The Consequences of Quantitative Easing – Podcast 2.17.14

The Consequences of Quantitative Easing Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary 0:00-4:07 Intro Al Roker for Fed Chair? 4:07-7:40 Discussion of why the markets buy into the Fed’s projections. Every year since 2009 we have heard about recovery summer, green shoots and projections that growth will accelerate in the second half of the year. Recovery Read More →

The Rolling Stones Album Reviews

rolling stones album reviews

The Rolling Stones Album Reviews. The Rolling Stones albums rated by release date. Classic Rock Album Reviews THE ROLLING STONES Five Favorite Stones Songs Satisfaction (Out of Our Heads) Midnight Rambler (Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out) When the Whip Comes Down (Some Girls) Shine a Light (Exile on Main Street) Start Me Up (Tattoo You) Read More →

Bob Dylan Album Reviews

bob dylan albums ranked

Bob Dylan Album Reviews. Bob Dylan albums rated by release date. Classic Rock Album Reviews BOB DYLAN Five Favorite Bob Dylan Songs: Desolation Row Like A Rolling Stone Stuck inside of Memphis Its Alright Ma Idiot Wind What’s Your Favorite Bob Dylan Album? Click to vote in our poll below. Bob Dylan Albums Ranked on Read More →

The Doors Album Reviews

the doors albums rankede

The Doors Album Reviews. The Doors albums rated by release date. Classic Rock Album Reviews THE DOORS Five Favorite Doors Songs: Break on Through (to the Other Side) (The Doors) Light My Fire (The Doors) When the Music’s Over (Strange Days) Road House Blues (Morrison Hotel) Riders on the Storm (LA Woman) What’s Your Favorite Read More →

Jimi Hendrix Album Reviews

jimi hendrix album sales

Jimi Hendrix Album Reviews. Jimi Hendrix albums rated by release date. Classic Rock Album Reviews JIMI HENDRIX Five Favorite Jimi Hendrix Songs Purple Haze (Are You Experienced) Are you Experienced? (Are You Experienced) Voodoo Child (Electric Ladyland) All Along The Watch Tower (Electric Lady Land) Rainy, Dream Away….Still Raining Still Dreaming (Electric Ladyland) What’s Your Read More →

The Kinks Sum Up Life in the 20th and 21st Centuries

the kinks on the 20th century

The Kinks Social Relevance. Classic Rock Album Reviews THE KINKS I was born in a welfare state, Ruled by bureaucracy Controlled by civil servants And people dressed in grey Got no privacy, got no liberty Cos the twentieth century people Took it all away from me. …Don’t wanna get myself shot down By some trigger Read More →

Did China Warn the U.S. On QE and The Debt Ceiling?

Did China Warn the U.S. On QE? Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary 0:00-2:36 Intro A Warning From China? 2:36-7:35 Discussion of the new direction that the Federal Reserve is taking. All the Fed Presidents have been making statements that they are determined to continue with the tapering of quantitative easing (QE), brushing off a Read More →

It Was Fifty Years Ago Today -The Beatles On Ed Sullivan

The Beatles First Performance on the Ed Sullivan Show February 9, 1964

Economists and Weathermen

The End of QE? Buy Physical Silver Online The End of QE? Podcast Summary: 0:00-3:50 Intro Quantitative Easing Equals Bailonomics 3:50 -9:12 Discussion of Bernanke’s exit from the Fed Chair of the Federal Reserve and the value of the dollar as a safe haven in a crisis (even ones involving the US), emerging markets turmoil Read More →

Why the Housing “Recovery” is a Farce – Illustrated by Two Charts

The Housing Recovery is a Farce Home sales and new home construction are down. Home sales to first time home buyers are at historic lows, yet many believe there is a housing recovery. The charts tell a different story. Buy Physical Silver Online Real Estate News Since the start of we have been covering Read More →