How The Fed and The U.S. Punish Their Enemies and Their Allies

The Fed and the U.S. work in tandem to ensure dollar hegenomy. Podcast Summary: 0:00-3:47 Introduction The Fed on GDP, Inflation and The Economy. Is the Fed Just Applying Palliative Care to the Economy or Are They Delusions Doctors? 3:47-8:36 discussion of the Fed President statements on the economy. All are projecting an accelerating economy Read More →

How To Buy Silver

How To Buy Silver. Silver Buying Made Easy. Want to buy silver but confused on how to buy silver and what silver to buy? The Smaulgld silver buying guide helps find the best places for buying silver. Silver Buying Guide. Welcome to our online silver buying guide, where you can learn how to buy silver. Read More →

European Central Bank’s Negative Interest Rates Help The Fed Exit QE

Negative Interest Rates and European Central Banks The ECB’s decision to institute negative interest rates will increase demand for interest bearing US Treasuries allowing the Fed to exit quantitative easing. Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary 0:00-5:50 Introduction European Central Bank Opts for Negative Interest Rates Helping the Fed Exit QE 5:50-10:20 Discussion of the Read More →

The Silver To Gold Sales Ratio – May 2014

Chart showing the gold silver ratio for the past 12 months

Gold and Silver Sales at the U.S. Mint in May 2014 Silver continues to outsell gold at the U.S. by a wide margin and is on pace for another record year. Buy Physical Silver Online One Ounce Silver Eagles outsell One Ounce Gold Eagles 137.53 to 1 at the U.S. Mint in May U.S. Mint Read More →

550 Million Ounces of Silver Were Used in 1964 At The United States Mint

550 million ounces of silver used in minting US coins in 1964

Amount of Silver Used at the U.S. Mint in 1964 In 1964 the U.S. Mint used the equivalent of 67% of today’s total silver mining production to mint dimes, quarters and half dollars for every day use Silver Used By The U.S. Mint In 1964 The U.S. Mint used 549,549,066 ounces of silver to make Read More →

Silver Hits Record Demand in 2013 – Led By 76% Increase in Coin and Bar Sales

Silver is one of the world's oldest forms of money

Silver Hits Record Demand in 2013 Silver demand surges in 2013 lead by demand for physical bullion for investment and industrial uses. Silver demand hit a record high in 2013 according to the “World Silver Survey 2014″, released today by the Silver Institute. Highlights of the World Silver Survey 2014: – Total silver demand was Read More →

The Fed is Not Worried About The Housing Market – Should You Be? – Podcast

Home sales are down but home prices are up. The Fed is not worried because to them rising home prices means there is a “recovery”. Podcast Summary 0:00-7:43 Intro The Fed’s Goal is Rising Stock and Home Prices 7:43- 10:08 The Fed is not concerned about slowing home sales or the poor first quarter GDP Read More →

As China Hoards Its Gold Production, It Exports Some Of Its Silver

China imports massive amounts of gold through hong kong

China Hoards its Gold Production China boosts domestic gold production and hoards it while Indian import restrictions remain in effect. Check out the Smaulgld Gold Buying Guide Fractional American Gold Eagles in 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 oz Sizes for Smaller Budgets China is the largest gold producing and gold importing nation Chinese Gold Mining Production Read More →

An Astonishing and Persistent Denial of Economic Reality – Podcast

Denial of Economic Reality Buy Physical Silver Online The Fed Blames the Weather What will you do if the stock market crashes? Take our poll. Podcast Summary: Intro: 0:00 -4:55 Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Russia, War on the U.S. Dollar and Unintended Consequences 4:55-9:30 Discussion of how the media downplays the events in the Read More →

The Silver To Gold Sales Ratio – April 2014

silver sells more in dollar terms than gold at the U.S. Mint

Silver and Gold Sales at the U.S. Mint April 2014 Buy Physical Silver Online One Ounce Silver Eagles outsell One Ounce Gold Eagles 176.56 to 1 at the U.S. Mint in April U.S. Mint sells 4,590,500 one ounce Silver Eagles and 26,000 one ounce Gold Eagles The Gold/Silver Ratio was 67.32 in April up from Read More →