Does the Fed Need to Raise Interest Rates to Combat De-Dollarization Initiatives?

inventory to sales chart

Does the Fed Need to Raise Interest Rates Are rate increases necessary to combat de-dollarization initiatives? The Fed and De-Dollarization. A drop in foreigners holding U.S Treasuries may indicate declining demand. The Fed’s top allegiances are to its shareholder banks and the U.S. Government. If higher rates are needed to help the U.S. Government raise Read More →

Cash is Not A Convenient Store of Value – Janet Yellen

Cash Is Not a Convenient Store Of Value. As bad economic news continues to roll in, the Fed publically remains undaunted and insists rate hikes are on the horizon. Distortions created by quantitative easing are apparent and worsening. The few bits of good economic news are met with media exclamations of “robust!” and “solid” Poor Read More →

Public Patience Wearing Thin About The Economic Recovery Narrative

The Fed Removes the Word “Patience”. The Fed tries to prepare the markets for a rate hike, insisting the economy is doing better. The housing and economic recovery narratives incessantly peddled by the mainstream media are wearing thin as a stream of poor economic data pours in contradicting the narrative. Podcast Summary: Introduction:0:00-5:40 What Does Read More →

There Are No Currency Wars

There are no “Currency Wars”. There are no currency wars – just coordinated central bank manipulations. Central Banks are in a coordinated relay race to debase with each central bank taking turns debasing their currencies. “Currency Wars” is an often repeated urban meme. Podcast Summary 0:00-5:00 Introduction Retail Sales 5:00-9:18 the U.S economy is based Read More →

Why the Job Recovery is a Farce Illustrated in Six Charts

Labor force participation chart 1978-2015 rate

Why the Job Recovery is a Farce. The Labor Force Participation Rates Among Various Age Groups Show Serious Weakness in the Labor Market. The main stream media has been trumpeting the wonderful state of the U.S. labor market. Superlatives like “Robust” “Buoyant” “Solid” “Strengthening” are used to describe the job market. But…. The Job Recovery Read More →

Ten Reasons the Real Estate Market WON’T Go Ballistic This Spring

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Ten Reasons the Real Estate Market WON’T Go Ballistic This Spring The podcast ends with a critique of a recent Fortune article titled “Ten Reasons the Real Estate Market Could Go Ballistic This Spring” (see below) Podcast Summary Introduction: 0:00-3:58 What’s Next for the Fed? 3:58-7:36 The Fed has chatted the dollar higher with all Read More →

HP Fires Employees, Buys Back Shares

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HP Fires 55,000 Employees, Buys Back Shares Jewlett Packard’s actions illustrates an unintended consequence of artificially low interest rates. Companies get a better return on investment buying back shares than hiring employees or investing in capital equipment. Buying back a company’s own shares is so attractive, it even makes sense to fire employees and reinvest Read More →

The Three Legged Economic Recovery Propaganda Stool

Chart showing new home starts from 1960-2015

The Stock Market and the Inflated/Spun Real Estate Market and Job Numbers The false economic recovery story is based on a rising stock market and positively spun poor housing and jobs data. The media’s spins bad economic data by using words and phrases like “lofty” “robust” “accelerating” and “strengthening” to describe the tepid job and Read More →

Mainstream Media Economic Cheerleading

Mainstream Media Economic Cheerleading Major international media outlets continue to tout the U.S. economy as “solid”, “robust” and “accelerating”. Podcast Summary Intro: 0:00-5:15 Retail Sales Review 5:15-7:10 discussion of the low retail figures in light of the supposed increase that was supposed to happen because of lower gas prices. Consumer spending is approximately 2/3 of Read More →

New Home Sales vs. New Car Sales

new car sales chart 1995-2015

New Home and New Car Sales During the Great Recession. New Car Sales Soar, New Home Sales Don’t. Low interest Rates, Easy Credit Boost New Car Sales. New Home Sales are at Multi Decade Lows Despite Historically Low Interest Rates. Consumers saddled with mortgage sized health insurance costs, rising food costs and car payments find Read More →