Unemployment Dips to 3.5% – Signs of Economy Heating Up?

Unemployment Dips to 3.5% – Signs of Economy Heating Up? Will a lower unemployment rate lead to higher inflation and more Fed rate hikes? Watch on Rumble

The Labor Force Participation Rate

The Labor Force Participation Rate. The Non Farm Payroll number showed “robust” job gains and the unemployment rate fell to 5.5%. Yet, the labor force participation rate is down for all age groups since the Great Recession began, other than for those 55 years and older. Podcast Summary Intro 0:00-4:40 Job Led Recovery? or Jobless Read More →

Initial Jobless Claims

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Initial Jobless Claims “BREAKING: U.S. unemployment aid applications up only 5,000 to 333,000 – a level that signals steady job gains“. An Associated Press Tweet August 8 2013 (Mis)interpreting Initial Jobless Claims Data -The Initial Jobless Claims Myth Initial Jobless Claims Misinterpreted Each week economists and journalists eagerly await the unemployment application numbers from the Read More →

Can the Housing Recovery Continue?

Can the Housing Recovery Continue? Real Estate News Who Will Buy the Houses to Sustain the Real Estate Market? The current real estate recovery is characterized by higher home prices driven by low inventory and high demand relative to the existing inventory. The demand is driven by Fed induced low interest rates that has invited Read More →