making monetary decisions. The Fed will use new tools Read More →

Gold Reserves by Country

Gold Reserves by Country - Top Ten July 20 2018

Gold Reserves by Country Which countries have the most gold? Gold Reserves By Country 2018 – Top 40 Below are charts showing the gold reserves by country* as reported by the World Gold Council. Updated April 9, 2019 2019 Gold Reserves By Country* The Top Ten Russia has the fifth largest gold reserves of any Read More →

Who Will Buy the Homes to Support The Housing Recovery?

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Who is Buying Homes? With investors leaving the housing market, which group will be able to buy houses to sustain rising home prices. Real Estate News Bloomberg recently reported that Blackstone has cut its home buying binge* by 70% as home prices and mortgage rates have surged. The article also noted that American Homes 4 Read More →

For Fed Presidents Economic Hope Springs Eternal in the Spring

the dollar printing ring

Fed Presidents Hopeful on the Economy For Fed Presidents: Hope Springs Eternal in the Spring Is Another Taper On Tap? As the Fed gets ready to meet this week, here is what some of the Fed Presidents have been saying about inflation, employment, the weather and the possibility of another taper of quantitative easing (QE). Read More →