Malaysia Cancels More Chinese “Belt and Road” Projects

China loosens credit, beefs up subsidies and tax credits as tariffs bite. Silver falls to multi-year Lows, U.S. Mint runs out of Silver Eagles. Indian gold imports spike. Two lawyers leave Mueller’s team. Bruce Ohr funnelled Steele Dossier information to current special counsel investigator Andrew Weissmann. Yahoo! Finance adds trading support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Read More →

From Russia To The National Enquirer

Turning point

Trump Faces New Scrutiny. Manafort Found Guilty. Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty. David Pecker, CEO of Company that owns National Enquirer and Allen Weisselberg of the Trump Corporation have been granted immunity. Bitcoin ETFs rejected by the SEC. Smaulgld Super Classic Mug – $23.99 with Free Shipping in the Continental United States. Smaulgld Classic Mug – Read More →

Trump: Our Cherished Dollar

Trump Touts Dollar Strength in Feud with Turkey. Gold, Silver & Platinum hit multi-year lows. Attention shift to former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr and his wife Nelly Former Head of Counter Intelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired. Brennan Security Clearance Removed. Cuomo America never Great. Elon Musk Breaks Down Who Knew? Steven Crowder Read More →

NYSE, Microsoft and Starbucks in Crypto Venture

Bitcoin image

NYSE, Starbucks Microsoft to launch Bitcoin based Bakkt. U.S. Chinese Trade War Heats Up. Drone assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Maduro Senator Feinstein had Chinese spy for 20 years on staff. Gold, Silver Cryptos slide again. Crypto Bank Galaxy Digital, begins trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Smaulgld Super Classic Mug – $23.99 with Free Read More →

Facebook Stock Falls Face Down

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Markets Smash Facebook and Twitter. Iran and Trump Threaten Each Other. Gold Imports into China via Hong Kong at 15 month record. Bitcoin ETF Nixed again. GDP Hits 4.1%. J.P. Morgan COMEX Silver Holdings Swell to 143 Million Ounces. China Lets Yuan Fall, pledges more infrastruture spending looser lending requirements. Smaulgld Store Opens! Smaulgld Super Read More →

Have Gold, Silver and Cryptos Bottomed?

bitcoin gold silver litecoin

Impact of Tariffs, Chinese Debt Issues & Political Turmoil May Signal Low for Precious Metals and Cryptos. Trump openly warns Fed not to raise rates Podesta immunity in Manafort Case? Strzok and Page Testify Before Congress. Litecoin Foundation, Binance and Malta to Operate Banks. Russians Indicted for Hacking 2016 Election. South Korea recognizes crypto exchanges Read More →

A Very Bad Week For China

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U.S. North Korean Talks Breakdown. Yuan Falls. Shanghai Stock Exchange Crashes. US Tarifs on Chinese goods could reach $500 billion. US Putting tariffs on cheap goods, China putting tariffs on expensive and needed goods. Malaysia suspends key $20 billion belt and road rail project. Foreign investment in China Falls. Trump to Select Supreme Court Pick Read More →

Turmoil To Come This Summer?

Massive wave

Battle over the Border, Supreme Court May Cause Turmoil. Supreme Court Rules on Travel Ban and Unions. Justice Kennedy to Resign. Rosenstein and Wray Testify Before Congress. Senator Warner hits Something Big Coming in Mueller Probe China Collapse – Good for Gold? Gold and Silver Fall Further. Cryptos Rebound. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Read More →

Gold and Silver Tumble

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Trump in North Korea. IG Report Finds No Bias in Hillary Email Investigation. Fed Raises Rates. Deputy IG Rosenstein Threatens to Subpoena Congressional phone records. IG Report -Obama Knew of Hillary’s secret Email server. Gold and Silver Tumble. China and U.S. Exchange Tariffs. SEC Official Says Ethereum Not a Security. Coinbase to add Etherum Classic Read More →

A Majority of Americans Favor Globalism

john mccain globalism

Director of Security for Senate Intelligence Committee Charged with Lying about Leaking. Texas Gold Depository Opens. Silver Outperforms Gold. John McCain Says a Majority of Americans Favor Globalism. Social Security and Medicaid to Run out of Money Sooner than Expected. Cryptos Slammed on South Korean Hack. Trump, U.S. Administration Slam Trudeau on G-7. New Uses Read More →