First Crypto ETP to Be Launched On Swiss Exchange Next Week

Cryptocurrencies bitcoin ether and litecoin

Switzerland’s SIX Stock Exchange set to launch multi- crypto Exchange Traded Product. Republicans take Governor and Senate seats in Florida, Democrat takes senate seat in Arizona. Republican Kemp wins governorship in Georgia. Mug Brawl in Florida. Foreign Policy promotes end of dollar hegemony narrative. Is Brexit Collapsing under Theresa May? Trump gets aggressive with Mueller, Read More →

Former JP Morgan Trader Pleads Guilty To Manipulating (Not Suppressing) PM Markets

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Democrats Win House, Republicans Hold Senate in Mid Term Elections. Florida, Arizona and Georgia races contested Sessions Resigns. Former JP Morgan Trader Pleas Guilty to Metals Manipulation. White House tosses Jim Acosta from Press Pool. Thousand Oaks, CA Hit with Mass Shooting/Forest Fire. $62 million of Litecoin sent for Fifty Cents. Smaulgld Super Classic Mug Read More →

Trouble in BRICS Land – “Tropical Trump” Bolsonaro Threatens Chinese World Order

Bolsonaro wins presidency of Brazil. Belt and Road Potholes. Coinbase raises another $300 million. Morgan Stanley labels cryptocurrencies a new “asset class”, plans bitcoin swap product. China boosts infrastructure spending. Bitstamp sold to Belgian investment company. JP Morgan to tokenize Gold Bars. Malta attracts 8,500 Crypto conference attendees. Goldman Sachs considers Bitcoin trading/storage services. No Read More →

Germany To Buy Natural Gas From The United States

Yuan and Dollars

Dollar Index Near 18 month high. Mailer of suspect packages arrested. Pittsburgh synagogue attacker kills 11. UK Mint halts plans for blockchain gold offering. Sudan boosts gold production. China boosts infrastructure spending. Caravan from Central America marches closer to the United States. Palladium hits all time high. Cory Booker accused of sexual misconduct. Crypto regulation Read More →

Gold Back in the Spotlight!

Gold Regains its Luster. Kazakhstan adds nearly five tons of gold to reserves. Poland adds 9.5 tons of gold to reserves. Russia adds 37 tons of gold to reserves. Hungary adds 28 tons of gold to reserves. India adds 23 tons of gold to reserves. Fidelity to Launch Crypto trading platform. TD Ameritrade to Launch Read More →

Trump Steps Up Attacks on the Fed

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Post Kavanaugh confirmation, GOP confirms another 18 Federal Judges. Dow Falls over 1000 points, gold rises. Rosenstein a no show at Congress. 18 More Federal Judges confirmed. Litecoin added to Gemini trading platform. Yuan falls, China pumps more cash into economy. Hurricane Michael destroys Gulf coast states. American Pastor freed in Turkey. Clinton, Holder step Read More →

CFTC Chairman – Cryptocurrencies are Here to Stay

Cryptocurrencies bitcoin ether and litecoin

Judge Kavanaugh confirmed as Supreme Court Justice. Ameritrade backed ErisX to launch crypto platform to compete with NYSE/MSFT’s Bakkt platform. Schwab board member joins Coinbase board Endleman Financial wants to add crypto assets to clients’ portfolios. SEC sets Oct 26 deadline for another round of Bitcoin ETFS. Malta’s Prime Minister: Cryptocurrencies are the future of Read More →

Poland Adds Gold To Reserves for The First Time in Decades

Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation postponed for a week pending FBI investgation. SEC settles case vs. Elon Musk. Rosenstein, Comey, Lynch others under presidential/congressional scrutiny. China cuts tariffs, taxes, loosens, expands credit. BCASH leads weekly crypto gains. Silver rebounds sharply, gold flat. Smaulgld Super Classic Mug – $23.99 with Free Shipping in the Continental United States. Read More →

Justice Kavanaugh Faces Multiple Accusers in Supreme Court Confirmation Bid

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Trump orders declassification of Russian investigation documents. In wake of tariffs China doubles down on credit easing/expansion infrastructure spending. Kavanaugh faces accuser as part of Supreme Court confirmation process. NY Times reports Rod Rosenstein contemplated wearing a wire to capture 25th amendment evidence Trump to issue executive order relating to social media platforms. Cryptos rebound, Read More →

When Will U.S. Tariffs Impact the Economy?

China vs US

U.S. Chinese Trade Talks May Not Happen. Turkey Sells $4.5B in Gold. Chinese and Indian gold imports remain strong. Gemini launches first regulated Stable Coin. Nunes To release 70 depositions- Trump to release FISA docs, 302s too? Hurricane Florence strikes North Carolina. Manafort Pleas Guilty, Agree to Cooperate with Mueller Probe. Leaked Google All Hands Read More →