Trump: Fed is a Bunch of “Boneheads”

Trump trashes the Fed, advocates for zero interest rates or lower. Become a Patron! In this live stream we discussed Trump’s latest assault on the Fed. Watch “Trump: Fed is a Bunch of “Boneheads” “ Watch Video on Bitchute New Smaulgld affiliate 1st Coffee – wide selection of coffee makers and coffee beans. Get coffee Read More →

Show Down Brewing Between President Trump and Fed Chair Yellen.

Cat face off

Trump: Dollar Is Too Strong/Yellen: Raise Rates Trump’s America First Industrialization Plans vs Fed’s Independence May Clash. Historical Perspective: Richard Nixon vs. Fed Chair Arthur Burns. What Trump Wants Trump wants a weaker dollar to help US industrial exports, precisely at the time when the dollar is strengthening due to tighter Fed monetary policy What Read More →