Buffett Trashes Bitcoin as Fidelity Investments Set To Launch Crypto Trading Platform

Buffett and Munger Go on an Anti-Bitcoin Tirade. Smaulgld Live Stream – May 6, 2019 Last night we discussed Warren Buffett calling Bitcoin a “seashell” and equating it with gambling and Munger’s invitation to have dinner with the “bitcoin people” whom he says worship “Judas Iscariot”. Watch “Buffett Trashes Bitcoin as Fidelity Investments Set To Read More →

Gold and Real Estate Are Assets, Not Investments

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Gold is an Asset Not an Investment Warren Buffet is famous for his criticism of gold as an investment. He might as well argue that stamp collecting is not a team sport. Gold is not an investment. Your primary residence is not an investment. These are not investments any more than a cup of tea Read More →