Cryptos Slammed on Google, Facebook & Twitter Ad Bans

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Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI on basis of Inspector General report & FBI disciplinary office recommendation regarding unauthorized disclosures. Cryptos fall on Facebook/Twitter bans. McCabe’s Gambit – Is Comey, not Trump his Enemy # 1? BERBL Dominance increases to 79%. U.S. Oil Production Passes Saudi Arabia.. Trump appoints Larry Kudlow as economic advisor. Read More →

Bitcoin is a Dirty Business and the Banksters Want a Piece of the Action

Will the Too Big To Fail Banks Make a Move on Bitcoin? JP Morgan has called Bitcoin a Fraud Goldman Sachs Has an Investment in Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex New! 1oz Silver Bullion Cryptocurrency Rounds .999 Fine! Litecoin Silver Rounds Bitcoin Silver Rounds Ethereum Rounds Monero Silver Rounds ZCash Silver Rounds Ripple Silver Rounds NEO Silver Read More →

Arizona, Colorado & Wyoming Move to Make Bitcoin a Tax Payment Option

Bitcoin taxes

Gold and silver rebound. Cryptos, led by Litecoin, roar back Stock market stabilizes. Mueller indicts Russian Internet trolls. Memogate heats up. The battery dollar? ECB’s Draghi says not his job to regulate cryptos. BOJ’s Kuroda says cryptos won’t threaten the Yen. Gold production rises for ninth straight year. Largest ever gold airline smuggling bust. Watch Read More →

SEC and CFTC Make Case for Rational Regulation at Senate Virtual Currency Hearings

Regulation guidelines with bitcoin

Focus is on unregistered Initial Coin Offerings, bad actors. CFTC – Policy must evolve in responsible ways to grow the economy and increase prosperity. SEC -Optimistic re developments in financial technology; should embrace the technology while protecting investors. CFTC overview labels Bitcoin a “Store of Value”. CFTC cite role of Millennials in shaping the digital Read More →

Bitcoin Ranks Last on the U.K.’s Money Laundering Risk List

Money laundering

The 2017 UK Treasury National Risk Assessment of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Report Ranks Risks. Cash, banks, accountants, lawyers and other professional service providers pose the highest risks for money laundering. Digital currencies pose the lowest risk for money laundering and terrorist financing. Watch the Video Commentary to “How Does the UK Rank the Read More →

After Cryptocurrencies’ Wild Week – What’s Next?

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What Might Pop the Crypto Bubble? The Great Crypto Crash and Recovery. U.S. Tax reform signed into law – supported only by Republicans. Russia to set up physical gold exchange and to buy more U.S. Dollars. Belarus legalizes Bitcoin, ICOs makes them tax free for five years Russian investigation ensnares Jill Stein. DOJ orders fresh Read More →

Why Litecoin Had an Explosive Week

Alt-Coin, Litecoin Gains Nearly 4x. Ripple and Cardano also see outsized gains. Gold and Silver rebound after Fed rate hike. Tax Reform, likely to pass – Obamacare killer? CFTC/South Korea to Crypto Exchanges: You must have the coins to deliver. CBOE Bitcoin Futures Begin Trading, CME Futures Open Tomorrow. St. Louis Fed Touts Negative Interest Read More →

Bitcoin – The Spouting Whale Gets the Harpoon

Bitcoin Rises to $19,000, Regulators/Greenspan weigh in. Gold, The Industrial Metal? Gold Money selling more Bitcoin than gold or silver. Top bullion dealer Apmex adds Bitcoin as a payment option. Cryptokitties strike the Ethereum blockchain. Yuan Denominated Oil Futures Contract takes Shape- withOUT the Gold. Litecoin Makes a Monster Move Higher. How to buy Litecoin Read More →

The Tether Controversy

Tethered dollar

Controversy around the Cryptocurrency Tether Abounds Are Tether backed by U.S. Dollars? How Do Tethers come into existence? What is the Connection between Tether and Bitfinex Tether? Bitcoin Pump Facilitator or Liquidity Lifeline for Bitfinex? Watch the Video Commentary to “The Tether Controversy” Watch on BITCHUTE Watch also on Vidme below You can buy Bitcoin, Read More →

It Doesn’t Matter What You or Jamie Dimon Think About Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Blows By $9400. More Cracks in Chinese Markets/Economy Appear. Russia Continues To Add to its Gold Stack. Gold Fund To Invest in Cryptocurrencies. GoldMoney To Open in China. Regulation Favorable to Cryptocurrencies coming in South Korea, Belarus and Bermuda. CryptoHippies Celebrate Futher Rises in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. COMEX Bitcoin Futures Coming. BRICS Mull Read More →